BALDI’S NOT DEAD! (But something is different…) | Baldi’s Basics
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BALDI’S NOT DEAD! (But something is different…) | Baldi’s Basics

October 23, 2019

Good news baldi’s not dead bad news Baldi lost his ruler Hello everybody, I am kindly Keyin and welcome to Baldi can walk without ruler I dunno why a title that truly really just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it? This is a mod by BAD RUM 55 And as you can see Baldi no longer has his ruler and he’s learned how to walk but not only that He’s learned how to run amazing Baldy. You have really advanced your your MobiLItY TECHNIqueS No longer does he have to teleport while slapping his ruler against his hand his hand must’ve got kind of you know, “RAW” You know slapping the ruler against it all day long now he can just move about with his very own feet and (dem legs) Incredible this is gonna be an interesting MoD. But Before we jump into b*L^! he can walk without ruler I dunno why kindly hand merch is still available But only THREE (3) days are left on this design the sky-high design. You can only get it for three more days It’s going away. It’ll disappear. It’ll float away in the outer space I don’t know if that’s actually what happens but maybe S0 GET IT WHILE YOU STILL CANNNN!! if you want to I appreciate all the support from those of you who have Already purchased this design. I love it once you guys get it. Be sure to send me a picture over on Twitter I’ll like and I’ll I’ll retweet your your pictures cuz it’s fun is awesome. It’s cool. And yeah Get your shirt or sweatshirt, you know when it gets cold, it’s not cold right now, but it will be now Let’s get back to the mod, which you will notice (VERY UPBEAT/DEPRESSING MUSIC) You’re greeted by a very very different musical tune there So I’m hoping that that’s one of many Changes that are in this mod aside from the fact that Bald1 doesn’t have a ruler anymore. Let’s see what happens. All right whoa That is very different music what is happening also outside, oh my gosh, it’s it’s the meme man himself there he is with his beautiful white beard and that Incredibly forced smile its glorious and our sky is made of it, dear me. What is that? I don’t know. It looks like pixelated garbage and I don’t care Let’s carry on Baldy appears to be okay, but he hasn’t made any movements So let’s just go answer some questions some math questions. Oh gosh It’s so different and so loud Negative – I got you negative to again. You thought you could give me with the same question twice Baldy not this guy You know, you got you gotta work harder than that to fool me Maybe unless I haven’t had coffee that particular day. Yes. Give me that quarter real quick. Let’s say hello to me man himself Hello me man. Okay, we’re moving on. Let’s grab notebook. Number two and make Baldy mad. Okay, this is the moment of truth What truly happens when Baldy doesn’t have a ruler and learns to use his legs? We’re gonna find out we’re gonna find out right now. First of all, you’ll notice no slaps Nope Nope No, that’s absent. Oh, okay. Where’s Baldy? It’s not at the end of the hallway. There’s no slaps. But there’s also no Baldy I hear you playtime Are you just your your your normal Troublesome self? I assume there. She is just be in playtime She’s gonna play. Okay, you know what? I’m leaving. I’m leaving stay away from me forever No, get away from me. I can’t use this because I’m too far away from her. Are you serious? Oh, no, I’m not selected on them. Well, you know I could have just finished the jump roping at that point Sorry playtime. That was just mean All right, 6 plus 0 is 6 1 minus 5 is negative 4 look at us learning math And of course the answer is 12. It’s still wrong. All right Baldy. Where are you at, dude? seriously is he just not here like baldies ruler is missing but Baldy is Also missing what’s happening? Hello Baldy. It’s kind of like no one around here. It’s kind of creeping me out. I don’t know It’s like too quiet cuz there’s no slaps. Someone put some cooler slaps in here. It’s making me feel uncomfortable Baldy where is he? Okay. I’m sorry to think that this mod is broken Maybe I don’t know play times coming after me. She’s still around There she is Be in playtime. All right, I guess we’ll jump hello Baldy any baldies in here we got the boots still don’t know what the big old boots actually do Some of you said that it’s for arts and crafts errs. Some of you also said that it’s for first prize So I have no idea. I haven’t actually tested it on first prize. Maybe we’ll do that. All right play time. You got it Oh my gosh, you just got a leave girl. You just need to go away. Well if Baldy is Non-existent. Maybe I lied Maybe he is still dead or he went to the same place that his ruler went to and I don’t know where that is Obviously, I hear principal principal you Okay, there’s Boley Interesting, but no ball T. Where you at? All T my friend. Not really Got a sweep sweep sweep, I guess. I’ve already got four notebooks and Just like no concerns whatsoever. This is eerie. I don’t like it He says I hear every door you open but where is he here? Let’s just try to immerse ourselves in the ball the experience ready This is bringing me back into it Yeah, this is definitely amping up the scariness It’s very exciting what do you guys think of my Baldy slapping the ruler sound effect is I’ve really been working on how I put a lot time and practice into it Let me tell ya if this whole YouTube thing doesn’t work out one day. I’m gonna be a Baldy ruler slap sound effect professional all I’m gonna do I’m just gonna get paid to make Ruler sound effects ruler slapping sound effects specifically for Baldy. It’s very lucrative. Okay, where’s the last classroom? I think it’s the second hallway up. So I need to I need a head down here Oh what? He’s here I gotta get into this classroom, but I’m scared of what baldies gonna do He’s just he’s just looking at me. Why you just like, oh my gosh, she’s moving. He’s okay. I That he uses his legs now. He does not use his legs He just floats he can literally float get away from me. Get away from me What no I’ll use the big old boots take that it did nothing. Okay? Great is Baldy actually first prize in this mod? Is that what happened? Yeah, I think that’s what was happening when I first saw him he was he was turning but it looked like he was No Take me away sweeping time where you gonna take me I have no idea. Okay So baldies not dead. He is here he does run slash walk, but it kind of looks more like he’s just gliding which is almost more impressive than Anything else that he could possibly think of doing who needs a ruler slap when you can just glide it’s very impressive Okay, I want to see Baldy again It’s so weird I turned down the hallway that I need to get down to get the last note book and there’s Baldy just stand-in there with Arts-and-crafts errs of all people or sock people and he’s just staring at me. I was creepy I don’t know if I like that let’s grab a soda. Let’s not play. Oh I got a shooter, please. Let me go let me go let me go I Still have to jump even though I shot you away Seriously, has it always been like that. Oh gosh, he’s so fast. He’s like first prize when he starts gaining speed He starts really moving. I don’t know where he went though. I thought he was gonna come to the end of the hallway He didn’t he chose not to okay. This is super weird not gonna lie. Let’s get the last notebook and let’s see if we can escape from gliding Baldy running slash Walking slash floating Baldy still Sam’s the same Laureus just truly glorious. Well, I do have to say walking Baldy not nearly as scary as Ruler slapping Baldy. He really had something special going With that ruler it just it adds a level of tension that just isn’t there anymore He just floats. Oh This is bad. Wait It doesn’t teleport him because he’s not actually Baldy is he? He’s first prize, of course It makes so much sense While not making any sense whatsoever. What a weird mod principle is just stalking me like a creep back off Dude, no Let’s not play. Okay. No robot baldies are chasing me though. So that’s good bolt. There. He is What’s he doing? He’s coming after me. Okay. I just wanted to give him a chance a fighting chance He didn’t come to the end of the hallway though. He keeps stopping when he loses sight of me So, I don’t know if he functions exactly the same as first prize does it’s hard to say Oh, we pee time don’t ruin this for everybody Gosh, this noise gets really obnoxious. I don’t see any floating baldies. I think we’re home free Just have to survive this noise Get to the exit say hello to me man himself. There he is We have done it my games gonna crash, isn’t it? Is it gonna crash? Yes, yes it is, all right, so that mod was very strange to make it even stranger I actually want to try something. So let’s jump back in here enjoy this lovely like elevator music Maybe it’s a little too intense for elevator music. This would be like elevator music you would get in the Bahamas Let’s go with that. Let’s say hello to meme man Once again, just glorious truly beautiful. Okay. Let’s test something out here. Let’s put in the upside-down Code five three zero four five zero zero nine. I got a cheat sheet over here I did not remember that code in my head. Let’s see me Use these stick to the ceiling and then we need to answer the rest of them wrong. Uh-huh Go on yeah, okay, the world is upside down now and Baldy should be cruising around with no ruler. Just just floating. Let’s let’s get all the answers wrong Let’s let’s try that out again last time it didn’t go so good But it’ll go better this time cuz we’re upside down or something. Gosh, this is Disorienting feel like I might barf. Oh no Baldy. No, no, no, no, no no, no, no Stay away from me. Oh, you know what? I’m gonna go in here. Oh, I think that if I’d stayed down that hallway tried to outrun Baldy first prize robot float, man I would have died, but I had to make a split-second decision there and I think I made the right one Hopefully maybe we’ll find out later. What do we got in here? We have any notebooks. Yes, we do. I am All kinds of backwards from this mode. It’s it’s a bank in my head hurt. I don’t even really know where I am Like in the school grab the scissors playtime’s coming. We’re gonna need these okay Yeah, I want to go this way oh gosh, oh I hear him I’m scared. Oh he’s right behind me Holy boy Okay To catch up to me quite that quickly Wow, you know we can use the scissors on first prize. I wonder if we could use the scissors on Baldy I kind of want to test that but I don’t want to ruin this. We got a good thing going on here Oh In case you guys were wondering what just happened I’ve been using the number one to answer all of the questions Incorrectly, what’s the answer to 4-3? Yeah, I would have answered that correctly Let’s not go with one anymore. Okay, it’s four notebooks. Good great. Awesome. Where’s this gonna take me? No, I don’t do I when I go this way, I don’t know. I’m so confused right now. Is this the cafeteria? I think this might be the cafeteria. Yes it is. Okay Gosh, this is really really upsetting because the cafeteria is so tall it’s so high up and I feel like I’m gonna fall into a pit of endlessness scary Scared. Okay. Let’s go back across the cafeteria. We just need to get those last two notebooks on that long hallway. Oh, dear oh you guys I think Baldies here, and I’m stuck. I’m stuck Oh Okay, I I tried to use the scissors and I think they worked for a second but then I touched a Baldy and He caught me and I died forever. So there you have it guys Baldy can walk without ruler I dunno why I actually don’t I still don’t if you guys want to check out this mod for yourselves I will have a link in the description below and of course as a quick reminder three more days left on this Merch sale you can only get this design for three more days So be sure to check out the link in the description down below so you can get yourselves a shirt or a sweatshirt But that is gonna do it for this episode if you guys enjoyed it Be sure to hit that like button and of course If you’d like to see more you can subscribe to my channel by clicking on that little circle with my logo on it right below This window you can also watch more of my videos by clicking on the sides of the screen But otherwise, thank you so much for watching and I will see you guys next time

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