Banbury Cross: Part 1
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Banbury Cross: Part 1

August 14, 2019

(Banbury Cross theme playing) Adian: Hey, Faith Hi, Adian Adian: My goodness, you’re always in here, every time I come to find you I’ve got a lot of catching up to do
since I went to Tahiti Adian: Right, how was your trip, by the way? You never really told me much about it. It was a magical place. Ah. Well, I just wanted to let you know that I put Galaxy up for sale. It was a really tough decision. Oh Wow Well You and Samantha have done an excellent job with him. I’m sure he’ll find the perfect home. That’s what I’m counting on. (whimpering) Adian(offscreen): Hey, Bailey Faith(offscreen): I’m sorry. I know how hard you’ve both worked I was really hoping he’d be the one Adian: We’ve all worked hard Adian: He’s a special horse, I just don’t think he’d be happy doing eventing Faith: Yeah Adian: He never would have gotten this far if you hadn’t given him a chance, so Adian: It’s gonna be all right. Faith: I know. it always is. Especially when you’re around. Adian: whoa (giggle) Faith: What? Adian: I just kept half expecting someone to come around the corner and interrupt us Faith: That does happen a lot, doesn’t it? Adian: And now this is awkward Faith: Awkward? Why is it awkward? Adian: Well, we were just kissing, and and now I don’t know if I should kiss you again! (huff) (nervous laugh) (another nervous laugh) Faith: If you don’t know maybe you never will (stomping) Yeeeah. Awkward. (absent humming) (door knock) Enter the domain of Lizzie! Christy: You could just say “come in” I know, but that’s so boring! Christy: O-kay I just wanted to ask if you’d finished your application for Alpine State University? Lizzie: Oh yeah, I turn that in months ago. Christy: Oh. That’s kind of unfortunate. It’s unfortunate that I finally didn’t procrastinate on something? Christy: Well, no. Not really. It’s okay, it’s just that Alexis and I were going to turn in our applications together and we were hoping that if you turned yours in at the same time we could get a bungalow because we’d have three people Oh. Well, I’m sure we can call them and ask them if they would be willing to just add me on as your third person. they seem like a pretty cool college I mean they’re letting us bring the horses Christy: Yeah, I can’t wait to see their riding center! This is gonna be so awesome! The three of us, and all of our horses, in
college! Can you imagine it? Christy: I can imagine it! We’re gonna have a blast! Lola has no idea what she’s gonna be missing! Christy: Yeah Elijah: Hey, who’s this guy? Another client? Nah, this is Tartan. He’s
mine! I just bought him. Isn’t he amazing? Elijah: Wasn’t he expensive? Lola: Well, yeah. But look at him, he’s gorgeous! Dream horse! Elijah: Well, I guess if you’re happy, I’m happy And as long as we can afford it You worry too much, Elijah. Olivia(offscreen): Dad? Hmm? Olivia(offscreen): Dad! Dad! Guess what? I was just at the Fern Creek Tack Store? Adian: Uh, oh! Aviator doesn’t need a new saddle! Olivia: No, no, no, no, no, it’s not about a saddle! you know how you said that you would feel better if I didn’t try to learn eventing until we got an actual eventing barn in Fern Creek? Well I just read on the bulletin board that we’re getting a new eventing barn in Fern Creek! And they’re called Purple Valley, and I really, really, really, really, really want to go there! Adian: What? Whoa. Olivia: Daddyyyyyy! Adian: Daughter-yyyyyy! Pleaase? Adian: Don’t make me say no to that face! Olivia: Then don’t say no! Look, I think we should at least check it out And then if you don’t like it or I don’t like it we don’t have to go back You always say I should explore my options! (heavy sigh) Olivia: So, can we go? Adian: We’ll go check it out. But I’m not making any promises! All right? (giggle) Olivia: All right, Dad Thanks, you’re the best! Well, one woman in my life is happy!

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