Banbury Cross: Part 3
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Banbury Cross: Part 3

August 17, 2019

(Banbury Cross theme playing) Ellie: Hey, Faith Faith: Oh, hi, are you here to ride Galaxy? Ellie: Mmhmm! Faith: Awesome I’ve got him all tacked up for you Ellie: All right, thanks Faith: Have fun! Olivia, where are you off to? Olivia: oh, I just came to find my helmet I’m going to be going to a riding lesson at Purple Valley Stables I hope that’s okay Of course it’s okay have a good time Learn a lot! Olivia: I will (wind blowing) Sean: Oh wow! Look at those horses! Thank you for taking us horse shopping with you, Mr. Morgan. Adian: No problem, Kiona I hope you have some fun Most definitely! Mustache Guy: Hey there, folks! You guys looking to buy some horses? Adian: I wanted to take a look at that eventing prospect you had last time, and the kids are just here for fun, although Sean? You mentioned you were interested in looking at a horse Sean: Yeah, I love my pony, but I can’t write him anymore I’m too tall Mustache Guy: Not a problem! As you can see, we’ve got plenty of horses here, and I got some more in the barn so feel free to look around. And if you want to catch anybody, let me know. Adian: Thank you so much Sean: Thank you! that’s the horse I’m thinking about buying Kiona(offscreen): Wow, he’s amazing! Sean(offscreen): I like the little quarter pony Look at that mare! So what do you guys think? I think I need to talk to my parents again There are some really nice horses here this time. I guess I better get you guys back, huh? Sean: You mean, you’re not gonna try and ride that horse today? No, not today, I gotta make a stop on the way back Sean: O-kay. I thought the whole point of coming out here was so he could ride that horse Sean: Me too, don’t ask me what he’s up to Huh. So I called college, and worked out the details, and we got the room together! Oh that’s great, Lizzie! That’s fantastic! We’re going to be roommates! Now I guess we just have to work out the barn details I’m so happy that Cowboy gets to come with us! So, who are you going to take, Alexis? I’m planning to take Dusty and leave Thor for lessons Lizzie: That seems like a good move. Just think, in a few years, I’m going to be a vet, Christy is going to be a teacher, and Lizzy’s gonna be a liberal artist! Lizzie: That’s right! I am! We’re all gonna get to train with some of the best riders in this region It sounds like a dream! Lizzie: And we get to live it! What do you think, Kiona? I mean I can always ride Mal, but I’m gonna outgrow him, too, eventually. Kiona: Well, and I can always ride Moondreamer, but there’s nothing like having your own horse I wish my parents would say yes Yeah, I wish they would too how cool would it be, if we could get our horses at the same time? That would be super cool! Dawn: Ah, just the two I was looking for! I wanted to ask you guys if you’d like to help me out with the summer camp this year. I’m needing a couple of junior wranglers. Kiona: Really? Oh, that sounds like fun! I’m in! So am I! Dawn: Great, thanks you guys! I’ll put your names down. Keep up the good work. It’s gonna be so different this year working at the summer camp Do you remember the first year they had it? Yeah, I forgot my bedroll! It was a disaster! Kiona: And now, we get to help the little kids who forgot their bed rolls Sean: Yep! First we should probably finish mucking out this stall Kiona: yeah you’re right! Well, thank you for this date, it has been absolutely lovely Elijah: No problem, I had a good time as well. I would ask how you could possibly afford such a nice place, but I happen to know that your family owns half the town so that kind of takes the sting out of my sarcasm Elijah: Well, that may be true, but I have my own money, and it’s not like I take you here all the time hey it’s all right you don’t have to get defensive! So, what is the occasion? Elijah: Does there have to be an occasion? Well, you did just make a big point out of how we don’t go here every day so yes? What kind of occasion? I don’t know, like maybe you could ask me to marry you or something. You want to get married? YES! ELIJAH WEBB. I WILL MARRY YOU! I thought you’d NEVER ask! I love you, Elijah! Lola: Well, enough of that, we have a wedding to plan! I guess we do

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