Banbury Cross: Part 4
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Banbury Cross: Part 4

August 12, 2019

(Banbury Cross theme playing) (playful snorting) (loud huff) Lola: Ohmygosh! Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh Ohmygosh! DAWN! Guess. What. Dawn: Shhh. It’s okay. Would you calm down? You’re scaring Twister Lola: Well, you can be the first to know and Twister can be the first to know! I’m. Getting. MarrrRRRRRIEEeeeeeEEeeeEED! I can’t believe it! Dawn: Uh Lola: Where’s Lizzie? And uh, and Alexis? And Christina? and all those other people? Dawn: I think they’re in the Manor Lola: Yeah! Okay! The Manor! I’ll go there! Dawn: It’s that way. Lola: Right! I’m so excited! Do you think she’s okay, Twister? Ellie: Hey everybody Hi, Ellie we were just talking about who was going to take care of the Manor while we’re out chasing higher education Oh, that’s right you’re going to college! Faith, I need to talk to you Faith: All right. Can you let Adian know that I’ve decided I’m not buying Galaxy? Faith: Alright, I can do that Ellie: He’s a really great horse and I was really tempted but he’s a lot like Jazz, temperament-wise, and I just don’t think he’d be a good fit for what I want to do Faith: all right I’ll let him know Ellie: Thank you REDSTONE MANOR PEOPLEZ! Lola: And one Greenbridge person Lizzie: Lola? How’d she do that? I have an announcement to make, and it’s a Very Important Announcement. I’m. Getting. MAARRRRIIIEEEEEEED! (happy sigh) Ellie: Can I go? Lola: didn’t you hear me? I just made the most exciting announcement of my life! I’m getting married! To Elijah Webb! Ellie: Wow. And we’re all really happy for you Lola Yeah, I can tell by your stunned silence Really, we are! I will be Mrs. Elijah Webb! Does Elijah know? Of course he does, Smarty-pants! I’m gonna go to my barn, and I’m gonna tell everybody there, and I’m gonna go celebrate with Elijah, and then I’m gonna go pick out my wedding dress and send out invitations and do all the awesome wedding stuff I’m very busy because I’ve got a wedding to plan! I think some people get crazier with age I really hope it’s not genetic This isn’t the first time she’s done something wacky. I’m sure it’ll blow over. Christy: You think her wedding is gonna blow over? Let me put it this way, don’t brides and grooms usually make the announcement together? Good point I’m going to wait to hear what Elijah says before I jump to any conclusions Hey, Aviator Man, that door sticks! Hey, buddy! You know how I told you that I wanted to try eventing, just like you and Dad used to do? I joined this eventing barn. It was just like I imagined! Except, I always imagined doing it with you. I really hope that you don’t mind that it can’t be you. I’m really serious about this. I want to pursue it. But I’ll probably have to buy a different horse. I will always love you, Aviator! Oh, Thor. Am I making a mistake? I mean, you’re the dependable one Dusty just gets into so much trouble and I don’t know. I mean, I can only take one of you to college, maybe the dependability would be, would be good but Faith needs you for lessons, and Dusty needs me to be keeping an eye on him, or he’ll just keep escaping. I don’t know. I wish you could talk and tell me what to do Kiona: I can’t believe it’s summer camp time already! When do you think people will get here? Sean: Kiona? Kiona: OH you’re already here! Gabrielle: Hi, yeah they told us to assemble in the barn? Kiona: Um, yeah! Yeah of course! Hi! Uh, welcome to Redstone Manor Summer Camp! We’re your camp counselors I’m Kiona Jones, and this is Sean Jacoby and ummmmm We had this all scheduled out, I just forgot! Sean: It’s okay, you’re doing fine! First of all, we’re going to tell you which horse you’ve been been assigned to Kiona: Oh, that’s right! These horses are going to be your responsibility for the summer camp. Sean: That’s right. So without further ado I will start with the list And your horse is Moondreamer, who’s right here Gabrielle: Oh, wow, thanks so much Sean! Sean: And your horse is going to be Lotus Jenna: Thank you, Sean Sean (offscreen) Your horse is going to be Riddle Girl #2: Okay. Sean: Umm, nice hat Girl #1: Thank you! Sean: Your horse is gonna be Rocky Sean: Your horse is gonna be Thor Boy #2: Okay! Sean: Your horse is Rose, and she’s half Clydesdale Boy #1: Wow that sounds awesome! Kiona: So, all the girls are going to be in my cabin Sean: and all the boys are going to be in my cabin Kiona: So I hope you guys are ready to have lots of fun over this next week Kids: YEAH! Dawn: Oh! Hi, wow, everybody’s here. Looks like you’ve got everything under control HI! Dawn: Hi! I’m Dawn. I’ll be keeping an eye on everything and if you guys have any questions you can ask me (laugh) Yes? Can we go pet our horses now? Dawn: That’s up to your counselors. Have fun, guys. I’ll be in the office Kiona: Girls, follow me! Girl #1: I dropped my hat! Sean: Okay, boys. Let’s go see your horses Faith: Where have you been? I’ve been getting worried, it’s getting late! Adian: You were getting worried? Faith: you never miss evening feeding Adian: Sorry, I was just in town had some business to do Faith: listen, I just really hate to leave things where we left things Adian: You do? Well, I mean, of course you do! So do I! Faith: Maybe I was just reading too much into something, I don’t know. Can you forgive me? Can we just call a truce? Adian: of course! Faith: Thank you w wh wha What just happened?

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