Banbury Cross: Part 5
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Banbury Cross: Part 5

August 15, 2019

(Banbury Cross theme playing} (Sean’s Cabin)
Sean: Alright boys, this will be our cabin! Boy #2: Cool Boy #1: I call top bunk! Boy #2: I win. Boy #1: Oh, well. Middle’s still pretty good. Sean: I hope you guys brought blankets. Lights are gonna be out at nine, and quiet hour is 10. No exceptions (giggling) Girl#2: Gabrielle’s already in bed! Girl#1: She is! Girl#2: Hey! Let’s knock all those bunks down on her Girl#1: Yeah! (mischievous giggling) Gabrielle: AHHH! Hey! Ouch! (more giggling) Kiona: What’s going on in here? What? Girl#2: It was us. We knocked the bunks on her. We thought it would be funny. That was not funny guys! That was a very mean thing to do. Girl #1: We’re sorry! You girls are going to help her clean it up, and then, you are going to be helping her take care of her horse for the rest of the camp. Girl #2: Yes, Counselor Kiona. Kiona: Has anybody seen Jenna? What are you doing out here? Jenna: I don’t know. Kiona: Well come back in. Come on, it’s time to go to bed. Jenna: Okay. you did it you did it no you did you did you did you did AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Just go to SLEEP. (purring) Hey, that is my chair! (satisfied purring) Silly cat Dawn (offscreen): Faith? Dawn! Actually, I wanted to talk to you Dawn: Oh? Okay. Faith: I know you do a ton of work around the barn, and I really appreciate that! But I’m thinking you really ought to be promoted. Dawn: Promoted? Faith: Yeah, you know, to barn manager. I spend more time in the office than anywhere else. I need you to take over in the barn. Look, um, I know that all your friends are going to college and I can understand if you want to stay, but the job’s there for you if you want it. I really hope you decide to stay, but I can understand, if you know… Dawn: Yeah! Faith: You don’t need to think about it? Dawn: Look I’ve really only ever wanted to work with horses, for as long as I can remember and right now I can’t think of any better place to do it than Redstone. And a barn manager job? That will look great on my resume! Thank you Olivia: Hey, Dad. So, I guess Galaxy sold Yup, the stall is empty again Olivia: Well, Aviator still loves you Adian: I know that. What’s the matter? Olivia: It’s just I want to keep going with eventing, Dad I’ve really been enjoying my eventing lessons, but I can’t take Aviator with me Adian: Oh, I see Olivia: Also, eventing is expensive! I know we don’t have a lot of money and I’m still too young to get a job, and you still have to buy another horse Adian: Don’t worry about that, all right? We’ll make it work We always do. Olivia: Okay. (hoofbeats) Boy #2: Careful Yay! Alexis: They’re looking good out there Kiona: Yeah, there was a brief moment where he almost fell off but, Thor took care of him Alexis: That’s good to hear Did you see us, Kiona? Did you? Yeah, you did great out there! He’s so awesome! Yeah, he’s a great horse! Well, take him back and have Sean help you untack him, okay? Boy #2: Okay Okay, Gabrielle, your turn How am I doing? Give him a little more contact on the reins Like this? That’s better! Dawn: How’s it going? Kiona: Pretty well, I’ve been running them through the lessons, and Sean’s been helping them in the barn Dawn: I can take over here for a while if you want to take a break you’ve been working really hard Kiona: So have you! But thanks, I think I’ll take you up on it! No problem!

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  1. Hi, there. I'm a big fan of your videos. I've seen un domesticed equines, a horse for dawn, crossing the bridge, jumping to conclusions, my little romance, and several others. Your videos are awesome, and realistic. I feel like red stone manor could be a real barn. And the characters are awesome. I especially love Lizzie, and faith. I think Faith and adian are so cute together. I think you are really could at making interesting and awesome videos. Please don't stop.

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