Banbury Cross: Part 6
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Banbury Cross: Part 6

August 23, 2019

(Banbury Cross theme playing) Announcer (Kiona): Tonight is the night you’ve all been waiting for The night when the winners will be decided. The judging has been completed. The results are in. And now, all that’s left is to announce the winners! Dawn: These awards will be given out according to things that we have noticed during the course of the camp. Best Dressed goes to Team Lotus! Jenna: Yay!
Dawn: Congratulations! Kiona: The next category was really tough. You have all improved, but we decided the award for most improved would go to Team Moondreamer Congratulations, Gabrielle! Keep up the good work.
Gabrielle:Thank you so much! Sean: There was really no contest for the award of best cowboy or cowgirl. Her pony decided to buck instead of doing the game that we were all playing. This award should rightfully go to Team Rocky. Good job being brave and staying in the saddle. Girl #1: “I’m a real cowgirl!” We have our horse and rider team who won most Western, and that is Team Rose! Good job! Boy #1: Thank you, Rose did all the work! She’s a really good horse! Dawn: Yeah, she is.
Sean:The award for most English goes to Team Riddle! Good job Team Riddle!
Girl #2: Thank you! Kiona: And last but not least is the award for the horse that was the best cared for, his tack was the most clean! This award goes to Team Thor! Great job!
Boy #2: Yay! Sean: Go ahead and one-by-one take your ponies for a victory lap around the arena, and then follow Kiona back to the barn. Dawn: Be sure and thank your ponies when you get them back to the barn! Girl #1: Come on, I’ll race you. Girl #2: You’re on! Dawn: (offscreen) One at a time! Awwww! Boy #2: There you go, Thor. You deserve all the ribbons. You’re the best horse ever! I hope one day, when I get a horse, he’s just like you. I love you, Thor! Ellie: Hey, Skye. Skye: Well, hi there, Ellie, how’s the horse shopping going? Ellie: It could be going a lot better. I just haven’t had any luck finding a horse that’s rugged enough, and small enough for me, and for sale! Skye: Hmm. Well I know you’re looking for a trained endurance horse, but have you thought about adopting a mustang? Ellie: A mustang? No, I haven’t. Not really I’d know how to train a mustang. Skye: Well, you trained Jazz, didn’t you? It’s pretty much the same concept. Maybe a little trickier. Ellie: Huh. I have been thinking it might be nice to try a new challenge I don’t know if I’m ready for a mustang though.
Skye: There’s always the Mustang Challenge. The horse that you train gets auctioned off at the end. Ellie: I’ll look into that. Oh! And I’m here to pick up the Greenbridge supplies. Skye: Oh! Right, I’ll go get them. Lizzie: Hey Alexis, have you by any chance seen my fly spray? Alexis: I haven’t, but you left Rubicon’s shampoo in the wash rack. Lizzie: Oh right! Thanks.
Alexis: No problem. Dawn: You’re packing already. Lizzie: yeah we’re leaving next week. Are you okay? Dawn: Yeah, just I’ve been trying not to think about you guys leaving. It’s gonna be really strange, I don’t think it’ll feel like home at all. Lizzie: Aw, Dawn, we’re not going that far away you can always come visit. Christy: We’re gonna miss you too! Alexis: We’ll stay in touch! Lizzie: Don’t say that, everyone always says that and then no one ever does it! Christy: Lizzie! Lizzie: I’m gonna miss you too Dawn! Dawn: Is there anything I can do to help you guys pack? Yeah, yes, absolutely!
Yes, let’s get back to doing that. Christy: I hear you’re gonna be barn manager! Dawn: It’s pretty exciting Christy: Yeah, it’s a big job, but you’re completely up for it. Dawn: Thanks, Christina. That means a lot Lizzie: Hey, Lola Lola: Oh, hi Lizzie I was just telling Tartan all about my wedding plans! Don’t you think he’d make a fabulous wedding horse? Me with my flowing wedding gown, and him with his flowing mane and tail? Gorgeous! Lizzie: Yeah.
Lola: I suspect that’s not what you’ve come to talk to me about. Lizzie: Actually, it isn’t. I wanted to know all the juicy details of how he popped the question! Lola: Well, I can’t tell you that. Lizzie: What? I’m your cousin! Except, we’re like sisters. so, you’re really more like my sist-ousin! We tell each other everything. Lola: I know, but I can’t tell you, because, he didn’t exactly “pop” the question. Lizzie: What. But, you’ve been telling everybody that you’re engaged. Lola: I am engaged. I think, I kind of, proposed to him. I’m not sure. Lizzie: Wait a minute, you don’t even know if YOU asked the question? Lola: Ummmmmmmmmmm Not exactly? Lizzie: don’t you think that’s the kind of thing you ought to be sure of? You know, before you actually get married? Lola: Probably? Lizzie: Yeeeeeah! Lola: You’re right. I do need to talk to Elijah. He did sound a little befuddled when I asked him how his tux fitting was going. Lizzie: Yeah, you really oughta unfuddle that guy. Lola: Yeah. Lizzie: Good luck with that. Lola: Thanks. Faith: Hey, Mystery, how are you doing girl? Mystery: *SNORT* Faith: That good, huh? There you go. Now you can peek your head out, silly tall girl. Adian: Hey, that’s not Riker! Faith: I just thought I’d come out and check on her. You know how she gets. She has so much energy! I just feel so bad I wasn’t able to spend the time with her that she needs. Adian: Whoah, sounds like you’re thinking of selling her! Faith you love this mare! You’ve had her since she was fresh off the track. Faith: I know, I know. I just have too many projects and not enough time. I think that she’s a point now, where she could make somebody a really great horse. Hey, you’re in the market for an eventing prospect. Adian: Aw, Faith, you know I’d love to, but this horse and I just don’t click, we already know that. Faith: I know. Adian: Wait a minute. I think I have an idea.

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  1. oh faith doesn't leave phew 🙂 wait there will be more of these episodes right? i am excited to see what happens next!

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