BAND-MAID 小鳩ミク 競馬を好きになったきっかけは?[English CC Subs]
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BAND-MAID 小鳩ミク 競馬を好きになったきっかけは?[English CC Subs]

August 21, 2019

Miku Kobato, the expert of guitar and vocals! And what attracted her to Keiba (horse racing)? The game “Chocobo Stallion” Similar to raising race horses IRL. You raise Chocobos in the game. You raise and race them. I was really into this game. My mother saw the game and said “it’s Keiba!” I was like “What’s Keiba?” and looked it up. They were racing horses just like the game and I was hooked. Then, one fateful race captured her heart. I was watching the 2012 Queen Elizabeth Cup The horse, Rainbow Daria Rainbow Daria won the race. It was raining, and the announcers said.. “There is a rainbow over Kyoto Keiba Park!” and I was amazed. I was excited. It was Rainbow Daria’s first major win. It was so dramatic PO. And so I started to buy betting tickets. Each race has a story. Each race has its fleeting brilliance and excitement. It touches the heart PO. Kobato becomes elated and emotional. Band-Maid calls their live events “servings” The servings bring a similar excitement each time, It’s so fun, I love it PO. Similar to the elation and excitement the races bring… we would like to bring the same to the servings.

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  1. TLDW: She got into horse racing after breeding and racing Chocobos in Chocobo Stallion! Each horse race is a unique experience, and she wants every live BANDMAID show to be the same way. She also keeps adding "po" and "kuruppo" to the end of each sentence.

  2. zeiko biz様、私、最近英語の字幕データをcc機能で提出いたしました。是非ご容認し、使って頂けると、外国の方からの再生数が増えるかと思います。よろしくお願いします。Hi zeiko biz, I uploaded english subs to the CC function. Can you please approve and accept them so that English readers can enjoy this video? Thanks.

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