Barbie Chelsea Pony Rides with Stacie and Horse Toy Playset by DisneyCarToys
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Barbie Chelsea Pony Rides with Stacie and Horse Toy Playset by DisneyCarToys

August 17, 2019

Hey’a Chelsea, can I ride your pony? Yea that’s
okay, just don’t crash it. Yea of course I won’t, how do you crash a pony? It happens
Barbie did it once. Well I’m not Barbie. Ha ha we’ll see. See I told you it would happen.
Hello DisneyCarToys here taking over for the ToysReviewToys channel and today we are going
to play with a little a lot of fun pony toys. First I have this really awesome Stacie, horseback
riding outfit it comes with a suit also a helmet and a little hair clip and also her
boot’s, this is from the 1990’s I bought it when I was a kid but apparently never opened
it for some reason. I honestly don’t even remember having it I just found it on the
top of my closet so I was like yay score. But I love these pictures on the back you
get some nice 90’s outfits here. Like check out this one they are all wearing these half
shirts and even Barbie has this little furry skirt and even a skirt overall set. It’s just
really funny. And look at the Barbie on the bottom left she is wearing purple jeans. Okay
let’s finally unbox this thing it has been sitting in the package for about 20 years
now. I think it’s about time we give Stacie a horse riding outfit. There we go let’s grab
out the little barrette here, this is cute it looks like a first placed ribbon but it
actually folds into a barrette. Let’s see what else do you have here, we have her riding
boots, just held in there by tape, that’s nice and easy to get out of the package. Her
hat, this thing is actually hard and it’s got some felt on the outside too and a little
strap, so lots of good detail with that. And now I will take out her riding outfit to and
this is really really good quality. Great details, you can tell the fabric is a nice
quality it’s nice and soft. and it’s much better then the Chelsea outfit doll I will
show you in the next couple of minutes. SO lets get this thing out of here come on. And
look it it even have a detail with the leather by her knees, its great. Now that her outfit
is ready, Stacie just needs to step into the locker room and change. Ta da, wow she looks
totally different how cute is her outfit. She looks super cute in her hat and underneath
her jacket she has a little white scarf and even her pants look great. And now it’s time
to show you the playset with Chelsea and her pony. It was based off the Barbie DVD A Pony
Tale. Here’s everything that comes with the set, the Chelsea doll, the pony, and she comes
with four hair clips and a brush. Chelsea sit on the horse nicely and even hold on to
the manes. Her Helmet is plastic and not as nice a Stacie helmet but it is removable.
She does have some really good movement though her arms move in and out and also her knees
bend. But enough about Chelsea we have go to concentrate on her horse. Right now she
is grooming the ponies tail and she need to brush her mane it got a little ratted in the
packaging. And I can help put in the hair clips. I’ll give here a cute little bow at
the top of her tail, we’ll do this one in pink just to kind of match her saddle. Very
pretty but why not add one more, a matching bow but this one is blue. It’s very pretty
very girly. She needs some little barrettes on her mane too. Here’s a star one. It’s got
three stars. And I will give her another one just kind of to the right and lower. There
we go. If you think these toys are awesome and you would like to see more pony toys please
click like and also subscribe. Click on a picture to watch another fun toy video. Thanks
for watching and have a great day!

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