Barbie – Majesty’s Big Race

September 5, 2019

Barbie – Majesty’s Big Race Can’t wait to see Skippers new horse Me too! Yeah And now your horses have got a new friend Nearly there girls! Ooh, we’re here! Let’s get out of the car Skipper, it’s so nice to see you again Ooh Careful girls, I’m feeding Sally Sally? Who’s Sally? Sally’s my new horse Don’t you think she’s beautiful? Yeah she is! Ooh, I want to pat her, I want to pat her Eh… Eh… Eh…I want to pat her! Ah Chelsea, do you need some help there? No, I think I can manage it! Awaah! Now do you need some help Chelsea? Uh… No, I’ll be ok! Oh! Here we go! Oh…she’s so nice (giggling) Oh! Oh Skipper, she’s so lovely I wish I had my own horse Ah, Barbie… I’ve got a little surprise for you Just wait there Ooh ooh oooh Ken… Is it a ring? Barbie, just be patient Ooh, ooh, ooh….Ken Is it….some clothes? Barbie… Just wait! Ooh, ooh… Ken! Is it… a holiday? Barbie, just wait! Ooh… Okay Barbie You can turn around now Oh! A horse! Is that really for me? Yes, it is Barbie Oh, I love her! What’s her name? She doesn’t have a name What do you want to call her? I think she looks like a…mmh…Molly No, no, no a… Matilda! No, no, no, no Madeline! No, no, no, no Majesty! She looks like, just like a Majesty She’s a really beautiful horse But not as beautiful as Sally Well you’ve got… How about Skipper you stand back and Barbie too And… I’ll show you a few tricks that Majesty can do Ok, Majesty let’s show these girls a few tricks Ok Barbie, lower your hand Then… move it up a bit Then put it down again Ok Barbie, that’s enough You might break Majesty’s neck Are there any other tricks she can do? Oh yes she can Then… raise your hand Woah! That’s amazing Wow, that horse is amazing I need that horse! Hey Ken… Can we please go out and take Majesty for a ride? Sure Barbie Let’s get started! Come on girls, try keep up with me if you can Come on Sally we’ve got to beat Barbie
and Majesty at the big race tomorrow Let’s see what sort of tricks you’ve got Let’s go Ok, let’s see if we can do the same tricks Just like Majesty Let’s try bowing? Okay Bow your head Come on, bow your head Bow your head! Oh my gosh… Bow your head! Fine! Let’s try walking Walk Walk! Walk! Come on you silly horse! Oo Oh Oo Oh Oo Oh…..Ahhh…ahhh Ahhh! I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Please get off me! Forgive me please! Urr… I’ll have to try something else to win that race tomorrow Can’t you walk any faster? Phfft… How rude! Good night Majesty See you in the morning for the big race Goodnight Come on Majesty There’s no way I’m letting you win that race tomorrow… With Barbie Come on! Let’s go Ok Majesty… I’ve seen you do these tricks before but I want to see you do them again Now…let’s start off with a bow Bow! Come on! Bow! Dont try and hide it from me, I want to see you bow Bow! Oh! Why wont this thing bow? Did you just bow? Oh fine, let’s do another bow then Bow! Errhh… Bow! You’re making me angry… What does it take for this thing to bow? Did you just bow? Oh…aah You silly thing! Why on earth wont it bow? Ok, fine Let’s start off with some walks Walk! Walk! Oh, walk you silly horse! How on earth to I get to make this thing walk! Why on earth won’t it walk? Did you just walk? Don’t tell me that you walked… Ok, fine Let’s try doing it again Walk! Walk! Good morning Maje… Majesty! Where’s Majesty gone? Hey, somebody opened the gate! I’ve got to tell Barbie Barbie! What’s wrong girls? Majesty’s gone and someone opened the gate Oh no! Majesty! I’ve got to go find her and tell Ken! Ken! Majesty’s gone! Oh no! What are they going to do? We’ve got to go and find Majesty Otherwise…Barbie will miss out on the race Ok, let hurry, let’s go! Hey here’s Skipper oooh… and she’s got Majesty! Skipper! Skipper, Wake up! Oh, I’m so exhausted These horse are killing me What were you doing with Majesty? Umh…ah…ah…ah… I was…taking her for a walk Save your breath, I’m telling Barbie! Come on your Majesty, let’s go! Hey Barbie, we found Majesty! Ooh, Majesty! Oh I missed you Majesty! Where was she? Don’t worry about that right now But right now you’ve got to get to the race! It’s going to start any minute! Ok, let’s go Good luck with the race Skipper Whatever! On your mark! Get set! Go! Hey she cheated Yes, I’m winning! Oh no, no, don’t go off course No! Ah…yeah! I’m in the lead No! Stop! Yes! No! Ooh, oh oh… I won! Yeah! You’re good luck Majesty, thank you! (kiss) Great race today, right Barbie? Yeah I’m sorry about what I did to you and Majesty Let’s forget about it and just be sisters! (kiss) Alright everybody, it’s time to party! Come on Majesty, that means you too!

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