Barbie Princess Doll and Regal Unicorn Toy Dolls Playset
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Barbie Princess Doll and Regal Unicorn Toy Dolls Playset

September 4, 2019

Kinder Playtime! (children laugh) Oh no. I seem to have lost my way in this enchanted forest. I’m lost! I think I see something through the trees. Help me! (gasp) It’s a unicorn in distress! I’m stuck in these vines! Of course I’ll help you, you magical creature. Oh thank you. I’m hungry. I’ll go find you some food. Oh wow. I happened to find this magical cupcake in this enchanted forest. I hope it’s delicious! Thank you! Now I’m thirsty. I just happend to bring this milk with me. Here you go. (slurps) Delicious! I feel all better! Now that you’re feeling all better, maybe you could help me find my castle? Yeah! Get on my back! What does your castle look like? Well, it’s really big with lots of towers and a mote, and lots of pretty trees around it. And it’s really tall. It’s perfect for a princess like me. Like that? Yes! Just like that! Thank you magical unicorn! Hi guys! Welcome to Kinder Playtime! Today we’re opening another Barbie toy. What do we have Emily? Umm, a princess one. A princess and a pink unicorn. Soo cute! And she’s pink too. You want to play with her? She’s gorgeous isn’t she? She’s got a beautiful dress. Let’s pull it out and look closer at her beautiful dress. Here’s our pretty Barbie and her beautiful unicorn. What do you want to talk about first? Barbie? Okay. This is our pink princess Barbie. She has a really cute pink tiara on her head. And feel her hair. So soft! It’s pretty! She’s got a glittery top. Some purple poofs on her skirt and a pink skirt with sparkles all over it. And flowers and bows and beautiful stuff. And then underneath her skirt are some crazy blingy shoes. They’re pretty shoes. They’re very pretty, aren’t they? So what’s your favorite part of this princess Barbie? Her hair? It’s so soft. It’s like feathers. (coos) Here’s our pretty pretty pink unicorn. She has a white horn with jewels on it, it looks like. And a pretty pink tiara. So maybe it’s a princess unicorn. Yes! And it’s got a jeweled bridle. Here hair is beautiful hot pink. It’s not as soft as Barbie’s, but it’s pretty soft, huh? And really long. Her saddle is glittery and it’s got a diamond right here. So cool. And a tiara on the back. Her tail has this pretty, glittery looking stuff. And it almost looks like a bow or a hair tie. And she has more hot pink hair for her tail. She’s really cute, huh? What’s your favorite part about the unicorn? Umm, the pink hair. The pink hair? You want to brush her pink hair with the Barbie brush it came with? M-hmm. Pink! So pink. Ohh. Shiny and smooth. I think I’m going to brush it’s tail. Oh, brush her pretty hair. Silky smooth. Yeah, get her mane too. Oh, pretty. So long! I like this Barbie set. It’s realy cute and fun! Thanks for watching, bye! Leave us a like, write us a comment, and “sumscribe.” Thanks for watching, bye!

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