Barbie Saddle ‘n Ride Horse Toy Unboxing & Review New for 2015 *See Barbie ride on the Beach!
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Barbie Saddle ‘n Ride Horse Toy Unboxing & Review New for 2015 *See Barbie ride on the Beach!

October 21, 2019

Hey everybody, it’s Nina from
Two Dogs and Toys and I’m very excited today to un-box and review Barbie Saddle in Ride.
We’re gonna test her out here at home and then we’re gonna take Barbie and her awesome
horse outside into the grass and then even to the beach by the ocean to see how she rides
in different places, alright Let’s get started. So here she is, all put together
with her horse and we’ve got a jean vest, flower blouse, awesome pink helmet, a cool
brush to comb the horse’s mane with and the brown boots of course; ponytail for riding
and the horse has a pink saddle, you can see the side button for the ribbon and batteries
actually go under it which we’ve already assembled. Ready for a test, let’s try
it out. So, we’re gonna take the brush off and then
we’re gonna put the brush down, put Barbie on the horse- we’re gonna take her hand
and we’re gonna put it into the side into the ribbon of the horse and you’re gonna
feel it click and then you’re actually gonna pull Barbie up and over and you’re gonna
feel it click one more time. And then when you’re ready, you’re gonna click the front
of the mane and Barbie is gonna jump on the horse So, I think we’re pretty good here on the hard surface, now I think we’ll
take her outside on the grass and maybe even to the beach at the ocean and we’ll see
how the horse rides there. Let’s go. So there’s one really cool functionwith the Barbie Saddle ‘n ride and it’s
gonna be this button right here on the side of the mane and when you push it Barbie is
gonna jump on but the horse is not gonna ride but then when you’re ready for the horse
to ride you’re gonna push that first button that we learned about on the front on the
mane, and then the horse is gonna ride. Hey everybody, Nina here thanks
for watching the video on Barbie Saddle ‘n Ride by Two Dog and Toys and we will see you
next time on our next video.

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