Barn Tour: June 2016
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Barn Tour: June 2016

August 15, 2019

Hi everybody I’m going to try to do this
with the air conditioning on because it’s really really hot outside! this is Faith’s office / The Room With A
Couple Of Saddles In It / the feed room thingy. Over here is the
arena box which is currently holding all of our helmets since our helmet rack
broke and died, and I am getting really tired of repairing it, so: helmets, cones,
that kind of thing, we’ve got a wheelbarrow in there for some strange reason over here is bridles, just all the extra
English bridles in there. A couple of English saddles I don’t have enough saddle stands, and I
don’t have enough room for saddle stands, so I’ve got a lot of saddles up here! all
my extra English saddles are up here They’re not really extra. I use them. Back here is a
box with apples in it. And our famously not a mouse chasing cat, barn cat
sits on that right there that is Faith’s deer rug and this is Faith’s desk with
her cute little pencils that I made, and her cute little mug that I made, and that
little vase that I did not make and I didn’t make the computer and I didn’t
make the lamp but they’re cute too, and the lamp actually turns on! Very awesome! And a picture of Rubicon that a friend
of mine made, and then there’s Faith, of course, sitting in her office, as usual.
With her chair, and her crocheted chair blanket thingy. And back there you can just see her little pewter
horse. Ornament. Model. Thing. Yeah. A couple of cell phones, and her
briefcase is down there. And Faith now has her ribbons all hung up on a wall They’re all the ribbons for Redstone
Manor, and ribbons that they’ve won throughout the years. It’s very cool. I also borrow them to use in
competitions a lot because that’s all the ribbons I have! We’ve also got this
little flashlight, and it used to light up, but it doesn’t have batteries anymore. And
this tiny tiny tiny little picture of a model horse. Over here, a neck ribbon, and a box with a brush
in it! It’s so exciting! Oh my goodness! I bet you’ve never seen that before! A wheelbarrow that likes to fall over, and
Adian looking cool standing by my feed room door. Bailey who likes to teleport, and there’s
my awesome little feed room sign that I made on the label maker I went a little label maker happy,
you’ll see later, I had a lot of fun with that, the other day. Over here is my feed room It’s way back there! I have to reach way in
there, into the hole to film That’s why my voice gets all echoey. We have two little bags of feed a bucket of apples, my four little
buckets that actually go with my other barn, my I don’t know how many other buckets
that are actually the little sauce things. You see them at restaurants a lot. I got a bunch at the dollar store one
time. Feed. There’s actually feed in there! you can’t probably see it? there we go!
there’s feed in there. It’s made out of clay, that’s a really good
alternative to the seeds that I use because the bugs don’t like to eat clay
and I’ve never had a problem with bugs eating my quinoa, this is actually quinoa,
because it’s like ancient ancient quinoa that has just been sitting out for ages
and ages and I’m guessing they don’t want to eat the quinoa any more than I
do I’ve never had them get into it plus
it’s in this container that is actually a chewing gum container. But yeah, I would
just err on the side of caution, if your parents are not comfortable with you
having actual food in your room. Just don’t do it, just find an
alternative. I used actually sewing pins pushed into my cardboard to make my
ribbon wall and sometimes they get shoved down so I have to push them back up these are treat boxes that my friend
made and I’m not a hundred percent sure how she made them but I’m guessing just thin cardboard into a box shape and then print out little pictures to put on the
sides? There are actually treats in there made out of clay, like Sculpey clay, three
different kinds! I’m not opening them to show you, because I have spilled them
10001 different times and it makes a giant mess and I don’t want to make a
giant mess right now, so yeah! That’s a hay net that I made, I have a tutorial on
YouTube, check out my tutorials playlist and you will find my hay net tutorial! This
actually goes in my kitchen, but it didn’t fit in the kitchen, you’ll see why
later, because the kitchen is short, and it is tall! I’ve got a couple of trophies in
there, and some hoof polish, and another trophy Some more stuff, some treats, those are
some carrots, some of those special Redstone Manor beaded trophy thingies because yeah. Cell phone! Cell phones
get left everywhere around here. More trophies, and more Mane n Tail,
supplements, cat food, lots of other random stuff yeah so we now move on to the barn with the
saddles on the top The barn aisle, we’ve got Galaxy’s rear end. I’ve put in some stall guards Everybody’s got their removable signs.
All of this is pretty much the same as it was I did start putting names on tack trunks, and I’m using this is a light source because it is really dark over
here! The only light you really get from the front of the barn is through
the back, and it’s super dark when I’m filming. In the tack room, got my western
saddles as usual. A whole bunch of bridles along the back wall I made that saddle, and that saddle, but not that saddle. My crops, some more saddles over there. We’ve got a new
mounting block right there that I just painted and then on the other side of
the tack room I’ve now got all these tack trunks with new little name tags on them.
Riker now has a new trunk that my sister painted for me. and back here I put name tags on all of
the lesson pony boxes Oh, and also we’ve got the vet kit
back there, and some random tack over there, and another saddle that I made.
Next to the tack room is our poop bucket, our mucking materials, and hay
storage which is really really small for a barn this size. You would think we
would have more hay! Over here is my messy bed, but up here is Greenbridge and
Redstone! Greenbridge stalls are actually my drawer thingy I just pulled a drawer out, and instant stall!
And I’m doing filming right now so I’ve got some random people out, and a horse
and I’m, yeah, all set. That’s my tour of Greenbridge
right now. The Redstone sets were actually designed
by my sister, and they consist of a bedroom set which is currently set up
like Lizzie’s room for filming. So we’ve got Lizzie, her messy room, her little Transformer right there posters, stuff on the floor yep that’s Lizzie’s room, she’s got a
part of an x-wing hanging up there, and Christina is visiting. My giant Spirit
plushie is over here! The Manor kitchen. We are missing like half of our kitchen
furniture. I don’t know where it is, it’s gotten
lost in all the moves. Dishes in the cupboard, food is down here in the box more dishes over there, and the table, and
the chairs, and Alexis is sitting at one of the chairs. Here’s the living room. Animals. Redstone Trophy Thing. Horsey clock. Horsey picture. Gumball machine is in the kitchen Our lovely stones that I made, I made
the whole fireplace. And actually that flame lights up, but I don’t have it
on right now I usually have some sticks in there, but
I missing my sticks. Over here, we have a little Egyptian
thingy, and the showcase with nothing in it, and another lamp, and a Portal turret,
and Dawn and that’s kind of where the front door is but we don’t have a door so it’s just a blank wall. Yeah. There’s
the Manor! And the weird giant light source. and there’s the other side. Oh yes, and my arena which
doesn’t have anything in it right now. Thanks for watching guys! Hope you
enjoyed it!

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  1. Casually being obsessed with your channel and commenting way to many times is one of my specialties, along with recording a crappy breyer series inspired by you and uploading it to YouTube haha

  2. I've "NEVER" seen a brush in a box XD lol that was so funny hehe =) Love the details in this barn tour πŸ˜‰

  3. great video!!! i watch all your videos and do you still have your white barn that I think had green on it? I don't remember and it had 4 stalls and the office with the roses?

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  5. You put apples in a box…. πŸ˜›

    Wow. Actually, this gives me a better idea of what to shop for when I'm out and about. Tell Cena she did an amazing job with the Manor set! (Though why is Rubicon's painting in Faith's office?!) Also, Alexis' costume for this season is very sweet. The labels are a great touch, I thought they were particularly charming on the lesson pony boxes. Looking forward to doing some voice work soon! πŸ™‚

  6. What? How could I not see this? I love your ribbons – did you make them? Also, that box is the most beautiful box in the world, I must have you know. πŸ™‚

  7. no offence but i skipped through alot of this video and stopped watching it cause I just found it lacked enthusiasm once again I hope you don't find this comment offencive :/ :3 sorry I just kinda didnt enjoy and if your going to reply please dont shout at me cause im just trying to be honest and I just think it needs a bit more enthusiasm once again im sorry if you find this comment offensive πŸ™

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