Basic Body Position for Riding Horses, provided by eXtension
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Basic Body Position for Riding Horses, provided by eXtension

November 3, 2019

We have done a series of exercises to teach to get the right hands and legs independent to teach our bodies to get in rhythm with the horse to find our balance on the horse, and if we do these exercises, what we’ll wind up in most cases with is the classic horsemanship position. Now, ideally what we want is to be able to look a the rider, and be able to draw
a line straight down from the shoulder hip, and catch the back of the heel. So we have a nice bend in the
knee, the heel is back under us the heel is down, so we’re in balance with the horse. This is the classic horsemanship position. If you do the riding exercises, if you ride standing up, you ride without stirrups you ride with the hand exercises and start finding this rhythm you’ll get in rhythm and ultimately in most cases
your legs will hang in those postions And that’s ultimately what we’re trying to do. Usually instead of trying to teach a child to stay
in a certain position on a horse, if you’ll just do the exercises and let them
play and find their balance and rhythm and relax on the horse, they will find the basic horsemanship position and we’ll have the position we need ultimately to become good horsemen. So we’ll have that straight line, the legs under us, the shoulders straight the hands will be straight in front of us for handling the horse and you’ll be sitting up straight. Ultimately the head will be still, the feet is going to be still, we’re absorbing all
of the movement of the horse right in here through our stomach, hip and upper leg. finding that rhythm. We’re going to be good
horsemen if we do our exercises.

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