BASKETBALL IN HEELS: playing HORSE in dress and heels
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BASKETBALL IN HEELS: playing HORSE in dress and heels

September 5, 2019

we’re going to play H.O.R.S.E today in a dress and heels this one’s going to be tough because I wouldn’t be able to do any fancy layups and.. I wouldn’t even be able to shoot a jumpshot properly here are my friends harshul sanjana and aniket !! first shot…. underarm off hand shot ohh !! he made it !!! just miss… easy peasy lemon squuueeezzzyyy.. the soccer shot (why’s everyone missing so much ??) stand on this side of the hoop for you guys it would be this side and then you got to shoot on the opposite side (so close !!) another miss fail only 😉 let’s eliminate harshul before he gets his shot in alright. behind the back shot you didn’t even get the shot right oh no…. oh shi— make it !! man, I wonder how I’ll even get up here (can’t balance.. need support :'( ) behind the backboard shot ah! take.. off hand shot you want more H.O.R.S.E huh? check out this video right here thankls for watching ! if you enjoyed the video do give it a like. and SUBSCRIBE AWESOME basketball videos every week shoutout to Adrien for this idea if you have any nice ideas for a new video make sure you drop a comment down below and you will be the next person to get a shoutout when i take your idea

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