BC Bike Race | The Ultimate Singletrack Adventure
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BC Bike Race | The Ultimate Singletrack Adventure

October 29, 2019

– The quality and quantity
of the single track is really, really amazing. – Uh, it’s been a pretty
unreal experience. – It’s a kind of a
cosmopolitan mix of people who just love to get out into nature. – There are loads of
great mountain bike races around the world, suit just about anyone. Many advertise themselves as
the biggest or the toughest but one says it’s the ultimate
single track adventure and isn’t that what most
mountain bikers want? Sounds good to me. I had a taste of the
BC Bike Race for a day, back in July and it did not disappoint. British Columbia is home to some very well known mountain bike trails. From the North Shore, or
up the road to Squamish, Whistler and Pemberton. But the BC Bike Race takes
you into what really feels like wilderness and trails that not many mountain bikers get to experience. – The BC Bike Race is like
the first mountain bike thing I ever heard of, like you know, you hear about little trails and places but I swear this race
was like the first like, oh there’s a race where it’s
like 7 days and its super hard and I probably heard
about it 10 years ago. – I mean people always
ask me where my favorite place to ride in the
world and I would say BC and this reasons it. This race really showcases
all the single track I love. – BC Bike Race is a 7 day
mountain bike adventure, that embodies the spirit
of British Columbian mountain bike culture. – It’s my first time at BC Bike Race, it’s been a bucket list race for sure. No it’s actually a lot
better than I hoped. – BC Bike Race. It’s a legend is what it is
and its a dream if you’re in to mountain biking and
you’re in to single track and you like riding technical stuff you’ve just got to come and do it once. I was in danger of being
the last guy I knew that hadn’t done it, so I had double down and come out here and get it done. – I’m not big on the XC stage race stuff but I knew that it was
going to be gnarly enough to keep me interested ’cause
I’m not an engine at all, like my legs are okay but my
techy climb stuff is great, my descending is great, so
this has been really great. – Yeah, yeah, yeah! – I mean I wish they had more trails like this in the world cup for sure. Over the course of my career I definitely got much more buffed out trails, I mean there’s features of the world cup but not as much kind of raw single track where I really excelled in. You don’t see trails of
the world cup getting as muddy and slick these days so. But it’s kind of gone full
circle, when I started the races used to be longer
XCs, 2 and a half hours, so these stages are really similar to how it was when I started. – At the hundreds of
races at the highest level and like, I’ve never seen
an organization like this. I mean everything is running like a clock. (country style instrumental) – 7 days of stage racing, so normally you do an XC race and it’s one day and you’re done but it’s 7 days in a row, in a row like
over and over and over all cumulatively put
together for your time and you camp out, you stay
with a bunch of people, you get on ferries,
you get on float planes and they take you all
around, they have great food. It’s kind of like this uh,
single track summer camp. – Trails are world class,
you can’t get away from it. They put so much work
in and the works obvious and yet the trails still feel completely like they’ve just happened. They don’t look like they’ve
been manufactured or forced. So it’s natural trail
but with that kind of trail centre extensiveness. ♪ country style instrumental ♪ – The average BC bike
rider is been shockingly, is absolutely, ’cause we
knew the pros would come, we knew the single track ninjas would come ’cause they hanker for it. But the filling at the
bottom, where people heard about a good adventure, good experience, for some people this is there first mountain bike race ever. For some people, they’ve
only been on their mountain bikes for a couple of years. They heard this was a great
place to learn to mountain bike. So it’s a surprisingly big variety. Density up here are people
who understand the industry, who are hardcore mountain bikers. The trickle down is insane
but seeing the growth of mountain biking globally and families and kids getting into it; it’s a kind of a cosmopolitan mix of people who just love to get out in to nature. – [laughs] Wow, super lucky,
got to fly from yesterday’s stage end to this stage
start in a float plane which uh, just a total, didn’t know it was going to happen, yeah wow, just super, what a great day to
spend your time, amazing. – It’s definitely a really physical race. The numbers are pretty sizeable, that’s a 7 day race of course. Today was the biggest
day, almost 60 kilometers, 1600 meters to climb in, but one thing you’ll really notice is the bikes aren’t cross country bikes, they’re “down country”, whatever
you want to call ’em. The pro’s are riding 120
forks, 100 millimeter rear, probably bigger tires,
wider bar, shorter stems. 600 bikes here, you’ll see all sorts of different bikes, I can see
an old clunker over there. A lot of bigger trail bikes
actually but a real mix. (country style instrumental) – So that’s the BC Bike
Race, the tagline is “the ultimate single track adventure” and just from my experience and speaking to everyone here that
definitely rings true. If you want to see me put the Shimano XTR through it’s paces here, click
over there for that one one. Give us a thumbs up and
hit that subscribe button. Right, time for a lie down.

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  1. I fear I might have to be forcefully deported the day I visit Canada, either that or I'm going full mountain man mode teaching bears the finer points of how to carve berms in return for fish scraps

  2. thanks for doing this video! my goal is to be able to ride this within the next 5 years, I saw BKXC’s videos on this and it looks incredible.

  3. Is there seriously any chainlube getting on that chain at the end (6:49)?! That's a small natural disaster happening right there…

  4. Today i had the chance to see the riders of the Epic Israel passing the trails I ride twice a week, a lot of well known XC riders, on thes 4 stage competition.. wow.

  5. I would love to do that race. I have done the Test of Metal (Squamish) twice and it was the best place I had ever raced. Great part of the country full of great people. Listening to these people speak and seeing the trail makes me want to pack my bag right now! I can hear the trail calling……..

  6. I grew up in Powell River (day 4 of the stage race) and had no idea there was such an extensive trail network there until I went to cheer on my sister-in-law when she did the race 2yrs ago. I don't know if I'll ever be up for multiple back-to-back 50+km days, but it's fun to watch people suffer 🙂

  7. These endurance marathon mtb races are really appealing to me. Just started looking into them to set a goal for myself and I have to say they all seem to have their own unique flavor of "hard", but the Marji Gesick sounds like the most rewarding challenge to me. 100+ miles of racing, mostly technical single track, 12k feet of climbing, and a belt buckle for those who do it in under 12 hours… Looking up this year's results:
    – 374 people started the 100 mile route,
    – 7 people earned a buckle (1st place also won $1.00 cash money),
    – 137 finished before the 24 hour cutoff time,
    – 30 or so appear to have finished but after the 24 hour allotted time,
    – and the rest quit.

    I hope to be in the finisher category one of these days.

  8. “..the trails don’t look like they’re manufactured…”, cue the clip of the decked section! It’s all in the editing 😉

  9. If you want to try a similar event in Canada with a really great base camp and fabulous trails (on par with BCBR) check out Quebec SIngletrack Experience. I have done both and enjoyed both equally well. Plus QSE is quite a bit cheaper…

  10. The funny thing about trail riding Its like surfing the trails and the waves are free but us as humans have learned to take that which is free and monetize it

  11. Was hoping for some footage of Neil competing, hearing what various people think about it is interesting, but kinda felt like I was left hanging.

  12. BCBR looks ok but waaaay too much logging road riding IMO. And you better be fit or you’ll get dropped hard in climbs and then get stuck behind euro dirt roadies who can’t descend (but are fitter than you).

    GMBN check out TransBC, TrasnCascadia, TransRockies etc.

  13. Just a friendly suggestion to also check out the Breckenridge Epic MTB stage race that has been running for a decade. Another great single track event.

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