Bears Sammy and Tibor get second chance at Black Beauty Ranch
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Bears Sammy and Tibor get second chance at Black Beauty Ranch

September 4, 2019

We are at Black Beauty Ranch. It’s an animal sanctuary located in Murchison, TX. There are two black bears here – Sammy and Tibor. Sammy and Tibor came from the entertainment industry. Once they got here, they were basically taken off display. They can do as they please –
we don’t make them do anything they don’t want to do. They are habituated to
people that’s why they will not do well out in the wild. The bears have just been
moved into a one-acre, spacious, naturally wooded habitat where they’ll be able to
forage in the grass, sleep under trees, build their own nests, or climb onto the
platforms that we’ve constructed in the yard for them. We’ve had these pools set up for probably about three months now and today –
while we’re up here – Sammy jumped in his and even Tibor climbed inside his. It’s great to know that we have all these things for them and then actually see
them use it – it’s awesome! We hope that these bears will be able to relax and enjoy their habitat for many years to come.

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