Beautiful Evening Riding Horses

October 6, 2019

[music] I got my cowboy hat on [ducks quacking loudly. That happens a lot on this farm.] Are you riding Luke? [Luke shakes head “no”] no I don’t even have to groom Maggie’s back… aaa, a little bit What’s going on? Did you roll around today? Did you roll around today? Got mud in his fur you wanna start on Tao? Hold on boy, stay here. Stay here. Don’t go nowhere. Tao’s following you. Can you pet him? he likes you bud. Hey Annie Annie Hey Ben [sound of brush strokes] Can you come over here and hold him? ‘Cause I brush and hold him, just wants to walk backwards [Mamakirbs chuckles at my struggles] Looking good What are you doing back here Callie? You coming to see what’s going on back here? Where you getting ready to do dad? Ride! Ride like the wind? Like the wind! Tao has got a lot of heart hey hey hey… hey wait. No! [Mamakirbs chuckles] Is he passing gas? yes. Yeah. Oooo yeah he is! Passing wind. Would you like to do one side? He’s gonna try to pull away… There’s the wind! [Mamakirbs chuckles] just don’t let him Do you know how to hold him? No! Like that? Yeah, right there. You got one that gonna come off in clumps, nice. Sometimes will come off and whole patties and that’s really nice for you. Okay So Adelynn is the horse person in the family. She’s learned a lot by working with other horse trainers, horse riders Watching videos, reading books, doing 4h projects We, Mamakirbs and I, mostly Just like to enable her habits And watch her grow. and watch her grow. Am I riding eastern or western? [snarky comment based on a joke earlier in the evening] [Mamakirbs laughs] Isn’t there song, Western Girls? You know how to do a cowboy know? Nope. I know that’s called a girth. Yes. You’re right I’m amazed how she just stands there doesn’t run or walk. It’s gonna be a beautiful evening for a ride. This one? [Daddykirbs in background questioning the halter choice] Yes Okay, so we’re gonna take this one off? .. gonna slide on his neck, so we still have somewhere to hold on. All right Right here I got you. …and that’s how that fits It’s all hooked up? Yep, I I’m gonna take this off and then you can put the reins over his neck. Is this a junior? Adelynn’s is blue, he’s black. His is in a bag, how do I look Cute as a cucumber. Cucumbers are cute? [Mamakirbs chuckles] Is it cool as a cucumber? cute? Yeah. I’m cute as a button, cute as a button Luke you’re cute as a button! Does he have something? Luke, are ya gonna be the gatekeeper… and open the gate for them? I like to use the [mounting] block, but you can use the stirrups since it’s a western [saddle]. Prince charming. what? Prince Charming. On a white stallion! my steed my white gelding, who’s more of a grey spotted Thanks for letting me ride your horse Luke. Pet him and tell him to be good to daddy. say, Be good to him! Say, don’t throw him off. Luke, He likes you petting him, do it again [Luke softly] Be good. All right, Luke grab the gate Se ya in a bit [Daddykirbs and Adelynn talk to each other quietly as they ride] [Music starts and continues through the horse riding time] Whoa Say cheese. Is it vegan cheese? Vegan cheese, say vegan cheese It’s nice to have a place where we can ride. this is not our property if you’re wondering This is our neighbor’s property and he was so gracious man. I look good in this hat He was so kind to let us come on over and just ride the horses around We’re home. The horses did great It’s nice to have more open space to ride. I bet. Are they ready for supper now? I’m sure they are Tao, did great? he really did. Good. Are you gonna walk bow legged for a couple days? Yep Did you have fun Maggie? She was very good. We trotted a little bit at the end. Very good horse. Yeah What’s dad doing? Thanks for joining us on our evening ride. It’s good to get out Adelynn and I hanging out with Tao and Maggie Just letting an evening go by without so much busyness Enjoying some time So thank you so much for being with us here on the Daddykirbs farm. on the Daddykirbs farm I believe everyone has a story and every story counts Thank you so much for being a part of my story tonight and letting me be a part of yours I’ll talk to you soon

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