Behind The Scenes at the British Racing School, Episode 3
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Behind The Scenes at the British Racing School, Episode 3

August 15, 2019

For the students on Course 333, life is
not just about learning to ride and looking after equine athletes, they also
take part in a series of lectures learning important life skills as well
as partaking in fitness classes to ensure they can lean healthy lifestyles.
In this episode of Behind the Scenes of the British Racing School, we join in on
the students fitness classes as well as seeing them go from the indoor arena to
the round canter, which means that their riding has stepped up a few gears. It’s really important that you will be strong and you will be fit, so you have to be
strong enough to control a half a ton beast that’s actually going up to 40 miles an
hour. You have to have good cardiovascular ability to actually carry on
for the whole length that your boss want or if you’re in the race in the
future, effectively. So with the sessions I’m trying to give them as much as I
can in regards to exercise, different exercises that they can do using equipment that we
can see every gym, so if they go to a gym afterwards they can actually pick
up some dumbbells and they’ll actually know what to do. What we do is test them in
the beginning of the course, midway through the course, and then in the end we
do have really good results in the end and you can see that, you can see that it’s
not just here, obviously they are on the horse everyday so they are
getting stronger all the time. The fitness sessions are tough but they’re
fun at the same time and like we do it in groups so it’s not, you know,
you’ve got other people around you helping you get through it and there are
a lot of fun sessions to do. The fitness here is very intense but it progressed me a
lot so my strength in my legs has grown massively. My arms, I didn’t really have
any muscle now I’ve actually got a little bit of a bulge there. So the round canter is two and a half furlongs round in a circle and so we’ve
got fencing on both sides and so it makes it safe and secure and so that is
the next step up from the outdoor so they’re just- we’ll do two or three laps
at a time. The round canter is good. I just like the
adrenaline rush of going fast and going around and it’s just nice to see the
horse is nice and settled in the work as well. It’s going really well and the first
couple of days didn’t go as planned but it has been so much better now. I’m a lot
more confident within myself and with the horses that I’m riding. They all seem
to be doing well at this stage and a lot of them it’s just improving the
confidence and self belief in themselves and I’m happy with them all at the
moment. It feels amazing, I think that’s my dream and always has been my dream, to be
riding horses that quick. You feel the horse open up underneath you and
especially when they’re relaxed, you feel them relaxed and they
they grunt and it’s just gorgeous, I absolutely love it

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