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  1. Hi. I came across Chuck Missler earlier this year. May I just say his speeches are life changing! I have a whole new appreciation for the word of God and I feel I am still searching for more.

    I thought I had seen all of him, every bit of video I could find… However when these videos (4 horsemen videos) started coming out on this youtube channel I was extremely excited and suprised. I am wondering if there is more. I have a hunger for the word of god as Chuck used to say. Can somebody reach out to me and help me make sure I have covered all of Chucks material!? I have watched the bible in 24 hours 40 some times and I just want to make sure I have every piece so I can learn while discovering more about scripture and reading my own bible at home. Thank you.

    James Hines

  2. Barley, spirit filled believer.
    Wheat, most believers.
    Grape, everyone else.
    Barley, is thrown into the air and wind blows away chaff.
    Wheat, threshing by a tribulum to remove chaff.
    Grapes are crushed.

  3. Thanks Ron for posting these great last days words from one of the greatest Bible teachers of all time. Rest in paradise Chuck. Much love y'all. Keep those lamps full. Jesus is coming soon!

  4. Such a blessing all of Chuck’s videos have been to me. Ty, Jesus for placing him here to help lead so many of us, to help us, understand The Bible, even more.

  5. For if the Watcher does not blow the trumpets! Everybody I've been having lots of funny dreams lately am I the only one? Does anyone else get the feeling vets time is at hand? I believe the seven year time frame has begun and I believe we're somewhere in the middle

  6. Thank you Brother Chuck Missler you are such a blessing to all of us – may our LORD and Savior Bless you an keep you in all this LIFE – You cant just keep printing money out of thin air not backed by tangible precious metals – fiat currency backed by saudi oil is a ponds – y pyramid scam the federal reserve is ran by the devils children to destroy mankind it's going to be a mad maxx world because of it our government has deliberately destroyed everything(criminals)- i implore anyone that doesn't know Jesus Christ as their savior repent of your sins ask HIM to forgive you and ask Him to be LORD of your LIFE you'll never regret doing so- may God Bless all – peace and Grace

  7. I read somewhere that the colors of the four horses are the same as the colors on the flags of the countries that surround israel.

  8. I see the Black Horse as representing the Debt Owed the Debt Paid.

  9. Amazing Teacher of God's word..❤️Looking forward to meeting you in our New Glorious Home Brother Chuck.🙏🙏🌹🌹🌹

  10. the set up for the famine is perfectly in place for the coming judgements, floods and cold in north america, drought in Australia, swine flu in asia all depleting our protein and grain supply making the supply chain very brittle


  12. Such a wonderful man of Gods Word, Pastor Murray, now gone on to be with Yahweh. Im so thankful I found him way back on Tv 1995 doing a Documentary in Arizona!

  13. I just love All his books. Chuck Missler was an amazing man of God. I can’t wait to meet him and his wife in heaven. I have a lot of his books. And I have this one…..all 4 horsemen, and I have it on audible too. I just love how much information this man has for God, and his love for the word shows. I was saddened for myself when I learned of his passing. But I am so happy that he is with Jesus. R.I.P Dr. Chuck Missler . ✝️🕊🙏💞

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