Behold a Black Horse – Session 2 – Chuck Missler
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Behold a Black Horse – Session 2 – Chuck Missler

October 31, 2019

Well welcome to our session exploring The Behold A Black Horse This is the second of two sessions I think you’re gonna need it so let’s have a word prayer
let’s bow our hearts Father we thank you for
your presence we thank you for your word above all Father we pray
your Holy Spirit would reveal that which you have for us
That we might be more responsive to your will in our lives as we commit this hour and ourselves into your hands
in the name of Yeshua our coming King indeed
Amen Well this is the second session and we’re exploring Revelation
chapter six verses five and six The Black Horse and I love what Dean Packwood
designed for our cover it’s one of the best I’ve seen It certainly captures a complex topic That clearly has got balances in
his hand and we noticed the dollar bills all around his
feet it’s very descriptive Because as we learned last
time it’s a great deal about the whole issue of hyperinflation and we covered that last time
in trying to tie in that famine in our last century was deliberate strangely
Deliberate policies of the government So in this session we’re gonna
explore little bit the Engine of Power we’ll talk a little bit about what
I like to call the Trail of Blood and this myth has risen up
in America called the Lone Assassin Myth and also leave you though
with the surprising tool that may challenge you a little bit But you may find useful as we close so we’re in
the second of two sessions on The Black Horse the Rothschild’s have made quite a clear career by pointing out he says “Let me
issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws”
Very famous quote from him and Karl Marx said something
that’s equivalent he said “Money plays the largest part in determining
the course of history” Most of us fail to really understand the role of money itself in history The Bible tells us not to be ignorant of Satan’s
devices that’s an instruction 2 Corinthians chapter 2
and that’s part of our time this evening we’ll be focusing on that Paul warns us that quote “We wrestle
not against flesh and blood but against principalities against powers against the rulers of darkness of this world against spiritual wickedness
in high places” and you can apply that several
different ways each validly but for a better understanding
of these forces we’re going to explore some
of the bizarre events in America’s history that still to this day impacts is all What I like to call the Trail of Blood We’re going to start this glimpse
by looking at Abraham Lincoln who worked valiantly to prevent
the attempts of the Rothschild’s to involve themselves in financing the civil war The Rothschild’s interest succeeded however through their agent treasury secretary
Salmon P. Chase to force a bill The National
Banking Act through Congress creating a federally chartered central bank that had the power to issue US bank notes and Lincoln was concerned about this He said “The money power preys
upon the nation in time of peace and conspires against it
in times of adversity It is more despotic than a monarchy more insolent than autocracy more selfish than a bureaucracy I see in the near future a crisis
approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for
the safety of our country Corporations have been
enthroned an era of corruption will follow and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong
its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people
until the wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed” that was Lincoln’s assessment He continued to fight
against the central bank and some now believe that
it was his anticipated success in influencing the Congress to limit
the life the life of the bank of the United States to just the war years that was the motivating factor behind his assassination and becomes a surprise to many of us Modern researchers have uncovered
evidence of a massive conspiracy that links Lincoln’s secretary of war Edwin Stanton to join John Wilkes Booth
his eight co-conspirators and over seventy government officials and businessmen involved in the conspiracy to the bank of Rothschild and so the Lone Assassin Myth is born here it continues in our history When Booth’s diary was recovered
by Stanton’s troops it was delivered Stanton What was later produced during
the investigation eighteen pages had been ripped out These pages contain the aforesaid
names were later found in the attic in one of Stanton’s descendants from Booth’s trunk a coded
message was found that link him directly to Judah P. Benjamin
the Civil War campaign manager in the South for the House of Rothschild and when the war ended the
key to the code was found Benjamin’s possession The assassin portrayed as a crazed lone gunman
with a few radical friends escaped by way of the only
bridge in Washington not guarded by Stanton’s troops Booth was located hiding in a barn near Port Royal Virginia three days
after escaping from Washington he was shot by a soldier named Boston
Corbell who fired without orders Whether or not the man that
was killed was Booth is still a matter of contention But the fact remains that whoever
it was that was killed had no chance to identify himself It was Secretary of War Edwin
Stanton who made the final identification some now believe that a dupe was used in
that the real John Wilkes booth escaped with Stanton’s assistance Mary Todd Lincoln upon hearing
of her husband’s death began screaming “Oh that dreadful house” earlier historians felt that
this spontaneous utterance referred to the White House but some now believe that it may
have been directed to Thomas W. House a gun runner financier
an agent of the Rothschild’s during the Civil War who was linked to the
anti-Lincoln pro banker interests Thomas W. House was the father
of Colonel Edward Mandell house who later became the key player
in the election of Woodrow Wilson and the passage of the Federal Reserve Act So this name will lurk behind history more as we go on Andrew Jackson was the first
president from the west of the Appalachians
he was unique for the time in being elected by voters
without the direct support of recognized political organization He vetoed the renewal of the
Charter of the Bank of the United States on July tenth of eighteen thirty two and eighteen thirty five
President Andrew Jackson declared his disdain for the
international bankers quote “Your are a den of vipers
I intend to route you out and by the Eternal God I will route you out if the people only understood the rank
injustice of our money and banking system there would
be a revolution before morning” There followed an unsuccessful
assassination attempt on president Jackson’s life Jackson told his vice president
Martin Van Buren “The bank Mr. Van Buren
is trying to kill me” How interesting Was this the beginning of
a pattern of intrigue that would plague the White House
itself over the coming decades was his and Abraham Lincoln’s
death related by an invisible thread to thee international bankers Well James Garfield was
the twentieth president previously Chairman of the House
Committee on Appropriations and was an expert on fiscal matters President Garfield openly declared
that whosoever controls the supply of currency would control the business
and activities of all the people After only four months in office President Garfield was shot at a railroad station on July second eighteen eighty one Another coincidence For many years numerous
authors have attempted to sound the alarm that there exists a
hidden shadow government that actually rules America Most of us have dismissed these
conspiracy theory views as extremist and unrealistic Well I had the opportunity of lunch with Otto von Habsburg A member of the European Parliament
his father ruled Europe until the end of the Austrian Hungarian Empire in nineteen eighteen While we had lunch he made two remarks that the really caught my attention The first remark he made
I understood he said “The ignorance in America is overwhelming” and indeed anyone that’s sensitive here realizes that
there’s a contrast in the general awareness of world
affairs between the average American and the average European It’s quite striking When I had an office in London
the staff there was more aware of what was going on
in California than their own staff in California did they just have an appetite for world events amazingly so in America surprisingly
ignorant in those areas but the second remark he made really puzzled me at the time he said “The concentration of
power in America is frightening” Now as a Chief Executive I’ve
spent thirty years in the corporate boardrooms I thought I was reasonably well informed and I didn’t have a thought of what on earth he was
talking about when he said it Later I began to realize what
he was alluding to but that came later The Federal Reserve this is one of the myths that all Americans live with and it’s a deceptive charade
known as The Federal Reserve It comes as a shock to many discover that it is not an agency of the
United States government the federal reserve that
name was designed to deceive and it still does It is not federal nor is it owned by the government It is a privately owned It pays its own postage like
any other corporation Its employees are not in civil service the physical property is held under
private deeds and is subject to local taxation
Government property is not So see it masquerades as a government
agency but it’s not It is an engine that has created private wealth
that is unimaginable Even to the most financially sophisticated It has enabled an imperial lead to
manipulate our economy for its own agenda and enlisted the
government itself as its enforcer It controls the times dictates business affects our
homes and practically everything in which we’re interested few Americans know about the
betrayal that was plotted on Jekyll Island Georgia that was destined to defraud
Americans of their wealth opportunity and would eventually lead to the subjugation of our great democratic experiment into a centralized global dictatorship and that’s the building that they
use there on Jekyll Island In November of nineteen ten After having consulted with the
Rothschild banks in England France and Germany Senator Nelson Aldrich boarded a
private train in Hoboken New Jersey His destination was Jekyll Island
Georgia at a private hunting club owned by JP Morgan Aboard the train were six other men Benjamin Strong President of
Morgan’s Banker’s Trust Company
Charles Norton President of Morgan’s
First National Bank of New York Hendry Davidson senior partner of JP Morgan Frank Vanderlip President of Kuhn Loeb’s National City bank and his his quote I’ll a read on in a minute and A. Andrew Secretary of the
Treasury and Paul Warburg these were the seven people in total going to a secret meeting here is Vanderlip’s quote: “There was an occasion near the
close of 1910 when I was as secretive indeed as furtive as any conspirator I do not feel it is any exaggeration
to speak of our secret expedition Jekyll island
as the occasion of the actual conception of what eventually became the Federal Reserve System We were told to leave our last names behind us We were told further that we should
avoid dining together on the night of our departure We were instructed to come one time where Senator Aldridge’s private car
would be in readiness attached to the rear end of
the train in the south Once aboard the private car we
began to observe the taboo that had been fixed on last names
Discovery we knew simply must not happen or else all our time
and effort would be wasted” and this was all published in the
Saturday Evening Post back in February 8th of 1935 The goal was to establish a private bank that would control the national currency The challenge was to slip the
scheme by the representatives of American people earlier had been called the Aldrich Bill and received effective opposition The devious planners of the revised bill titled it ‘The Federal Reserve Act’
to mask its real nature It would create a system controlled by private individuals who would control the nation’s issue of money Furthermore the Federal Reserve
Board composed of 12 districts and one director
The Federal Reserve chairman would control the nation’s fiscal financial resources by controlling the money supply
the available credit and and all by mortgaging the
government through borrowing the conspirators had a problem however President William Howard Taft had
made it clear he would veto such a bill if it was introduced They had to make sure he would
not win reelection At first they supported the ex
President Teddy Roosevelt in the Republican primaries but he
failed to get the nomination Then the bankers supported
the democratic contender Woodrow Wilson in exchange for their
support Wilson promised to sign their bill into law But the problem was that
the polls indicated that Wilson would only draw about
forty-five percent of the votes The banks needed someone who
could draw a sufficient number of Republican votes away from Taft without
harming the democratic candidate So they arranged for Teddy
Roosevelt to run against both men by representing a newly invented
third party the bull- moose party The plan worked The Federal Reserve Bill was
held until December 23rd two days before Christmas before it was presented to the
House and Senate only those senators and
congressmen who had not gone home for the holidays those who
owed favors to are on the payroll of the bankers were present to sign the legislation Involved behind the scenes were
the elections of Woodrow Wilson Teddy Roosevelt was Colonel Edward
Mandell House the son of the Civil War Rothschild agent Thomas W. house Colonel Edward House represented
the interests of the Rothschild banks and was originally a member of the
Institute of International Affairs formed in Paris at
the Majestic Hotel in a secret meeting on May thirtieth of 1919 It’s American branch formed on July 29th 1921 became the council for foreign relations
Which I’m sure you’re familiar with Well the charade begins The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 was a deliberate charade to pacify the
American voters They had been crying out for
a banking reform and held scores of elections alternating one set of
politicians with another only to find themselves with the same
programs and deeper in debt Ccongressman Charles A Lindbergh Senior had complained at the time
quote “It is a common practice of congressmen to make the title of acts promise aright but in the body or the text the acts they rob people of what
is promised in the title” Limburg pointed out that the government
of office holders understood that quote “That by joining
with the banking interest to exploit the people the reelection is more certain
than if they serve the people who elect them By joining the exploiters their
campaign expenses are paid The support of the machines and
the capitol press is assured and if by chance I should lose they’re
appointed the same office that should suit them equally or better” and that same phenomenon is visible today the same cast of
characters emerge in key positions whether the nation votes Democratic or Republican Both sides appear to have sold out and this is tradition of betrayal is
continued in the North American Free Trade Agreement and with the GATT Agreement both of which were called
agreements to avoid having to pass a two third majority
of the Senate However the White House internet
files immediately labeled them treaties as soon
as they were passed Even Woodrow Wilson himself felt
that he had made a terrible mistake in signing the bill
He later wrote an interesting quote you read
it often “Some of the biggest men in
the United States in the field of commerce and manufacturing
are afraid of something They know that there is a power
somewhere so organized so subtle so watchful so interlocked
so complete so pervasive that they had better not speak
above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it” That’s a quote from Woodrow Wilson himself See the name of Federal Reserve
was designed to deceive and still does it is not federal nor
is it owned by the government It is privately owned it pays its
own postage like any other corporation its employees are not in
civil service the physical property is held in private deeds and it’s subject to local taxation Government property is not It’s an engine that has created
private wealth that is unimaginable even to the
most financially sophisticated It has enabled an imperial elite to
manipulate our economy for its own agenda and elisted of the government
itself as its enforcer It controls the times dictates the
business affects our home in fact everything which we are interested How does it work the Federal Reserve System is nothing
more than a group of private banks which charge interest
on money that never existed The government prints a
billion dollars worth of interest bearing U. S. government bonds takes them to the Federal Reserve the Federal Reserve accepts them
and places one billion dollars in a checking account and the
government writes checks to the total of one million dollars Where was that one billion
dollars before they touched the computer to make the entry It didn’t exist We allow this private banking
system to create money out of absolutely nothing all in it as a loan to our
government and charge interest on it forever The bank collects the interest on
the government’s own money Now this is a summary of highly complex system it’s just a summary but
it’s accurate That’s really what goes on It’s interesting a
communique from the Rothschild investment
house in England to to its associate in New York
office remarksed following: “The few who understand the
system will either be so interested in its profits or
so dependent on its favors that there will be no opposition from
that class while on the other hand the great body of people mentally incapable of comprehending will bear its burdens without complaint” How descriptive that is Now Thomas Jefferson spoke out he says “I believe that
banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies already they have raised up a money aristocracy that has
set the government at defiance That issuing power should be
taken from the banks and restored to the government to whom it belongs” Yeah that’s when I reflect on what
Otto von Habsburg was trying to tell me “The concentration of power
in America is frightening” Well President John F. Kennedy planned to exterminate the Federal Reserve System and ultimately eliminate its national debt as had Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln before him when they did the same to the
two Rothschild organized central banks back then So in 1963 here’s the key to this thing in nineteen sixty three by presidential order of John F. Kennedy the United States treasury began
printing over four billion dollars worth of United States notes to replace the Federal Reserve
notes in circulation when a sufficient supply of these
notes entered circulation the Federal Reserve notes
and the system could be declared obsolete This would end the control of the
international bankers over the US government and
the American people That was his plan Some of the bills that were
thus printed can still be found they can be recognized by the
distinctive red seal on the front of the bill instead of
the green seal of Federal Reserve notes above the portrait
appears the words: United States note Not Federal Reserve note Both two dollar and five dollar
notes were printed series nineteen sixty three and C. Douglas Dillon’s signature appears as Secretary of the Treasury Now if you look on the internet
they will explain to you how these things
do not exist you can’t find any trace of them By the way the reverse side of these bills is identical to the Federal Reserve
notes but if you go on the internet you’ll
find they don’t exist and search as you will but here’s a photograph of them and I actually have handled these They look exactly like the Federal
Reserve note except it says United States notes and all the details are as shown After putting this plan into effect John F. Kennedy was professionally
assassinated in Dealey Plaza and though the existence of those
notes are tangible evidence of what I’m telling you is the truth and we’ll move on here we all know of Dealey plaza you remember that famous travel route that was laid out LBJ for the occasion Here’s a map of the kill
zone as it’s called There were three teams plus a diversionary
team and key places Team number one fired the first throat shot as they came around Team two of the
Dal Tex building missed a ricochet hit a pedestrian not seriously The diversionary team missed the shot across the team three on top of the Dallas County Records building was able to get the back shot and that became so controversial The diversionary team caught Governor Connelly in the front seat and then on team won the got the head shot which of course killed the president So you got the names of these people are now known some diaries have been found so there’s much known today that was not recognized back then That’s a quick snapshot of it all so the professionally triangulated the fire of the three primary teams and diversionary teams that executed the president that’s
not the most shocking issue anyone familiar with those
operations recognizes right away that professionals were involved there The shocking issue isn’t the assassination It’s the high level coordination that organized the widespread cover up that is manifest evidence of the
incredible power of a hidden government behind the scenes What’s more astonishing when
you lay it out is the cover up is more astonishing than the
assassination itself the subsequent cover up was so skillful that even to this day few
Americans realize the coup d’etat that was engineered to save the system
The Federal Reserve system and if you really want to get
into that we have a whole library As part of K-House library but we
have of all of them the outstanding document is a book you can get
by Craig Roberts called Killzone publlished in nineteen ninety four It’s astonishing the details
that it reveals there Over a 177 witnesses have died in the intervening years and of course evidence has been
altered in more ways than we can dictate here Oswald’s rifle
had to be altered to be fired and the site had been misaligned had to be It’s astonishing The experts at Quantico the experts in the Mossad An ex of the Soviet all attempted to recreate the conditions recognize it was not possible
for Lee Harvey Oswald to do what they claim he did Didn’t have the time or the skills Kennedy’s autopsy procedures had lost the brain which would’ve revealed bullet fragments
that would have disapproved the single bullet theories The diary Roscoe White one
of the Grassy Knoll shooters were later found by his son and were ultimately confiscated So the trail of blood continues
we won’t dwell on that more but in the seventies and eighties
Congressman Larry P. McDonald spearheaded efforts to expose
the hidden holdings and intentions of the international
money interests His efforts ended on August 31st of 1983 When he was killed when the
Korean Airlines double o’seven was accidentally shot down
in Soviet airspace Strange coincidence Senator John Heinz and former
Senator John Tower had served on powerful Senate banking
finance committees and were outspoken critics of the Federal
Reserve in the eastern establishment On the 4th of April 1991 Senator John Heinz was killed in a plane crash near Philadelphia The next day on August 5th
former Senator John Tower was also killed in a plane crash so the coincidences seem to mount And lest we forget thee administration since then have brought us the deaths of Vicky Weaver deliberately shot by an FBI assassin Paul Wilshire wrote a letter to the
Attorney General saying if the letter falls wrong hands he’s a dead man
Four days later they found his body in his hotel room Because the Attorney General in those
days was Janet Reno Denny Casolaro These are all people who died
the day before they were going to give evidence As well as Vince Foster the
Deputy White House Counsel William Sessions came to work
was fired ushered out of the building that morning that
night Vince Foster’s body is found in Fort Marcy Park in while
they were finding his body Hillary Clinton is cleaning his files out of his private office Ron Brown Secretary of Commerce round trip to Europe was
assassinated on the trip William Colby Head of CIA
strangely committed suicide under strange conditions Admiral Jeremy Boorda the
highly regarded Chief of Naval Operations a Mustang that made
it all the way to CNO committed suicide the day before he
was gonna make some presentations and over a hundred other
mysterious deaths in that era and a lot of this is summarized in a
DVD called the Clinton Chronicles that was published by a guy
by the name Patrick Matrisciana who’s on our board of directors So we’re very close to the real
details behind much of this and of course we could deal
with the shocking events in Oklahoma City and Waco where
they used nerve gas to get the Branch Davidians before they could get out of the
building from before the fire started and on it goes Attempts to even simply audit The Federal Reserve continue to meet with failure it turns out to be virtually
impossible muster support of any issue which has the benefit
of a media blackout I’ll come back to that and
the myth that once was I call this a painful blessing That sounds like an oxymoron doesn’t it A painful blessing how can a blessing
be painful when it involves the puncture of a delusion The analogy of think of when a small child
discovers there’s no Santa Claus that hurts but it’s essential isn’t it There are certain delusions that we need to be shed
of if we’re going to survive This is one of them the myth that
once was they’re unpleasant but they’re essential to our welfare The concept of patriotism needs
to be reexamined Are you really giving your life for your country or is this really the obsolete form of idol worship To allow you to run errands
for politicians are you really defending your country or are you running errands for special interests of some kind one of the things that in our times
today I think we all need to reassess carefully Our allegiances I won’t dwell on that most of
you know of the the attitudes that I now harbor a loss of trust in the government It’s most nations love their country but don’t trust their government Except in America we get
confused about that We get confused when you start
talking about the country or the
government separately No the one of the important lessons to
learn in your own background is to understand the difference
between civil and common law Civil law started in Roman
it did laws to protect the state Not the individual- the state The great invention that emerged in Britain was common law laws that were designed to protect
the individual against the state what innovation that was
and still is where it can be found but you need to understand it’s the the state is the enemy of the common law So right now our problem today is broad it’s not just a few
things it’s broad corruption corruption in the media corruption
in the executive branches the legislative branch the judiciary branch in fact corrupting the very institutions
God instituted in the beginning Let’s talk about the media We need to understand the distinction
between bias and treason Everyone in public life knows that
the media’s been is liberal is biased to the liberal side no surprise But that’s quite a different thing than collusion to hide the truth
from the American people and the kind of collusion that
exists in the last several elections should be tried as treason It was conspiracy against the
American people by the mainline medias Make a list of things you don’t know
about the current presidential candidate It’s astonishing to make a list of what
you don’t know you don’t know one grade he took on
any course he ever took You can’t find any achievement
he made in any job he held and so forth See the role of the free press in a democracy is to inform the electorate
That’s their job that’s their mission We have a media that takes
pride in shaping opinion rather than informing it That should be a crime in a democracy Well let’s take a look at the
executive branch The abrogation of the separation of powers Totally disregarded by the current administration the very thing the constitution
is designed to uphold We have the structure of a police
state that sounds shocking Ask any competent attorney and he’ll explain to you why in the United States you’re
present in a police state The abrogation of the Bill of Rights
they’re gone with the stroke of a pen There’s a deliberate agenda of
destruction underfoot by a practicing Sunni Muslim
in the White House check it out
It’s no surprise Let’s take a look at the legislature’s we have a legislature that doesn’t read
the bills they sign That should be a crime That ignores any fiscal responsibility
that ignores the constitutional requirements and then the judiciary itself They ignore their constitutional obligation and that’s why they exist They overturn juries verdicts they
innovate social engineering They fail to assure the separation
of powers their primary job That leaves us with the God given
institutions that are systematically being destroyed The rights to worship The rights to educate children The rights to life Heterosex marriage The sanctity of commitments
of all shapes and sizes those are God given institutions all systematically being destroyed So what does that lead to I believe that leads to God’s abandonment wrath He doesn’t have to do anything
all He has to do is remove His protections That’s what He did to Samson
on that last visit to Delilah He simply removed that protection
he had when Samson realized he couldn’t break loose Can you imagine how terrified to must realize as he realized that God had abandoned him Northern kingdom God commissions Hosea from the south
to go and lay out his indictment to the northern kingdom he doesn’t go there and preach
unless you’d change this is gonna happen no no no
He lays out what’s going to happen why because they join themselves
to idols God says to Hosea “Leave
Ephraim for I am alone he’s joined idols All He did is remove His
protection and let the Assyrians come and remove them from history
Which they did The southern kingdom had a
similar pattern except that He had a promise to David and was honored But there again and He explains to Habbakak That He was going to use
their enemies as His form of punishment The question before Americans today:
what about the United States The most common question I get
asked when I travel is: Why hasn’t God judged America Billy Graham himself quipped so many
years ago so cleverly “If God doesn’t judge America He’ll
have to apologize to Sodom Gomorrah” Great sound bite Good question Thomas Jefferson said the same
thing in 1781 “I tremble for my country when I recall that
God is just and that His justice will not sleep forever” That was Thomas Jefferson
right at the beginning is the USA I personally suspect
I don’t know I personally suspect that God’s abandoment wrath has begun already that’s one reason I get so nervous when I read Ezekiel
thirty nine six because I tend to view America as a third power
We have Magog and Israel intention and is a third party
that’s also clobbered incidental collateral damage you could call it But it may be an overdue overdue judgment I’ll let you look at that yourself But let’s realize it’s not our job to make the changes or repair the
damages that’s not our job We need to understand them We need to know what’s going
on around us but it’s not our job to repair the damages We are to know Satan’s devices and Jesus instructed us several times Be not deceived Right How do you do that It’s a good question See we need to keep our focus
on His kingdom not the world’s It’s easy to get sucked into social justice issues because they’re serious and they may need attention But recognize they compete with
what you may be called to do Would you declare the person of Jesus Christ You need to recognize the tools
and the agendas that are prevalent in what I like to
call The Age of Deceit It’s astonishing to realize how deliberately deceitful the
information we’re given is From the press and from the government the lies are very systematic very
well understood to the professionals More and more people beginning
to realize all that So we have a very unique challenge
to talk about here You and I have the dilemma of
trying to decipher nonlinearities which are mutually interactively impacting each other In the past you had a bull market
or a bear market you had a certain time when things were
improving or not approving it You had an ability to somehow get a feeling for trends It was feasible to follow trends
try to sense them take advantage of them
That’s what most investors did for decades But we’re now in a strange world
it’s probably the strangest investment world we we’ve ever seen
because there’s cross winds that contradict each other in every which way trying to decide
and they’re non linear and they’re mutually interacting
with each other One of the tricks we are faced with having to deal with is
discerning the emergence of counter trends correctly Is it just a set back or is a
really a change in trends and one of the dilemmas we’ve had in the last several years there isn’t a clear trend to follow there is an illusion of a recovery both Washington and Wall Street are working very hard to create the illusion of a recovery The stock indexes seem to
be going up there’s all kinds of positive moods on the one hand
and until you look at the fundamentals Jobs have not improved there’s
a whole real fundamental issue They’ve conned us to measure
things by consumption The consumer price index That measures in what you’re
buying not what you’re producing and if you’re willing to incur
debt you can create the illusion of a lifestyle by doing it on debt That’s the trap That’s the trap Let’s take a look at a summary by Bromberg Just went debt addicted
American companies were starting to worry that the Federal
Reserve Chair Janet Yellen
The Federal Reserve Chairman was going to take their proverbial punch bowl away along came Mario Draghi Now Mario Draghi is a name you might know
he’s President of the European The European Central Bank
President has made borrowing so cheap in the region that foreign corporations are selling
record amounts of debt See the problem we have already there’s
too much debt the answers isn’t more debt but everybody is racing to
increase debt forget the deeper bigger U. S.
corporate bond market Borrowing in euro is all the rage these days because it’s about two percentage points less expensive to do so about sixty five percent of the
record sixty billion euro investment grade bonds sold in March came from overseas companies According to the March 27th
Bank of America report and a lot of those sellers are based in the US The trend comes down to basic math yields on investment-grade
bonds in Europe have fallen to point nine nine percent in other
words under one percent compared with two point nine
percent on those in the US according to the Bank of America
Merrill Lynch index data So like all borrowing binges
this one is also likely to end badly according to Bromberg
he’s probably right But it’s very very strange that on the one hand the central
banks are working hard to keep the interest down yet that interest is going to backfire on them of course So there’s a new tool I want to
introduce you to if you’re analytically oriented you may
want to pick up on this and do a little homework It’s called a tool for our time it’s called Bayes’ Theorem If you had a course in statistics
it’s familiar to you Bayes’ Theroem was proposed originally by
Thomas Bayes in the eighteenth century and it combines newly acquired data
with prior data to predict an outcome You got old data some new data now
how do you put that together to get a new perspective that’s what Bayes’
Theorem deals with it combines these data in a formula The probability of A given B is
the conditional probability of A given B and the B slant A is conditional
probability that B given A
Those are the two basic things Bayes’ Theorem was named after
Thomas Bayes who first showed how to use the new evidence to update
previous beliefs It was further developed by Pierre-Simon Laplace who first published the
modern formulation in his eighteen twelve French document Sir Harold Jeffreys put Bayes
algorithm in Laplace’s formulation on an axiomatic basis Jefferies wrote that Bayes’ Theorem “Is to the theory of
probability what Pythagoras’s theorem is to geometry So it’s a basic thing let me give you just an illustration
if you can follow great if not you can double back
on your own you can get all this on the internet quite well Sir Bradley Efron of Stanford University presents
an example of predicting whether twins are likely to be
fraternal or identical in his overview of the theorem In this example there are two
categories of data to be considered The prior data the fact that
one third of twins are identical and the newly acquired data that sonograms show a pregnant
woman is carrying twin boys identical twins are twice as
likely to produce twin boy sonograms because identical twins
are always the same sex While fraternal twins have only
a fifty-fifty chance of being the same sex Okay so in Bayes’ Theorem it
combines these in this formula and so in this example
A is the twins being identical a prior probability one in three B is the sonogram shows twin boys the genetics imply that B given A is one over two giving the probability that A given B is a half times a third divided by
one third or another way altogether one half The formula correctly predicts that the twins have an equal
probability of being either fraternal or identical That’s true logically but the interesting
thing is that’s what Bayes’ Theorem lays out as you apply it and you can take that more carefully
at your casual if you want Let me give you the probability in theory Bayes’
Theorem relates the current probability to a prior probability it is important
in mathematical manipulation of conditional probabilities
When applied the probabilities involved in Bayes’ THeorem may yield different interpretations In one of these interpretations the
theorem is used directly as part of a particular approach to
statistical inference In particular with the Bayesian
interpretation of probability the theorem expresses how a
subjective degree of belief should rationally change to
account for experience and this is Bayesian inference
which is fundamental Bayesian statistics However Bayes’ theorem has
applications in a wide range of calculations involving probabilities
not just Bayesian inference Let me give you a second example
of the power of this The entire output of a factory is
produced on three machines They account for 20 percent 30 percent
and 50 percent of the output respectively The three machines the fraction
of defective items produced is this For the first machine five percent
second maching three percent third machine one percent If an item is chosen chosen at
random from the total output and is found to be defective what is the probability that it
was produced on the third machine is the question
How do you answer that Well The solution is as follows let A of i denote the event for randomly
chosen item made by the ‘i’th machine for ‘i’ being one two or three
the machine number one two or three Let B denote the event that a
randomly chosen item is defective Then we have been given the following
information if we apply those three numbers point two point three
and point five If the machine was made by A
then the probablitiy if it’s defective is point zero five that is a way to express it and so we
have those three numbers the .05 .03 and .01 To answer the original question
was find the probability of of B alone that can be done
the following way you combine all of those weight them and
thus two point four percent of the total output of the
factory that is defective We are given that B has
occurred and we want to calculate the conditional probably a3 by
Bayes’ Theorem we find the it’s at five twenty fourths
given that the item is defective the probability that it was made by the third machine is only five over twenty four Although machine number three
produces half the total output It produces a much smaller
fraction of the defective items Hence the knowledge of the item
selected was defective enables us to replace the item the prior probability of a3 by half by the smaller probability of five twenty fourths We can turn that whole idea
around the other way and that’s where I’m headed here Enter a technique that goes by
names calling: causal inference or inverse probability based on the mathematical
equation called Bayes’ Theorem you form a hypothesis based
on experience common sense and whatever data are available then you test the hypothesis Not by what has happened before but what comes after You turn around the other way Instead of reasoning from cause to effect you reverse the process you watch the effects to
determine the cause this will validate or invalidate the cause that you have hypothesized Sometimes the effects contradict
the hypothesis in which you modify or abandon or adopt another Often though the effects confirm
the hypothesis in which case you know you’re on the
right track and you keep going So that’s applying it in the inverse The theorem has proved its worth such as in twenty twelve when
it was used to successfully predict the outcome of the US
presidential election in all fifty states before the final vote
counts were available That comes as quite a surprise but despite its success it has
often been regarded with some suspicion by statisticians particularly
because it has been used when genuine prior data is
unavailable or uncertain and you can dig this all out on the internet if you have an interest in that Let’s take another example another specific hypothesis is that the world is facing a two
trillion dollar tsunami of bad debt Which is coming from three places:
from oil drilling emerging markets and the
corporate junk bonds Even money losing operations can keep up debt service for a while by using working capital and cash flow At least until the cash runs out Banks which hold some of the debt can
also cover up the losses for awhile With accounting games such as
fiddling with what are called their loan loss reserves So it takes awhile for these
things to come home to roost Bank stocks could well take a hit
by only twenty sixteen as these losses come home to roost Well using the language
of Bayes’ Theorem will it bad debts be the cause of a drop in financial stocks What are the effects to test the
validity of this hypothesis Well for energy junk debt we
can look at rig counts in the oil patch and layoffs among the
energy exploration companies For emerging market debt we
can look at the strong dollar and dwindlng hard currency reserves
in countries like Russia Turkey Mexico and Brazil We can work backwards from
these visible causes to test the validity of the original hypothesis the idea that financial stocks
will suffer due to the right offs by this time next
year looks like a good bet Inevitable So I wanted to give you
enough to dig into this if you have an appetite or an aptitude for it But my encouragement would be
build your own model and test your own hypothesis I’m going to encourage you to have some good hunting So that’s a tool you can use
as we face the uncertainties that surround us But let me remind you it’s not
our job to predict the future Divination is prohibited in the Bible
we’re not here to predict the future But it is our responsibility to
prepare for the coming storms There’s a difference As Drueker would say “Note
the futurism of today’s decisions” The decisions you make today
have an impact tomorrow you need to understand the futurity of today’s decisions A Jewish Proverb picks it up a little differently A Jewish Proverb says: “I’d
rather be a year too soon than ten minutes too late” Let’s bow our hearts for a word of prayer Father we thank you for who you are we thank you for
your presence and we thank you for giving us the opportunity the glean from your word that
which you would have for us we pray Father through your Holy Spirit
you would guide us that we each might discover just what it is that you would
have of us in response for the days ahead We thank you Father for
the opportunities in advance we pray Father through your Holy
Spirit and through your Word would help us to be ever
more effective for you in the days ahead as we commit ourselves into your hands without any
reservations whatsoever in the name of Yeshua our Coming King indeeed

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  1. Thank you Khouse and teacher Chuck, I woke up to this info only a couple of years ago. I appreciate all the teaching from Khouse and miss teacher Chuck so much.

  2. All this kind of info ultimately led me to Christ. Thanks for posting these! It's nice to hear it all again, years later.. Just confirming that God was leading my path. Even when I was an agnostic.

  3. Why has judgement/wrath not started yet? Because we are in the dispensation of grace. Once the church is removed, then it starts.

    Remember that the 70th week of Daniel in part is showing Israel just how wicked the unbelieving nations are; for Israel to trust in God alone. In Rev 3: 10 that "testing" is not for showing how good the world is but how wicked.

    If God has been showing wrath rather than grace now for 2000 years, it just does not work to that goal of revealing the wickedness of the nations to Israel as that wickedness builds up.

    No, what is in effect now is the Restrainer, through the church, by grace, not wrath from God. If anyone "needs to apologize" it's us the church… well at least those in the church being counter productive towards the operation of restraining.

    Judgement will come to the church first, just as it's at the beginning of the book of Revelation. Then judgement and wrath on the world, for the redemption of national Israel.

  4. Thank God we have this modern day prophet to remind us that the devil is alive and well and running planet Earth, for NOW. He will not win. He WILL BE DEFEATED. Jesus Christ is stronger and smarter and can beat the beast at his own game. Bless the Lord for He is the God of Light and life. The Only True God the Father.

  5. I often wonder what Dr Missler would think of President Trump. I think he would see a small window of opportunity to pull the US back from the brink. I pray Kim Clement’s prophecies are correct. Pray for the continued protection of President Trump. He could only be President because God wills it.

  6. I have to watch this in 3-4 segments due to his lip smacking. For me its equivalent to nails on a chalkboard. Excellent teacher and i am very interested in hearing him but it gets to me. Have a glass of water at the podium. God bless all. Not meant to be offensive, just stating my opinion.

  7. Any bill with a Presidents pic has a story. Either shows they were complicit & conspired WITH the Reserve AGAINST the people..or to remind others of what CAN hapoen if you decide to cross them. Must see Perry Stones 35 things Kennedy and Lincoln had in common. History does repeat itse3. Mind boggling.

  8. Thank you so much for continuing to share his teachings, I have learned more from him in Bible study than any other.

  9. We love and miss Brother Chuck Missler. Excellent information. I will be sharing this information with others. Thank you, Koinonia House.

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