Behold a Red Horse – Session 1 – Chuck Missler
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Behold a Red Horse – Session 1 – Chuck Missler

October 22, 2019

well I wanna welcome you to our review of behold a red horse and we’re gonna go into the word of God
so let’s open with a word of prayer Father we thank you for your word we thank you for the extremes
you go to on our behalf we do pray Father that your Holy
Spirit would attend us open our hearts and lives to what
you have here for us that we might better understand what
you would have of us in response as we commit this hour and
ourselves into your hands in the name of our coming
King indeed amen we’ll behold a red horse this is
the first of two sessions and we’re going to explore actually
just two verses in Revelation but from there we’ll go elsewhere behold a red horse the first session will be the red horse itself the context
we’re dealing with here we’ll talk a little bit
about the art of war and the classic studies that support that and we’ll talk a little bit
about technology trends because obviously technology continues to
challenge and change in the second session
we’re going to explore our immediate horizon our current geopolitical horizon but we’re gonna do it from
a biblical point of view we’re not gonna try to update the uncertainties that surround us
right now we’re gonna focus on what the Bible tells us is going to happen and so with that let’s move on here Revelation has it’s own outline and Jesus tells John to write
the things which thou hast seen the things which are and the things which
shall be hereafter and that first session in
chapter one he’s just seen the vision of Christ 18 verses up till now he’s already seen that write the things which are
the seven letters to seven churches which will follow in the next two chapters and the things which shall be hereafter the word there
in the Greek is Meta tauta it’s a flag signal because the first verse of
chapter four is Meta tauta this book passes itself and that’s very helpful to really
grasp that it’ll avoid you from getting into error and write the things which you
have seen the things which are the things which will be after these things so chapters four and five
will be the saints in heaven we’ll take a glimpse of that then comes chapter six through
nineteen the major section of the book of Revelation
is what we would call the 70th week of Daniel
in detail and then that will have six seals six trumpets six bowls and so forth and they’re
probably logarithmic projections I suspect you’ll see what I see here in a minute and we’re gonna zero in on
chapter six but I think it’s very important to sort of
get the context of the passage as being the first few verses of
chapter six is where we’re headed here and we’ll notice that there’s a seven sealed scroll that the Lord opens up and we’ll notice a pattern all
through the book there is six and then a change of subject and then the seventh one’s given and there’s a parenthetical passage
between the sixth and seventh seal and that seventh seal turns
out to be seven trumpets and again six of the trumpets are described and then there’s a change of subject for five chapters 10 11 12 13 14 are inserted there before it picks up again
the seventh trumpet once you understand that the
whole thing starts to make more sense it’s being
it’s like a symphony very carefully orchestrated and then of course the seventh trumpet issues seven bowls but between sixth
and seventh bowl its just a one verse parenthesis but there
is a parenthesis at that structure has been
preserved for some reason and so that’s interesting and it’s my personal conjecture that John wrote his gospel after
he had the Patmos experience cause we’ll notice more subtly
the same kind of structures in his gospel but then when we get to chapter 4:1 and it says after this I looked
and behold the word after this there’s that Meta tauta that
same phrase in the Greek after this I looked and behold
a door was opened in heaven and the first voice which I
heard was as it were a trumpet talking with me which said
come up hither and I will show thee things which must be hereafter and again that’s that Meta
tauta that word Meta tauta there were in the fifth verse down
you’ll notice the seven lamps which in chapter one were among
the churches on the earth in chapter 4:5 are in heaven so you see a change of scene
if your paying attention you see the change of scene there so we’re in chapter four throne of God is first couple of
verses there are these twenty four elders and is really
crucial in my view to re-satisfy yourself as
to who they represent the kings and priests the redeemed the seven lamps as I mentioned
from chapter one are in heaven in chapter five there’s a sea of glass
that they’re standing on in Ephesians their a wash in the
word of God there they’re standing on it I think that I think the Holy Spirit
is using puns literally then the four living creatures your King James’s says beasts but
its unfortunate because the word beast is a different word used elsewhere it’s really the four living
creatures a little different word but anyway with their four
faces and there’s a whole study of the four faces we won’t get into here but David the only place you
find twenty four as an express number in the scripture is David organizing the priesthood the twenty four courses
of the priest in 1 Chronicles 24 again
twenty four interestingly there are twenty four
identifiers in chapter 1 referring to Jesus Christ and each one of those are used
as a identities throughout the rest of the book but there’s
twenty four of them again and of course theres twenty
four dispensational intervals and we talked about that in
one of our previous sessions the twenty four identity codes
you can track down by just looking through carefully chapter 1 you’ll find there’s twenty four labels that are then used to
refer to Christ all through the rest of the book twenty identity codes and there’s of course these twenty
four dispensational intervals that we noticed in 70 weeks verse 26 is one of them but we discover that they’re
actually all through the Bible and theres twenty four
of them all together and let you look at that on your own in some of those places are like
when Peter quotes from Psalm he leaves out a whole phrase and to maintain this dispensational
parsing if you will but ok twenty four elders and fortunately
for us they identify who they are when they sing a song in chapter 5:9-10 and they sang a new song saying
thou art speaking to the Lamb they sang a new song saying
thou art worthy to take the book to open the seals thereof
for thou wast slain and hast redeemed us to God by thy blood out of every kindred tongue people and nation and has made us unto our God kings and priests that’s
the key word kings and priests only three people were labeled
that way Melchizedek in Genesis 14 which would disappear into
oblivion except its picked up by Psalm 110 hammered home and the epistle to the Hebrew
spends three chapters hammering on the fact that there are three Melchizedek the Messiah Himself and the Redeemed us in other words us to God us unto our God and so forth then the key climax for me at
least it is is Revelation 5:1 as I saw in the right hand of him
who sat on the throne a scroll written within and on the
backside sealed with seven seals and I saw a strong angel
proclaiming with a loud voice who is worthy to open the
scroll and loose the seals thereof and no man in heaven nor
in earth neither under the earth was able to open the scroll neither look thereon and we don’t know what’s
going on but John understood John says I sobbed convulsively I wept much because no man was found worthy to open and to read the scroll and look thereon it had to be a man there was no man in heaven
there was no man found worthy it had to be a kinsman of Adam and they can’t find one so he’s
upset of course but fortunately one of the elders whenever
something’s explained to John in heaven it’s by one of the elders if someone’s explaining
something thats going on on the earth is one of
the cherubim interesting one of the elders saith unto me weep not behold the lion of the tribe of
Judah the root of David hath prevailed to open the book and
to loose the seven seals thereof and John says I beheld and lo in
the midst of the throne and of the four living creatures and
in the midst of the elders stood the lamb as it had been slain having seven horns and seven eyes
which are the seven spirits of God sent forth into all the earth that seven fold expression of the
Holy Spirit we pick up from Isaiah 11 and it echoes all through here the lion of the tribe of Judah the root of David we
know who he is obviously okay the lamb as it had been slain it’s interesting that the title here is the very title that John the
Baptist introduced him publicly when he first appears publicly John the Baptist behold the lamb
of God that takes away the sin of the world that was
a very Jewish title now I want you to notice the
sequence its very important as we go forward here the 24 elders are in heaven worshipping the lamb before he receives
the scroll with the seven seals it’s important people miss
that but its important it’s the lamb that then has the
unique right to open the seven seals but he’s worshiped beforehand you follow me its his opening the seals that sets the four horsemen into motion if it sounds like I’m
badgering a trivial thing it’s amazing how many people get
confused because they don’t notice that okay the opening of the seven seal
scroll Revelation 6 the first few verses and I saw when the lamb opened one
of the seals and I heard as it were a noise of thunder one of the four
living creatures said come and see and behold a white horse
and he that sat on him had a bow and a crown
was given unto him and he went forth conquering to conquer that was the first one we took that one in our previous session the first one a white horse conquering now the second seal is a
red horse speaking of wars and he said out of the second
seal I heard the second living creature say come and see notice it’s the living creatures that are timing these things thats another proof that the first one
is not Christ it’s a false christ and I heard the second living creature say come and see and then went out another
horse that was red and power was given to him
that sat thereon to take peace from the earth and that they should kill one another and there was given unto him a great sword so that’s the red horse and horses are often used to
designate judgments we saw that in Zechariah and elsewhere that’s
an idiom it’s used in the scripture so that’s the two there’s a couple
more coming the black horse which represents famine open the third seal heard the
third beast say come and see and I beheld a lo a black horse and he that sat on him had a pair of
balances in his hand making measurements black is often connected with famine to eat bread by weight is one
of the things used in Leviticus elsewhere as a phrase of shortages if you will I heard a voice in the midst of the four
beasts say a measure of wheat for a penny and three measures of barley for a penny and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine and so that’s the black horse that we’ll summarize by calling him famine
there’s more to it than that we’ll be taking that in our next session and then the forth one is the livid horse livid, pale the actual word is chloros in the Greek greenish color speaking of death and when he had opened
the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth
beast say come and see and I looked and behold a pale
horse and his name that sat on him was death and hell followed with him and power was given over them
over a fourth part of the earth to kill with a sword with
hunger and with death with the beasts of the earth and those beasts aren’t
necessarily four footed mammals they can be microscopic viruses or whatever we’ll look at that when
we get there of course so those are the four it’s interesting in Ezekiel
14 we pick up a phrase for thus saith the Lord God
how much more when I send my four sore judgments
upon Jerusalem the sword and the famine and the noisome
beast and the pestilence to cut off from it man and beast same order echoed earlier in Ezekiel 14 something else thats worth keeping in focus these elements of Revelation
6 match the same series in Matthew 24 here we have
a white horse rider a red horse rider a black horse rider and the pale horse and then martyrs and worldwide chaos that’s what’s coming in
chapter 6 of Revelation when we study Matthew 24
we find the same pattern false christs, wars famines death martyrs and worldwide chaos same echoing
the same kinds of events if you will in somethings its incidental
probably not too important but it’s interesting to notice that the same colors are in
all the Islamic flags I don’t know what to do with that
piece of information but it’s an interesting observation but we’re gonna focus on these seven seals first second third and fourth
the four the fabled four horsemen of the Apocalypse and when he had opened the second seal I heard the second living
creature say come and see now what he actually said is just the opposite thats the way its translated
in the King James he said proceed not come and see but
proceed the word erkou it’s a trivial thing probably
but it’s interesting that it echoes this way and there went
out another horse that was red and power was given to him that sat
thereon to take peace from the earth and that they should kill one
another and there was given unto him a great sword see red is associated often
with terror or death there’s a red dragon in chapter
12 representing satan and the red beast in chapter 17 red it’s not a surprise and a sword is given to him Machaira and that of course is used all
through the Old testament but with something make a
technology statement here yep I’m quoting not from
Revelation here but from Matthew 24 but a verse that we should pay attention to Matthew 24:22 Jesus Himself says except those days should be shortened there should no flesh be saved but for the elect’s sake those
days shall be shortened and I felt it was essential keep this in
front of us as we go into this subject this is a technology statement if you and I were studying this a
century ago it wouldn’t make sense if we’re studying this during the
civil war in United States you can’t visualize mankind wiping himself
out with muskets and bayonets and so this implies a technology and the question you might ask
ourselves did the technology to do this exist before
our generation it didn’t we live in a generation where its literally not only possible but threatened every geo political decision
on the planet earth has the nuclear cloud hanging over it and we’ll talk a little bit about that and this wouldn’t make sense
if it was civil war times or any of the earlier stages with manual you couldn’t see man, you see
some awful carnage yes but not wiping him totally self out totally yet that is the thing so were gonna talk a little bit about the art of war now that may sound strange
because most of us have an intrinsic focus on being peacemakers the idea art of war sounds negative and that’s a myopia on our part through most of man’s history men’s skill at warfare was essential
to protect themselves and their families and their communities
and their countries from enemies it was a noble profession one could argue the most noble profession no greater love than he will lay down his life for his friends so the art of war is not something
to be disparaged in fact societies punish themselves when they fail to maintain skills in there leadership to deal with threats and so the art of war is actually the
number of classics it’s interesting the number of real classics
in this area are well known and relatively limited and Sun Tzu is perhaps the
granddaddy of them all the art of war written 500 BC approximately Carl Von Clausewitz Vom Kriege On War back in the 19th century L F Richardson this is one you
probably haven’t run into unless you’ve been involved in negotiating treaties and things of this
kind Richardson’s famous The Statistics of Deadly Quarrels a mathematical treatment became very very famous in the
early part of the 20th century Hermann Kahn’s book was a monumental book On Thermonuclear war in 1960 and I’m gonna use James Dale
Davidson and Lord William Rees-Mogg summary of an overview as we go forward here but we’re gonna contrast I just picked this few
classics to be a sample we’ll contrast this with
the ultimate classic and that’s the Holy Bible and
we’ll do that in the next session we’ll focus on it there but Sun Tzu’s art of war see I’ve gone and recounted the
China’s first historical emperor Qin’s Shi Huangdi, considered the book invaluable in
ending the time of warring states in the 20th century the Chinese
communist leader Mao Zedong partially credited his 1949
victory over Chiang Kaishek and the Kuomintang with this book they felt it was pivotal that works strongly influenced Mao’s
writings about guerrilla warfare which further influenced all the
communist insurgencies around the world the art of war is introduced
to Japan in about 760 AD and the book quickly became
popular Japanese generals it significantly affected
the unification of Japan in the early modern era this book did Prior to the Meiji Restoration
mastery of its teachings was honored among the samurai and its teachings were both
exhorted and exemplified by the influential daimyo and shoguns it remained popular among
the imperial Japanese armed forces in World War II the admiral of the fleet Togo Heihachiro who led
Japan’s forces to victory in the Russo-Japanese war was
an avid reader of Sun Tzu Sun Tzu’s art of war Ho Chi Minh translated the work for his
Vietnamese officers to study his general the strategists
behind the victories over the French and American forces
in Vietnam was likewise was an avid student and
practitioner of these ideas America’s Asian conflicts against Japan North
Korea and North Vietnam brought Sun Tzu to the attention
of the American military leaders The U.S department of the Army has
directed all units to maintain libraries within their respective
headquarters for the continuing education of personnel in the art of war and his art of war was
listed in the Marine Corps professional reading program and during the Gulf War in the 1990’s General Norman Schwarzkopf Jr.
and Colin Powell acknowledged principles from Sun
Tzu related to the deception speed and striking of ones enemy’s weak points so this is a classic in
all sense of that word Mark McNeilly summarizes a
modern interpretation of Sun and his importance
throughout Chinese history is critical in understanding China’s push to becoming a superpower
in the 21st century modern Chinese scholars explicitly
rely on historical strategic lessons and the art of war in
developing their theories seeing a direct relationship
between their modern struggles and those of China in Sun Tzu’s time and theres a great perceived value
in Sun Tzu’s teachings and other traditional Chinese writers which are used regularly in developing the strategies
of Chinese state and it’s leaders You may say I’m emphasizing this too much anyone thats been to west point or Annapolis Naval Academy will I think testify to the value of having a depth
of heritage in these areas and this is gonna be
tested because we’ve foolishly thrown that to the dogs we’ve really rooted out the heritage part of both the major academies I think it’s a big mistake another classic catorgory is Carl
Philipp Gottfried Von Clausewitz a Prussian General and Military
theorist who stressed the moral psychological political apsects
of war one of the big mistakes that Hitler made he inherited the German general staff which represented many generations of specialists
in military science Prussia was not effective agriculturally so it’s primary skill developed was in military
tactics and so forth they had a deep deep history and insight and the German general staff
was something to be respected and feared and Hitler made the big mistake of ignoring them and thats to our benefit he was, he didn’t trust them he set up his own clowns thats another whole part of it but anyway it’s interesting to realize the depth of learning that was represented generations of it in that staff that they
didn’t take advantage now Clausewitz’s most notable work
was Vom Kriege but theres others he stressed the dialectical interaction of diverse factors noting
how unexpected developments unfolding under the fog
of wars he called it in the face of incomplete
dubious and often completely erroneous information high levels
of fear doubt and excitement call for rapid decisions
by alert commanders and it’s a very contemporary treatment and he saw history as a vital check on the erudite abstractions that
did not accord with experience boy he argued that war could not
be quantified or reduced to map work geometry or graphs Clausewitz had many aphorisms of which the most famous is war is the continuation of
politics by other means war is the continuation of politics
by other means I like that there’s another book you probably
have not heard of unless you’ve been in the field and that’s Richardson’s
Statistics of Deadly Quarrels and this was a late
nineteenth century he was an English mathematician
physicist a meteorologist primarily psychologist
pacifist who pioneered modern mathematical techniques
of weather forecasting an application of similar techniques to studying the causes of
wars and how to prevent them interestingly enough He’s also as a mathematician
known for his pioneering work in concerning fractals and methods
for solving linear equations known as a Richardson’s
interaction he applied his mathematical skills to understand the basis of
international conflict for this reason he is now
considered the initiator of the scientific analysis of conflict
an interdisciplinary topic of quantitative in mathematical
social science dedicated to systematic investigation
of the causes of war and conditions of peace and has he done in meteorology
he analyzed war using mainly differential equations and probability theory so if you picked up his book
you’d quickly cast it aside unless you have an
appetite for those things but considering the armament of
two nations Richardson posited an idealised system of equations whereby
the rate of a nation’s Armament buildup is directly proportional to the amount of its arms it’s
rival has the grievances felt toward the rival and it’s negative
proportional to the amount of arms he already has itself he actually quantify those things and came up with models that are regarded as very useful solutions of the system
equations allows insightful conclusions to be made
regarding the nature and the stability or instability of
various hypothetical conditions which might obtain between nations in one of the jobs I had when
I was in that world was to design the wargame supporting
the Geneva negotiations for the arms control negotiations and setting up a situation
where there is an imbalance between two is always unstable we actually demonstrated that empirically it’s really quite leaning
heavily on Richardson’s ideas he presented data on virtually
every war from 1815 to 1945 he hypothesized a ten logarithmic scale for conflicts in other words there
were many more small fights in which only a few people die
then large ones that kill many and while no conflict size
can be predicted beforehand indeed it’s impossible given
upper limit to the series overall they do form a poisson distribution and thats useful and on a smaller
scale they also show the same pattern for gang murders in Chicago and Shanghai anyway one of my favorites though is Herman
Kahn because I had a chance to meet him he was a military strategist
to the RAND corporation and although his major work
was written only a year before he left RAND to form
his own Hudson institute and became a foundational treatise on both the nature and theory of
war in the thermonnuclear age and it’s a very different
kind of thing thinking about the unthinkable was one
of the major chapters Kahn big thick book absolutely required reading for
anyone in the strategic world Kahn addressed the strategic doctrines
of nuclear war and its effect on the international balance of power he introduced the concept rhetorical device called the Doomsday Machine to show
the limits of John Von Neumann’s strategy of Mutual Assured Destruction widely read on both sides
of the Iron Curtain it became note worthy for it’s
views on the lack of credibility of a purely thermonuclear deterrent and whether a country could
even win a nuclear war those are open questions serious ones but to get a broader picture
just to stand back I used Davidson and Rees-Mogg summary for technological impacts
of war through history war has changed national governments rose to the due
to the economy of scale and violence gun powders would create a nation states and in the 16th 17th centuries since then there’s been a
systematic increase in incidence and severity of wars and armies increase with size mercenary forces of the 16th
and 17th century seldom surpass 20,000 – 30,000 by the 17th century
nationalized armies doubled and tripled in size Napoleon
mobilized about a million unheard of before then the 17th century there was rarely one
artillery piece for every 1000 armed men by 1709 there were usually two or three by 1916 the French massed 2,000 guns in ten kilometers of front by 1942 in Stalingrad the Russians assembled 4,000 guns in
just four kilometers see the intensity of the technology the 18th century the average
size of a large field army is about 47,000 in the US civil war the federal
army reached a maximum size of over 600,000 in World War I over
63,000,000 men were mobilized at least 8,500,000 killed see these things escalating as the technology improves the economies of scale get worse in World War II the total mobilized
was about 100,000,000 people and the battle casualties here do
not include over a 100,000,000 killed by Stalin or Hitler in
death camps of their own people which is a whole another subject in a sense World War I conflict remains historically
limited and they were territorial even World War I was
territorial World War II introduced the global conflict that changed the scale of everything current strategic horizon
involves what we call triads land based missiles a submarine missiles
and bombers in other words all three World War III will certainly
involve space assets they already are incidently 20th century was known as the
American listed as the American century by Henry Luce back in
1941 very accurate description it’s also been deemed the bloodiest century in all of human history 20th century is the bloodiest we’ve ever had and we’re now in the 21st you can get your quad form as
a log with the paper and draw some lines and predict
how bad it’s going to be final confrontation will
certainly be hyper dimensional i guess that opens up a
whole another subject General Douglas MacArthur and President Reagan both so
decleared in public statements expecting involvements of
aliens strangely enough wars another prophetic events always
seem to come in spurts incidently the increasingly with increasing
intensity like birth pangs the very worse that Matthew uses technologies accelerated
confrontations battles by the way are won or lost in advance usually on the drawing
board several years ago the Association of the Old Crows those
are all your countermeasures people still Bands have their reunions electronic countermeasures
are the key technology even ever more than ever today in the movie top gun the key
engagement lasted three minutes three minutes for the whole deal today standing armies professional military heritage and tradition all
have been prostituted in our current administration’s where Michael New’s get court
martial because you refused to shed his American uniform hhe refused the UN uniform you do whatever
they ask but he’s going to do it as an American soldier, they court martial the Congress failed to act unfortunately now we have also strategic
weapons what do I mean atomic bombs themselves involve a point target a thermonuclear as an area that’s what changed
everything the thermonuclear allows you to move the decimal point there’s another thing called
electromagnetic pulse theres things called neutron bombs biological weapons these are all exacerbated by the
advent of inexpensive chemical biological weapons and the
deniability that accompanies small rogue terrorist groups up till now its been economies
of scale not anymore small groups with modest funding
can create havoc total havoc so the nature of modern conflicts
is changing a ground blast of relatively small one megaton bomb hitting a city of about 1,000,000 people would leave almost half injured
one fourth of buildings unusable the standard four megaton bomb
thats are standard military one not one it is four megaton bomb would leave a thirty mile crater in which even the building
materials would be unidentifiable it would be ionised that’s your standard four megaton bomb intercontinental missiles can
reach anywhere in the world in less than the time of this talk and the casualties of a full scale
exchange have been estimated about half the population now the Soviet doctrine it plans to take advantage of surprise their doctrine is based on
a first strike assumption and that’s not a supposition I’ve had that
from the JCS (Joint Chiefs of Staff) itself we know that as their philosophy the US policy is to endure a first strike that’s what I’d call reckless
endangerment of the American people for a deterrent to be effective,
it has to be credible that’s more than just a technical
assessment of the systems involved it includes the
credibility of the decision maker and Brinksmanship confrontations
have already occurred in more frequency than they want you to know the most well known of course in 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis is well
known well documented but there be many other times at NORAD
(North American Aerospace Defense) there was an alert right up to we were less than ten
minutes away from an exchange man tells us the world’s getting better God says they’re going to get
worse and worse and worse man says that peace among the
nations is close at hand I don’t believe it God says they’ll be wars and rumors
of wars kingdoms against kingdoms man expects to win the battle
against disease famine and hardship seems fair enough God says theres gonna be fearful
judgments of disease famine and hardship so I’m not bringing good news here so the red horse let’s talk a little bit about technology trends from here we could go into a whole
side discussion of transhumanism right now as we speak the
biggest arms race that we’ve ever had going on is going on between Russia
China and the U. S. to build what they call the super soldier all the technologies and
there’s a handful of them not only genetics robotics nanotechnology the goal of which is to make machines the size of molecules artificial intelligence
are all accelerating at enormus speeds all aimed
at among other things creating the super soldier and not just exoskeletons that
you can run up a hill with ease its much more than that they can now make muscles with a
hundred to one they don’t have to use hydraulics anymore they can
they actually have muscles are a hundred to one better
that can be mustered in so we can spend a whole hour
just highlighting some of those things and we have we have
materials on the transhumanism all that applies here Stealth the other technology trend
is to make things invisible to radar the fact that we have stealth
fighters and bombers is no surprise it may surprise you
know we also have stealth techniques that make
them invisible to lasers and these are both airborne and ground and very sensitive areas but that leads to another trend the deserves more discussion the whole idea of robot wars among robots did you know that they’ve already started did you know that we have
several hundred robot aircraft in Afghanistan that are being piloted from Langley Virginia or Florida predators as they’re called
is one of the brands this turned out to be very successful under remote control there are even some that can be launched from aircraft and re-gathered by aircraft Robo wars predator robots in Afghanistan
are currently being piloted from Langley Virginia and Florida stealth bombers also are
now remotely piloted from aircraft carriers
surprise me to discover this drones is the popular term for them are now able to be launched
from airborne carriers and then retrieved after
their missions airborne I didn’t realize that so the most successful
one is a very simple one called the predator no pilots on board it has a team that helps
get it off the ground and it has long endurance its not high performance in
the usual sense of the term and incredibly successful these things are piloted
remotely over the internet from another location typically Langley
Virginia or Florida a base for that they don’t have to be they now have have a travel packages that
they can drop that is the whole the control room is in a trans shippable module and they don’t just gather
information they can but they also can launch missiles they actually can a team thats controlling
these things can see the ground they can spot and confirm their
target and execute it and do already astonishing and some of these are going
to more advanced versions all the way around the whole thing is escalating in its sophistication and there’s a stealth versions
of these that are carrier based these are all non piloted aircraft a different world coming a world of robot wars and we’re not the only ones doing it this is the Guizhou, Soar Dragon about 750 kilometers per hour cruise speed about 7,000 kilometer range 2,000 kilometer combat range endurance about ten hours service ceiling about 18,000 meters and thrust to weight
is incredible almost six so that’s doesn’t have a pilot on board all done remotely different world coming a
different kind of world a world I’m going to suggest is more
hazardous than it’s been before not for the pilots because
they’re not on board but theres some other trends,
so in all these trends something else is going on thats what
I’m going to call the reversal of the economies of scale one of things is
miniaturization one of the big things in nuclear weapons
now is make them small something you can carry in
your pocket or in a suitcase that’s the cutting edge of that world and theres 185 suit case nukes
that are missing from inventory by the way interesting little fact to mull over but the other thing is being overlooked which is an offset in my
mind to the robot wars electromagnetic pulse technology and this is not a new surprise
but it’s just being ignored astonishingly let’s talk
about this a little bit electromagnetic pulse engineers
not only they cannot spell they can’t even parse a word properly electromagnetic pulse you think
is two words but its three letters EMP if you’re an engineer it makes sense electromagnetic pulse it’s the nemesis of our electronic world the more we advance technologically the
more vulnerable we become to EMP what are we doing when we talk about EMP lets first
of all talk about the nuclear threat there’s another one I’ll come to in 1962 we detonated some
routine atomic tests and the starfish prime
detonation was done about 400 kilometers above Johnston Island it was an airborne ignition it was about 1400
kilometers away from Hawaii seems safe enough long way away did
a little test what harm can it be it caused the street
lights in Hawaii to fail that shocked a lot of people couldn’t
figure out what was going on tripping alarms circuit breakers so forth 1400 kilometers away they damaged telecommunication facilities lot of explanations going a lot of careers
cracked up because no one knew was aware of the phenomenon at that time the Soviets also we were doing
that Starfish Prime detonation the Soviets were also doing their
tests what they called project K they discovered the same thing that they had power breakdowns of buried cables failed and they damaged overhead and
buried cable 600 kilometers away and that’s when they start to
investigate what on earths going on its a very
complex amount of physics it’s actually a three
stage thing that occurs if the detonation is in high altitude I won’t go through thats not
important to us it all happens in less than a microsecond but we did as a result of all of that impanel a commission to assess the threat to the United States from the
electromagnetic pulse attack this was done in 2008 and it had the top guys that we could corral for this thing,
William Graham himself was a chairman John Forster and the whole list here is the Blue Ribbon list of our best minds that were
empanelled to evaluate this thing and their publication is on the internet you can read it it’s quite readable you want to read it because it’ll be disturbing one of the things they
concluded for example that an EMP prevents you from establishing a recovery plan if you’re gonna have a recovery
plan you need to have it in place before the EMP lands as an insight sounds simple but its
profound in it’s implications you know Israel is known
as a one bomb target you know one nuke over
Tel Aviv it’s over did you know the United States
is also a one bomb target that may come as a surprise
if you were an adversary to the United States and you could get your hands on a
nominal a nominal nuclear warhead what would you do with it well I’d park it down midtown Manhattan at rush hour or something nonsense nonsense you know what the most dangerous
thing you could do with that is to put it in a off the shelf intermediate range ballistic missile not a big one and launch it into the sky accuracy won’t matter altitude does and if you get it high enough you can eliminate the United States for
all practical purposes just one bomb delivered at high altitude good plunge the United States
back to the 19th century no power no phones no water no transportation no batteries car batteries
won’t work anymore no telecommunications can
you imagine this without I don’t mean for a few hours I mean none no power not just for a few hours or days gone transformers burnt out no water food sanitation in major
cities how long would that last no law enforcement can you imagine have you noticed the rise of crime during Katrina it’s amazing how quickly the looters start an interesting observation by
the panel was that no recovery plan could then be
installed your any recovery plan has to be in place before it happens cause you lose the ability to
put a plan place, you’ve got chaos right overnight how do you get an ambulance to the hospital if the traffic is jammed because
the signals aren’t working how do you get that, you can’t fix that signals aren’t working theres a
traffic jam what you do about it that’s one thing we learned just in Katrina what will prevent the looting
and other crimes of violence law enforcement will be ineffectual how do you get food to the stores
if the trucks aren’t working if you’re in the metropolitin area
you’re dependent on the trucks like and traffic and all that how do you cope with no phones none no power no water the EMP commission estimated
that within twelve months of a nationwide blackout up to 90% of the US
population could possibly perish from starvation disease
and societal breakdown that’s their conclusion if you think this sounds a
little weird you can Google at your leisure this report which was published in 2008 and is
still on the internet for you to read or you can read the one
that they did last year they revised it did it again trying to get congress to wake up and take action nothing has happened lot of talk my goodness it’s urgent we
really need to do something about this but nothing is been done none, zero and by the way so you don’t have to get the whole United States ideally theoretically if
for playing is you like just drop a nuke high enough right
over the middle of the United States you get the whole thing don’t need to you’d get a container ship and you keep it in international
waters 200 miles offshore and you can buy a container
that will pop open and launch a missle by the way there off the
shelf item believe it or not cost about $40,000 so from that container ship you launch a standard off the shelf
intermediate range ballistic missile not a fancy ones accuracy doesn’t matter altitude does so yeah managed to get that
thing off and you don’t make it to the middle you make it to maybe Cincinnati or maybe Indianapolis right and what you may not realize that
covers 70% of the population the way you get that perspective
is take a look at it at night off the shelf warhead launched
in off the shelf medium range missile 200 miles from offshore accuracy doesn’t matter altitude does listen let’s assume you could
reach Cincinnati or maybe Inndianapolis 70% percent of population,
look at the United States at night you get a feeling for population density you see what happens that ring covers most of them 70% percent is a good guess I’m not pushing that don’t
misunderstand me but I want to but this is something that a small group with a little bit of financing can pull off because these nukes are available
they’re on the black market and to pull those resources
together isn’t far fetched this isn’t the plot of a Clancy novel it’s a reality that’s operative day to day interesting stuff several congressional
commissions have confirmed the vulnerability and requested responses but no urgency has resulted to any of this I call this reckless
endangerment of the population are the people that are accountable to us have taken no action no one’s gotten concerned enough
to rattle the right cages again you can Google the commissioner assessed the
threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse
Attack and you can do that whether or not your
in the United States anyone can Google this and there’s two the one in 2008 they happen to publish
the same month that the 911 thing got published and so that’s what the press picked up they
didn’t bother with this that much the commission was reassembled and readdressed the whole
thing in 2014 last year and screaming for someone to
take some action do you realize it’s the number one threat of the department
of homeland security in the United States is an electromagnetic pulse now the military have taken action
all kinds of military stuff is some certain kinds of protection but not the metropolitan area cities
there’s nothing, no way to help now if that was all that would be all but there’s you don’t have to have a nuke to have an EMP it turns out there’s some other technologies
emerging that will accomplish virtually the same thing without the sophistication
of a nuclear driver of it Directed Energy Applications now were moving into very
delicate waters here but there been some intercepted email among Russian officers that were talking about the Ukraine one of the officers was
laughing because someone said the US had invaded, that the Russians invaded
Ukraine he says to his friend if we were invading the Ukraine you’d know it because
none of the batteries would be working car batteries would all be immediately unusable and he went on to describe the
weapons effect for a directed energy form of EMP and in a portable forum so there are apparently portable
flexible alternatives claimed in ways that we can’t easily confirm and ITAR would prevent
us from doing it anyway there’s even some studies that I
don’t know how to take seriously but there’s some studies that attribute some of the twin
tower problems to directed energy so there are technologies
apparently starting to surface that are EMP not necessarily nuclear now the thing is I try to think through the form of warfare thats
emerging on our horizon the offset to the appeal of robot wars is our increasing dependency on
electronic communications all forms on the one hand the
ability to have robot fighters fight our battles
for us sounds pretty appealing in one sense except what that’s doing is making us increasingly dependent on telecommunications which they obviously heavily depend
on for their own navigation in their own controls and all the rest of it I have to tell you candidly I worry more about Ezekiel 39:6 then I do about electromagnetic pulse I’ve been worried about
electromagnetic pulses for several decades you’ve seen it in our
materials its not new news to you but there’s another threat
that I think is to me more telling and more imminent than that one you’ll quickly discover why I
prefer the Southern Hemisphere for a number of reasons thats your sure protection against
EMP is be in another hemisphere so one of the things we like to
do in these briefings would be to speculate a little bit on the present predicaments currently visible on our
own geopolitical horizons very tempting to go through
a little checklist on the Middle East on ISIS on the Ukraine on North Korea and other combatant possibilities
in the China sea and the rest theres a list of about ten of those
that were published by the CFR and when you go through that
list there all very indefinite none of them directly related
and yet it’s generally agreed that if any one of them
boils over they all will because they have internet
connections of various kinds and so rather than spend our
energy’s going through a list that will be obsolete in a few
months let alone a year or two there’s a much better way we can go and that is let’s see what the Bible says is coming rather than speculate on what our latest intelligence resources seem to highlight so that’s what we’re gonna do in session 2 so lets bow our hearts in a word of prayer Father we thank you for who you
are and we thank you that we are in the palm of your hand and we recognize Father
the safest place to be is right in the middle of your plan for us so that’s the plan we seek Father to understand even more clearly than ever precisely what it is that you
would have of each of us in the days ahead that we can be effective for your purposes whatever they might be for us in the days ahead that we might
be more effective for you more of effective for in dealing with the opportunities
that you bring across our path that would be ever more effective at declaring the coming King we serve help us Father through your word and through your spirit to be ever more responsive to your will in our lives as we commit our way and all that we have into your hands in the name of our coming King indeed amen

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  1. Is this a current teaching… Or an old teaching but re-uploaded?

    Just curious, as I know not if he still lives and preaches/teaches.
    Curious if it's new and related to current times….

  2. ♡ Thank you Koinonia House for uploading these videos on YouTube and Amazon Prime! God bless you.
    For some unknown reason I am not getting notified when you go live. :/


  4. Thank you again Chuck for your lessons… May our Lord Jesus bless you and your Loved ones with his Spirit of peace and joy eternally.. Amen.

  5. How do you get medicine and food to prisoners in camps when you bomb the railroads and lie about the Katyn Massacre until 1990? Exodus 23:1-2.

  6. Thank you for posting, even as Mr.Chuck has left this earth to be with the one and Only Creator God we can learn and listen to Mr.Chuck. What a blessing and a gift The Good Lord have us.

  7. He is still sorely missed! When I first learned of Chuck Missler and he was in Coeur d'Alene (only 1/2 hour from me) I was set to go meet him, when i learned he just moved to NZ.

  8. this is 1 of the greatest teachers mankind has ever had ,i'm honored to have always paid attention to all he said ,thankyou

  9. Thank u for uploading & sharing. This world could use more pastors with such wisdom & knowledge like Pastor Chuck Missler.
    Lord rest his soul.

  10. According to scripture the beasts are kingdoms. World superpowers. Religio-political system superpowers. Rome …then eventually us giving life back to it, then forming it's image. It's pagan SUNday worship enforced by how any beast must speak – legislation.

  11. Love Chuck but his constant bible correcting drives me insane. Were Gods hands tied as His words were translated throughout the ages? If He promised it to keep them preserved then either God is faithful and they are, or God is a liar and they are not.

    You will NEVER hear anyone correct the Hebrew in the Torah with the Egyptian. Why not? You will NEVER hear anyone correct the Greek with the Hebrew when Paul was on trial. Why not? Either we have Gods word without error in our language or we don't. And if we don't, why am I wasting my time?

  12. Dry heat is the summer season of Chrysoar the red horse. The rider is Juno/Hera the very emotional one (element Air). In Egypt, she was Serket, the goddess of war (represented menstrual period). Red represents the emotions that must be calmed before the red sea can be crossed. Note in Genesis one where the Sea (Egyptian Tefnut) is churned by Air (Egyptian Shu). From this Sea, Heaven (Nut) and Earth (Seb) emerge. Nut and Seb became Eve and Adam. The Egyptian Seb (Earth) also became Joseph. Joseph is very handsome in his coat of many colors (autumn foliage). P.S. the river Pison/Pishon is Egyptian for the female periodic flow of blood. The drying of this "red sea" was eagerly awaited by Baal Peor, the Lord of the "Opening."

  13. I love Chuck, am sad he isn’t still here to share his vast knowledge and wisdom with the church on earth, but that said, once he got dentures, it became more and more difficult to understand him, with all the slippage and extra saliva or what not, while teaching.

    I personally LOVE when people talk fast, especially when they have interesting or a lot of information to share. When he was younger though, for anyone who has trouble following him, he used to speak more clearly, voice wasn’t as weak and you didn’t have all the extra noises or muddied speech, sometimes trailed off and stammered, jumped around and abruptly switched to something else, but like myself, his mind is going at way too fast a speed for his mouth to keep up. As he got older, he’s slowed way down, but the dentures are the issue, weakening of the muscles used in vocalizing, and multiple sensory decline, hearing, sight.

    He has had more impact upon me than any other Christian teacher in my lifetime, and I’ve been around awhile, over six decades. He was instrumental in helping me develop a solid eschatological foundation, guidance in study techniques, appreciation of biblical prophecy.

    Ravi Zacharius has been my go to Christian apologist, after C.S. Lewis, when formulating how to best give an answer to unbelievers regarding various complex queries, like, the problem of pain and suffering, how can a loving God tell his chosen people to slaughter while cities, etc. (Chuck’s revival of the early church and rabbinical teachings, the traditional views and understanding of Genesis 6, has also helped me with these questions, as well.)

    God bless everyone who reads this and diligently seeks to grow in Christ and to mature to the meatier things from God’s Word, in order to bless and edify the body of Christ, and appeal to a lost world desperately searching for substance and meaning in an ever increasing apostate generation.

    Lord, send more harvesters and call your preachers and teachers forth in the absence of these great men who have left to their heavenly reward. Thank you for all these opportunities in our generation, to continue to benefit from great teachers like Chuck Missler, via technology, even after they’ve left us physically.

    Praise Jesus, Amen!!!

  14. Are the events caused by the horsemen described in Daniel 11?

    And what about this?
    Daniel 12:11 From the time that the daily sacrifice is abolished and the abomination that causes desolation is set up, there will be 1,290 days.

    Daniel 9:27 And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease,
    Why avoid this? And what of Daniel 12:12?

  15. Thank you for sharing. Is it possible to display the original lecture date of Mr. Missler when you share this? I believe it to be useful information. Thankyou.

  16. when interpreting revelation do you read it chronologically or cylindrically or thematically? missler says book parses itself or groups things together or logarithmically? he is changing his interpretation scheme and jumping around!

  17. Muslims also believe that a "beast from the Earth" will appear during the Apocalypse & mark people on the forehead. They called him the Dabbat Al Ard, and they wish to receive the mark of the beast.

  18. How interesting that this "geopolitical list" is NOT obsolete, on the contrary it is more relevant today; i.e. Ukraine. Miraculous that Chuck had this insight detailed in his ministry then!

    An army of 200 million.
    I am watching for the rapture and Christ's return. One night this appeared on my Facebook stream…

    Hope you find this as interesting as I do.

    Also I have heard on the radio (BBC Radio 4) how Chinese businessmen are coming to Europe and buying up land and businesses and simply returning home without doing anything. I'm afraid I can't remember the Radio programme or time but I definitely heard it.

    This rebuilding of the 'Silk Road' is staggering.

    Kind Regards and God bless

    Eddie Fox.

    My EML-L09. On O2.

  20. Oops , he used the satanic spell planet earth,,, the Bible is a flat earth book of truth. He should not be mixing biblical truths with satanic lies. Thumbs down

  21. They unveiled the rumors of war horse in the US. Time is short pray pray pray Jesus without cease as Daniel similarly did

  22. The 24 elders are the first fruit offering. I doubt this guy has any real knowledge just story's.
    He never mentioned the 7 thunders.
    Never mentioned Revelation is the 5th gospel.
    If you want logical teaching of Revelation go to

  23. K-House just need to ask the question. The latter part of the video isn't it a little "too much" info? There are crazy folk all over and could some of the info be detrimental to the country of Chuck's birth? I felt a strong feeling this should be taken down. Am I reading too much into it? If I'm wrong forgive me but in this day and age where so much is happening globally, who knows… God bless you all.

  24. Nanotechnology in vaccines also. Scientists trying to identify the “God gene” in babies to change or rewire their brains.

  25. This is one of many reasons that we need to vote those into office who understand this and want to take action. Because right now no one on either side of the aisle seems to be doing anything. Why???????

  26. We are in great danger.anything that connect us to each other should be looked the old days wiping man from the earth would be almost impossb8le.due how big the earth is.but now things have changed.the almost everywhere.we can instantly connect to someone else across earth at anytime.and that puts us in great danger….it makes one wonder why our them away for free 24/7..unplug my people…..

  27. Thank you for the years of faithful discernment and teachings Chuck, we miss you and look forward to seeing you again! Thank you KH for carrying on his legacy and keeping faithful to it – truly the Lord blesses you and your work

  28. Have you ever concerted reading the books of Revelation and Daniyl with Audience Relevance in mind? Remember this apostle was the one that instructed us to test the spirits. 1 YAHcanaan 4:1-6

    WHO were these books of Daniyl and Revelation (REALLY) written for?

    Does the Scriptures actually tell us?

    Rev. 1:4 YAHchanan ( “John ) to the seven congregations that are in Asia:…”Rev. 1:11 “Write in a book what you see, and send it to the seven congregations: to Ephesus and to Smyrna and to Pergamum and to Thyatira and to Sardus and to Philadephia and to Laodicia.”

    Not only do we know these cities from ancient secular history, but we are even aware that the order in which they appear in Revelation follows a known Roman postal route.

    These seven congregations were real local congregations undergoing great tribulation and unimaginable suffering…

    Rev. 1:9 “I, YAHchanan, your brother and fellow partaker IN the ( GREAT ) tribulation…”

    In fact, all the way through the book of Revelation we discern a martyr theme quite in keeping with what we know about their “tribulation” and their need of “perseverance” (Rev. 2:9-10, 3:9-10, 6:9-11, 11:7-8, 11-13, 18, 12:10, 13:10, 14:11-13, 16:5-6, 17:6, 18:20, 24, 19:2, 20:4, 6) These people are suffering grievously. For instance, later in chapter 6 we learn of Father YAHweh’s special blessings upon those who have actually been slain for their faith (Rev. 6:9-11).

    The apostle YAHchanan is MINISTERING to them – giving them HOPE about what must "SHORTLY TAKE PLACE" (in their lifetimes), and he expects them to understand and act upon his directives, for he tells them that the “time is NEAR”…

    Most of us have never even stopped for a minute to examine (for ourselves) the very THEME of this letter called “Revelation”. For instance, in the very first verse of the first chapter the apostle YAHchanan plainly states WHO his actual audience is (HIS bond servants), and then proceeds to tell THEM (HIS bond servants of whom YAHchanan ( John ) is a FELLOW-PARTAKER in the tribulation WITH them) that his letter is about things “which must SHORTLY take place”.

    To make the point even clearer, in Revelation 1:3 we see YAHchanan unmistakably saying to the people in those seven congregations that the VERY REASON they are to “heed the things which are written in it” is because “the time is NEAR”.

    QUESTION: Why would YAHchanan boldly say that the very PURPOSE of his letter was about things that are very NEAR to his actual audience, if they absolutely were NOT near? We have never been challenged by the religions to even ASK that question. We have never been asked to imagine what those poor, persecuted believers in those seven (actual)  congregations sitting in candle light, reading their letter out loud were think as they read those letters.

    Once again, here’s just another one of MANY examples where we have (literally) been trained to mentally REMOVE the original audience (the original recipients) and then INSERT ourselves in their place.

    THAT'S CRAZY!!!! Can we not see how absolutely crazy and exegetically irresponsible that actually is to just IGNORE this literary fact?


    We really can not see what we have allowed to be done to our understanding of the Scriptures by twisting the Scriptures as the many false religions have done for many years and are still doing today.

    In chapters 2 and 3 YAHchanan addresses short letters to each of them. In those letters we discover numerous historical, geographical, political, cultural, and religious allusions fitting perfectly with what we actually know of these regions. These are real first century congregations in real first century.

    1. YAHchanan is writing to seven actual congregations in DIRE circumstances.

    2. He intends for them to understand what is being written, revealed, and shown…

    3. They are to HEAR and  to HEED, which would require that they understand…

    4. YAHchanan’s ( John’s ) letters is about things “which must SHORTLY take place” (temporal nearness)…

    Again, the direct (physical) recipients of this letter called “Revelation” are REAL people who are suffering VERY REAL grievous “tribulation.”

    QUESTION: Is YAHchanan taunting them by using familiar terms speaking of temporal nearness? To These poor men and women who are under such trials?!?!

    Surely not!

    He is MINISTERING to them – giving them HOPE about what must  "shortly take place" (in THEIR lifetime)… and he expects them to understand and act upon his directives, for he tells them that the  “time is near”…

    To seal up, or not to seal up… 

    The “time” in the book of Daniel was NOT near (Dan. 12:4), but the “time” in Rev 22:10 WAS near… If Revelation was NOT to be sealed because the “time is near”, but Daniel was to be sealed because it was for “many days” and the “time of the end” (Daniel 10:14, 12:4,9), then “many days” are only 500 years, and if that is true, how can "at hand" or “the time is near” be for 2,000 years?

    Not only have we never asked ourselves that question, but we have never even THOUGHT about this literary inconsistency.

    Surely YAHchanan is not telling these poor persecuted called out ones that the “time is near and you must heed that which I’m writing, and Father YAHweh is concerned with your persecution – BUT the things I am telling you that are near to you and shortly to come are (actually) NOT really near to you and (actually) NOT shortly to come but are (really and actually) not going to take place until 2,000-some years from now” ! "But hey, thanks for letting us USE your DESPERATE HOPE and your DIRE SITUATION as a STORY PROP for the REAL people (2,000 years from now) that this letter is (actually) written for." ??????????


    For years we have been taught to say, "YAHshua and the apostles could not POSSIBLY have really MEANT what they clearly and plainly appeared to be saying (directly) to their first-century audience."

    We must understand, some of us for the first time, that YAHshua and the apostles stood and looked their first-century audience in the EYES and told THEM all the things they did. And in the case of Revelation it was a letter of course…( MatttithYAH 16: 28   Truly I say to you: +

    There are some standing here who will not taste of death, until they see the Son of Man coming in His Kingdom. )

    We have looked at the book of Revelation and said, "Surely this book wasn't written for who it actually SAYS it was written to. Surely these words are about the end of the WORLD in OUR future. They couldn't POSSIBLY be metaphorical and symbolic in nature having to do with some first-century regional event or the end of an "age" (the Mosaic age)!" 7 0 A.D.

    And so, WE started building our OWN "message", all based on the arrogance i just displayed…

    Again, we must ask ourselves… Is this letter “to the seven congregations ” an actual first-century-audience-specific letter TO those actual seven congregations, or was Father YAHweh simply USING all those poor people as STORY-TELLING PROPS (or "object lessons) for a story that is not even ABOUT them – but actually written for some folks over 2,000 years later?

    It IS either one or the OTHER.

    It is ABSOLUTELY BRUTAL (B. R. U. T. A. L.) and completely THOUGHTLESS what today's end-times future-apocalypse "theologians" are expecting us to believe about those poor people in those seven congregations who were sitting around reading that letter (which was ACTUALLY ADDRESSED to THEM)!

  29. The first horse belongs to the element of the Fire Ether, called Jupiter; it is superior to the three others, as the Fire, which occupies the highest place in the order of the elements. This horse has wings and is the fleetest of all; it describes the largest circle, which encompasses all the others; it shines of the purest light, and on its body are the images of the Sun and the Moon and of the Stars which are situate in the ethereal regions. This horse is the handsomest of all, and is singularly beloved by Jupiter. The Apocalypse has also its horses, each of which is distinguished by its color.
    There is a second one, which comes immediately after that, and which almost touches it. It is that of Juno, or in other words, that of the Air, because Juno is very often taken for the Air, over which that Goddess presides. It is inferior in force and swiftness to the first, and describes an interior and narrower circle; its color is naturally black, but that part, which is exposed to the Sun, becomes luminous, while the other, which is in the shade preserves its natural color. Who does not recognize in these traits the Air, which is luminous during the day and dark in the night.
    The third horse is consecrated to Neptune, the God of the Sea. It is still heavier in its gait, than the second.
    The fourth is immoveable. It is called the horse of Vesta. It remains in its place, biting its bit. The two nearest lean against and incline on it. The fastest circulates around it as around its post. It will be sufficient to remark here, that Vesta is the name, which Plato gives to the Earth and to the central fire, which it contains. He also represents it as immovable in the midst of the World. Thus three concentric strata of elements are raised above the Earth, which is placed in the center, the velocity of which is in inverse ratio to their density. The most subtile, as the quickest, is the element of Fire, represented by the first horse: the heaviest is the Earth, stable and fixed in the center of the World, and expressed by an immovable horse, around which the three others turn in distances and in velocity, which increase in proportion to their distance from the center. These four horses, in spite of the difference in their temperature, live harmoniously together, which is a figurative expression of the well-known principle of the philosophers, that the World is preserved by the concord and harmony of its elements.
    However, after many and many turns, the vigorous and heated breath of the first horse, falls upon the others and particularly upon the last; it burns its mane and all its finery, of which it seemed so proud. This is the event, as the Magi say, which the Greeks have sung in the fable of Phaeton; we have explained it in our larger work.
    Many years after, the horse of Neptune, by over exertion, was covered with sweat, which overflowed the immovable horse near it. This is the Deluge of Deucalion, which we have also explained.
    These two fictions express a philosophical dogma of the Ancients, who predicted the conflagration of the World, when the principle of Fire would domineer, and the deluge, when the principle of Water became paramount. These disasters nevertheless did not bring along with them the total destruction of the World.  Charles Dupuis

  30. Chuck Missler is gone but his teachings will last untill JESUS returns…Come quickly please JESUS…This world is going mad with evil…

  31. If an EMP shuts down the cities it will kill off the most parasitical and in the long run benefit the US economy. Those most self sufficient will more likely survive. In no way do I want this to happen, but the reality is almost half the population in the cities are destructive to themselves and others.

  32. I ask if people can please pray for me- I am a sinner – I am trying to get closer to the word of GOD and Jesus and the more I do the more  I get sick and depressed– It is like something is after me– I have no motivation- I am tired all the time- I sleep up to 16 hours a day – I am missing a lot of work- it is ruining my finance- I keep praying but I keep getting sick– I get flu-sinus infections- heat stroke- stomach pains etc I had a headache for over 5 WEEKS-my vision got affected— went to 2 different doctors and the hospital twice– all test come up negative but I feel sick– it is like when you watc tv and someone has a voodoo doll of me– please help THANK YOU

  33. Dr. Chuck, God rest your soul. I wish you were around today to say "I told you so". But you were a gentleman. I would love to hear your prospective on today's times but you have taught many teachers I listen to daily. Thank you K-House for keeping this great teacher alive in your broadcasts. Ron, I know you miss this man of character and integrity AND the upmost love of God. God Bless you.

  34. WRONG: The US now has a first strike policy……
    Chuck has it occured to you that the USA is an evil entity just exporting violence, debasement and enslavement?

  35. Directed energy weapons were used in Northern CA, Greece, Turkey and various Amazonian nation's. You have only one remedy against high frequency superheating of aluminum and steel. And most people have no clue. Even a Faraday cage can be breeched using that technology.

  36. God blessed this nation at one point… and it did serve his will for a time… but no longer. America is about to fall. HARD. When you have a literal baby killing factory in every neighborhood… how do you suppose he's going to judge us?

    I REBUKE all of these people, everything they do, represent and live for. From the president, right down to the useful fool down the block. Everything is changing right now, i just saw a 10 year old kid shouting "F THE PO-LICE" outside my front door last night because the cops were chasing some misguided soul through my yard.

    That's never happened where i live btw, cops chasing ANYONE through any lawns. Most assuredly no little kids yelling F THE POLICE… they are hardening the hearts of even children now. This kid wasn't old enough to understand ANYTHING, but he listens to the music, watches the movies, and likely has an older brother or influence feeding him that filth.

    We are indeed, in the last days my brothers and sisters.

  37. The only person ive ever loved like a brother but have never met. My heart sunk when GOD took him home. Thanks for this.

  38. The EMP attack will not be launched from offshore….

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