Behold a Red Horse – Session 2 – Chuck Missler
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Behold a Red Horse – Session 2 – Chuck Missler

October 19, 2019

welcome to second session of our exploration of the red horse and again let’s open with a word of prayer Father we thank you for this
opportunity we thank you for your word and especially Father as we
look at your word for guidance here we pray that your
Holy Spirit would lead us that we might better understand
what it is you would have us in response to all these things as we commit this hour and ourselves into your
hands in the name of the Yeshua are wonderful coming King indeed Amen okay we are in the second session and we’re gonna explore the
biblical view I might start people ask me why do I
have my flag upside down and you some of you recognize
that’s an international distress symbol flying your flag upside down is
international distress signal we’re trying to fix it
not the flag the country and it’s a mess obviously but we’re gonna shift gears now
and we’re gonna see what the Bible tells us about the
wars that are coming we’re going to remind us that
man tells us the worlds getting better and better but God says they’re going
to get increasingly worse that’s the reality thats what
we’re confronted with here man says that peace among nations
is close at hand I don’t think so we spared you a whole list not just
the UN but all the other attempts they’re nonsense peacemaking attempts God says there will be wars and rumors
of wars kingdom against kingdoms and indeed they continue man
expects to win the battle against disease famine and hardship no no that’s coming in the subsequent horses were gonna look at after this one so technology perspective you know
whats really amazing we’ve got whole studies on the
technologies in the Bible Matthew tells that no flesh could be
saved that’s a weapons technology that unique to our age that had no meaning in previous generations but we live in a technology in which the nuclear cloud overhangs
every geo political decision we find that the Bible even
anticipates global TV coverage we talked about this I think in the past that we’re going to get a
glimpse into the Holy of Holies Matthew 24:15 Jesus tells you when you see the abomination of desolation take place thats something that takes place in
the Holy of Holies only the High Priest can go in there and only
once a year after great ceremonial preparation, no no somethings gonna
happen that we’re gonna be able to watch on the international television apparently thats our presumption we also find out that it will be a little later
than that there’s gonna be a resurrection of bodies that
have been deliberately left in the street for three and a half days and in Revelation 11 but there again the whole world is going to watch
those bodies get resurrected in shock of course the only celebration you see
in Revelation is when theres exchanging gifts because they finally got those three guys killed as they rise that should be a
real exclusive for whoever’s covering that TV and one of the mostly guarded
secrets we have is what neutron bomb these are nuclear
devices that attack protein only and so they’re anti personnel
form of nuclear weapon attractive in the sense that it doesn’t damage the real estate that the neutrons attack protein so people in the buildings get
killed but the buildings don’t get destroyed a neutron bomb there are several of the
major corporate major powers that have developed those as we understand it we’re going to encounter here shortly
a nuclear radiation clean up Ezekiel 39 we’ll talk about
that when we get there and will talk about an enigma about
a third party when we get there but the bigger there are
biblical wars described in the Bible and I’ve tried to make a
list of the main ones here the strangest one of all will be in
Psalm 2 that’s where we’ll start we’ll talk a little bit about what
I’ll call the Armageddon campaign there really is no battle of
Armageddon by the way its really a staging area for an
attack against Jerusalem in fact it is in Jerusalem will get to that and we will of course talk
about the Magog invasion the events of Ezekiel many
Christians are shocked to discover there are other chapters in
Ezekiel beside 38 and 39 by the way but that’s obviously well
traveled ground for most of but there’s also more imminent candidate Psalm 83 and we’ll take a look at that
because I suspect for a number of reasons it actually precedes Ezekiel 38 and I’m also one of these that
doesn’t believe that Ezekiel 38 is part of the Armageddon
scenario will talk about that as we get there but there’s one that really
does bother me and they’ll be our final one that’s Ezekiel 39:6
will get there when we get there let’s talk about the
strangest war of all of them it’s the first one you find it in Psalm 2 it’s actually
the weirdest of them all in my mind and let’s take a look at this Psalm 2:1-3 the Psalmist says why do the heathen rage and the people imagine a vain thing the kings of the earth set themselves and the rulers take counsel together against who two people against the Lord and against His annointed that’s interesting the two of them the kings of the earth set themselves
and the rulers take counsel together against the Lord and against His anointed you know I can understand people not believing God they choose not to an okay
I can understand that I can understand the disregarding God ignoring Him not keeping His rules whatever what I have do not have
the capacity to imagine is there are people knowingly are taking up arms against God I mean that just is to extreme for me to imbrace the people imagine a vain thing
indeed the kings of the earth set themselves and the rulers
take counsel together against the Lord and against His annointed saying
here’s what their going to do let us break their bands
asunder and cast away their cords from us really your gonna force God to let go what this is this is too weird for me so what bands or cords
are they talking about well the bonds of marriage was a Godly institution that we’re
trying to undo in our culture the heterosexuality of
marriage is being attacked the ten Commandments are ignored really I thought they were His invalid law
written with His finger in stone and the rule of law in general is being attacked by the powers that be we’ll see the first three verses seem to be the voice of the
nation may be iterated by the Holy Spirit whoever but let’s take a look at the next three verses 4,5 and 6 I believe is the voice of the Father he that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh thats God’s reaction to these people
that are going to take up arms against him God’s gonna laugh He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh the Lord shall have them in derision then shall He speak unto them in His wrath and vex them in his sore
displeasure ooh ouch it’s one thing for Him to laugh at you
is quite another when He gets mad at you He that sitteth in heaven shall laugh the Lord shall have them in derision then shall He speak unto them in His wrath
and vex them in His sore displeasure yet He says have I set my king
upon my holy hill of Zion ooh okay so let’s see what the response
to that is from the son I will declare the decree
the Lord hath said unto me the son speaking quoting what
the Father has said to Him thou art my son this day
have I begotten thee ask of me and I will give you the
heathen for thine inheritance and the uttermost parts of
the earth for thy possession thou shall break them with a rod of iron thy shalt dash them in pieces
like a potter’s vessel boy thats graphic isn’t it and its the very surprisingly widely used rhetorical expression here breaking the rod of iron Revelation 2:27 he shall
rule them with a rod of iron as the vessels of a potter shall
they be broken to shivers even as I received my father rule them with a rod of iron and she brought forth a man child
who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron her child was caught
up to God and His throne we looked at that before in Revelation 12:5 between 5 and 6 is one of those
intervals too by the way in Revelation 19 out of his
mouth goes a sharp sword that with it he should smite the nations and he shall rule them with a rod of iron
there it is again there’s that phrase he treadeth the wine press of the
fierceness and wrath of the Almighty God and he hath on his vesture and
on his thigh a name written King of Kings and Lord of Lords now the good news is we’re
gonna take this one up as a fifth horseman as the climax of our series so I
won’t spend more time now here but the spirit wraps this up in
the last few verses of Psalm 2 be wise now therefore O ye kings be instructed ye judges of the earth serve the Lord with fear and rejoice with trembling kiss the son lest he be angry and ye perish from the way when
his wrath is kindled but a little blessed are all they they
put their trust in him Psalm 2 often overlooked but of all the warfare Psalms it’s the one that mystifies me the most I can’t visualize knowledgeable leaders taking up arms against God not
by oversight or mistake no knowingly that’s what its talking
about and that’s why he’s laughing at them well let’s take a look at another campaign gets its name from Revelation 16 the day of vengence do you remember
when Jesus read his mandate in Luke 4 at the synagogue in Capernaum and he quotes from Isaiah
61 but he stops at a comma and closes the book, this day is
this scripture fulfilled in years the part he didn’t read after
the comma was on the day of vengeance cause that’s
what’s now in focus here the assembling of the
armies of the Antichrist in Revelation 16 and by the way it may surprise you
there really isn’t a battle of Armageddon we use that phrase
all the time because it mentions there gathering in a place
which is called in Hebrew tongue Harmagedon the Mount Megiddo that’s where they gather thats
not where the battle takes place it is to the battle what England was to the Norman invasion its the place where they gathered to make the invasion you follow me its the valley of Jezreel that’s a staging area for the
armies coming against Jerusalem and those against God the
Father and his Messiah God’s view point is one of mockery in Joel 3 and Psalm 2
we saw that in Psalm 2 we also have encounter here
then the destruction of Babylon occus somewhere along here thats well described in 6
chapters, Isaiah 13,14 Jeremiah 50,51 Revelation 17,18 they keep power center at that time isn’t yet but will be because that power centre is going to receive a judgment
that’s been detailed for us especially in the old testament and this isn’t some allegory
of the Vatican and all that that may be part of it somehow these are Chaldean on the
banks of the Euphrates and the Babylon of history
never ended the way it was described in Isaiah and Jeremiah it atrophied over the centuries and it’s rebuilding was
begun in recent years but it’s going to be destroyed
like Soddom and Gomorrah that is is suddenly quickly in one hour
and never again to be inhabited thats yet to happen watch for it and the fall of Jerusalem
Zechariah 12, 14 deals with that over half the city will
be taken into slavery by the gentile forces from the
valley of Jezreel they’re gonna succeed that much that isn’t the real target
they think it is but it ain’t cause Satan isn’t really after
Jerusalem he’ after the remnant that have fled to Bozrah we’ll see that here in a minute see the armies their at
Bozrah Jeremiah 49, Micah 2 the world army pursues the remnant which has fled to the
mountains of Edom in Jordan so that whole shift is
that’s who they’re after it’s my understanding that Satan thinks he can thwart the
plan of God by wiping out the faithful remnant before they
petitioned him to come back and we have a national
regeneration of Israel the required confession occurs the key verse here to me is Hosea 5:15 but there’s others you can take
them go through your notes and dig into them theres a three day campaign of pleading in Hosea 6 that follows that and the national confession is
detailed for us in Isaiah 53:1-9 that’s the real fulfillment
of Isaiah 53 many people don’t realize that Isaiah 53 is yet future it their discovery of all
those things that it mentions now we then of course have the
second coming now the good news is we’re gonna take this as a
special topic when we get to the fifth horsemen cause he’s gonna fight at Bozrah alone and that person is none
other than the Messiah all that will be detailed
when go through Isaiah 63 if you want to get into it to
take a good look at the half a dozen verses of Isaiah 63 and so forth and so we have this strange mention see from Megiddo to Petra is 1600 furlongs which are specifically detailed for us in Revelation chapter 14 interestingly enough so that’s a what’s going on here from Bozrah
to the valley of Jehoshaphat the Antichrist is powerless before Christ his armies are destroyed at Bozrah then Megiddo as I say its 176 miles and then the final is the victory ascent to the Mount of Olives thats what
we always read about Zachariah 14 so he doesn’t first come to the
Olives he goes there to fight for the remnant and then and apparently goes there
so thats our presumption but lets talk about this one
which is probably the most traveled piece of prophecy in modern times Ezekiel 38, 39 so called Magog invasion so I’m gonna suggest that it may
be preceded by an event that will come to shortly so I’m gonna give you a little
different point of view I think theres a surprise on our horizon the Magog invasion that’s the
occasion which God himself intervenes in history to quell an ill fated invasion of Israel by Magog and it’s allies, Magog and
it’s allies tried to invade but they got tharwted by God His
intervening in that whole thing and his allies are listed for us there Persia, Cush, Phut, Libya, Gomer,
Togarmah, Meshech and Tubal do you ever wonder why
they use these weird names it’s our fault we keep changing the names of things you know there’s a place called
Petrograd then it was called Leningrad now it’s back
and forth back and forth in Russia they say even the
histories are uncertain see you don’t change the names of
your ancestors so if you try and talk about a people talking
about the fore bearers is a way to identify those people
that is relatively immune to linguistic changes but the other reasons this passage
is so well known to most of us it seems to anticipate the
use of nuclear weapons and we’ll try to see why that
is so as we go through here a little bit okay let’s just start out with Ezekiel 38 and the word of the Lord came
unto me saying son of man set thy face against Gog the land of Magog the chief prince of Meshech and
Tubal and prophesy against him and say thus saith the Lord God
behold I am against thee O Gog the chief prince of Meshech
and Tubal so Gog’s a title happens to be a demon
title thats a whole nother thing we’ll get into it now the identity who is Magog turns out there’s very little
ambiguity about that Hesiod he’s the Greek didactic
poet of the 8th century he described them as the scythians Herodotus the father history as he’s called the fifth century confirms
the same thing scythians from the tenth century to the third
century BC they dominated that region Philo, Josephus and others
also their writings speak of it in fact the great
wall of China was built to keep the Magogon’s out and the Soviet archaeologists
have discovered all kinds of confirming discoveries but in any case it comes from the
uttermost parts of the north which is easier to figure out the great wall of China is called the ramparts
of Gog and Magog by Josephus and others the Scythians see after their repulsed from Media
many of the latest Scyths settled in the fertile area of the Ukraine north of the Black Sea and others went to the
east of the Caspian Sea Herodotus describes them as
living in a place called Scythia actual country named after them a square about twenty
days journey on a side it encompassesd the lower reaches of the several rivers that
dominate in that area and this is where they thats where it appears
they were south of the border of Kiev Kiev would be at the northern
part of Scythia if you will as they settled and yet Meshech and Tubal
settlements on the south side of the Black Sea and Georgia is a part of that
too which is one reason it’s tends to be a buffer in many of
the activities that are going to be going on here so the Scythians they swept the area
displacing the Cimmerians from the steps of the
Ukraine east to the Dnieper River fled from them across the Caucasus even the name caucuses we say
were Caucasian caucuses appears to be derived from Gog-hasan or Gog’s Fort is a linguistic link their strangely enough but jumping in God says I will turn thee back
and put hooks into thy jaws I will bring thee fourth and all thine army horses and
horsemen all of them clothed all sorts of armor even a great
company with bucklers and shields and all of them handling swords so this is God putting hooks in the
jaws drawing them into this thing don’t let vocabulary throw you you got a word there thats
been translated horses and some people think there’ll be
actual horses they might be but don’t be misled by the vocabulary the Hebrew word is Seuss it actually means leaper descriptive of a horse of course but it’s a from a rule which means to skip in Jeremiah 8:7 that word
is translated as a bird in Exodus 14:9 it’s a chariot writer so the word has many
alternate possible use’s but I’m won’t get into all
that but you can also go all the way through here and see
the contemporary possibilities but we have Persia and Elam
if you will or Iran you have Ethiopia which is Cush Libya which is Phut they
settled west of Egypt and Gomer and all his bands,
house of Togarmah of the north quarter and all his bands
and many people with thee Gomer the Cimmerians settled along the
Danube and and the Rhine concludes what we think it was Poland
Czechoslovakia East Germany and the north quarters Togarmah is of course the
Armenians and they call themselves the house of
Togarmah even to this day and Turkey and also Turkestan okay and of all the north quarters
in the uttermost parts of north is what it actually says in
Hebrew the word from north has been modified to imply the extreme or uttermost parts of
the north interestingly enough and so we have Magog we have these strange tribal
names but they’re all going to descend upon Israel important point their
motivations is to take spoil cattle and goods gold and silver are what they’re after strangely enough and so their motivation is
critical to understand okay now this seems to portray a nuclear
confrontation we’ll see shortly the leftover weapons are going to supply
all the needs of Israel for seven years wow seven months deferral
before clearing the area than professionals are going to be
hired to accomplish the clean up and they bury all the remains east of the
dead sea that’s downwind interestingly and travellers encounting the
missed items are not to touch them they mark the location and let the
professionals come and deal with them believe it or not that’s in the text but the main point of this
stage is the Magog invasion I don’t believe I differ from many good
scholars that do not agree with me but I don’t think this is
part of the Armageddon scenario some most people assume it is why because the invasion
comes from the north Armageddon will come from
the whole earth okay and there’s definite armies from
the north led by Magog not all the nations of the world the Russian invasion is to take
spoil and Armageddon its to destroy the Jews the seven month clean up its
inconsistent with Israel’s fight seven years energy requirement
would carry into the millennium from my point of view doesn’t seem to jive and of course there’s no mention
Antichrist babble and all that sort of stuff at all here but in chapter 39:7 he says so I will make my Holy Name known
in the midst of my people Israel I will not let them pollute
my Holy Name anymore and the heathen show
know that I am the Lord the Holy one of Israel major theme
of the whole book of Ezekiel behold it is come and it is done
saith the Lord God this is the day where of I have spoken and they that dwell in the cities of Israel shall go forth and shall set on fire and burn the weapons both the shields and the bucklers
the bows and arrows and handstaves and spears they shall burn them
with fire seven years really but notice this that they shall
take no wood out of the field neither cut down any out of the
forests for they shall burn their weapons with fire and they shall
spoil those that spoil them and rob those that rob them saith the Lord God that’s kind of interesting they don’t take any wood out of the field what kind of fuel could they be going for
that willl last seven years nuclear comes to mind it’s the leftover weapons that they’re able to use for energy for all their needs for seven years it shall come to pass in that day that I will give unto Gog a place
there of the graves in Israel the valley of the passengers
on the east of the sea and thats on the other side of the dead sea and I shall stop the
noses of the passengers and there shall they bury
Gog and his multitude and they shall call it
the valley of Hamongog which means the hordes of Gog and seven months shall the house
of Israel be burying of them that they make cleanse the land yeah all the people of the land
shall bury them and it shall be to them a renowned day that I shall
be glorified say the Lord God okay seven months they’re gonna
be buring them interesting notice verse 14 this is a zinger they shall sever out men
of continual employment what does that mean there gonna sever out men
of continual employment how would I translate that their gonna hire professionals they shall sever out men
of continual employment passing through the land to
bury with the passengers those that remain upon the face of the earth to cleanse it after the end of seven
months shall they search sever out men of continual employment I would say they’re employing
professionals thats what I’m assuming at the end of seven months
why did they take that long seven months before entering the area and the passengers that
passed through the land notice this when they seeth a man’s bone
they shall set a sign up by it they don’t touch it pass through the land when they seeth the
man’s bone they shall set a sign up by it till the buriers have buried
it in the valley of Hamongog and also the name of the city shall be
Hamonah thus shall they cleanse the land wow ok so when they seeth a man’s
bones you shall set us up a sign by it do you know where I see those instructions in nuclear weapons materials in leftover over weapons that supply
all the energy for seven years the professionals are hired to clear
the battlefield they wait seven months than clear for seven months they bury the dead east of
the dead sea that’s downwind and if a traveller finds something
the professionals have missed he doesn’t touch it he marks
the location and lets the professionals deal with okay you can find contemporary defense documents they give you those same instructions you don’t handle them
unless your trained for it now we’ll move on here but there’s another event that they we’re indebted to Bill
Salus I think for highlighting for us some years ago and I
think he’s done us a service because it was an overlook Psalm I think an eminent candidate here there’s a couple mysteries
about the Ezekiel 38 thing where are the Lebanese where are the Syrians in Ezekiel 38 where’s Iraq the Jordanians
Egyptians Saudi Arabians Saudi Arabians are on the sidelines
their not participants strangely and then the Palestinians were are they you see its interesting they are the immediate neighbors if you study the previous
tribes their the a substantial distance from Israel these are the immediate
neighbors they’re not mentioned what’s going on here there are four prerequisites
for Ezekiel 38 by the way the nation has to be
reestablished as sovereign state it has been the nation’s militarily
secure well yes and no a nation in apparent peace in the
Middle East I don’t think so a nation of restored material
fortunes well their not doing badly but not like what we’re gonna to see here there’s something else
back in Ezekiel 37 before 38 you get that whole dry
bones thing and all that and in verse ten of Ezekiel 37 says so I prophesied as you commanded
me and the breath came into them and they lived
and stood up on their feet an exceedingly great army and the exceedingly is an
adverb not an adjective which is a very
strange construction that means they become a very great army there were four steps in the dry
bones version they were scattered became together flesh and skin and then they came to life but then they became an exceedlingly great army and
the fact that it’s an adverb is very strange is there an overlooked event that precedes the ill fated
invasion attempt that’s featured in Ezekiel 38, 39 that’s a question and I think a guy thats surfaced
maybe the key to all of this a guy with a backbone to really pull it off we’ll watch and see the book of Psalms Psalm 83 let’s take a
look a quick look at it this is a forthcoming scenario its the last of the ace of Psalms it’s the last one of these and it’s a rather timely one keep not thou silence O God hold not thy peace and be not still O God for lo thine enemies make a tumult and they that hate thee
have lifted up their head the Psalmist here is trying
to get God’s attention thine enemies make a tumult they that
hate thee have lifted up their head it’s like saying hey God
aren’t you paying attention whoever these enemies are they hate
God and are lifting their head thats who we’re talking about here he continues they have taken
crafty council against thy people and consulted against thy hidden ones thy people God are you
paying attention here see they declare that they will
attempt to wipe Israel off the map and by the way when I first read that
I thought thats pretty interesting I didn’t even know they
allowed them on any maps! that their enemies had them on the map when their enemies say their
gonna wipe Israel off the map thats a concession I didn’t know they
made I didn’t know it was on their maps they have said come and let us cut them off from being a nation that the name of Israel may
be no more in remembrance understand their motivation
their not taking spoil their confederating in order to
cut them off from being a nation they have said come let us cut
them off from being an nation that the name of Israel shall
be no more in remembrance they have consulted together
with one consent their confederate against thee O God the Psalmist is trying to
get God’s attention here and that’s the very
commitment of Islam isn’t it to wipe Israel off the face of the map and it’s the basis of the confederation that’s what unites them the tabernacles of Edom the
Ishmaelites of Moab and the Hagarenes Gebal and Ammon and Amalek and the
Philistines the inhabitants of Tyre Assur’s joined with them they have hope in the children of Lot it goes to these tribal names but perhaps the most interesting
one is the first one mentioned the tabernacles Edom there’s probably not one Christian
in ten that can tell me who the Edomites really are its a very important study
undertake by the way but the tents of Edom here is a
reference to the traditional enemies of Israel and
the everlasting hatred the Olam Eybah the everlasting hatred that
started in the womb before they were born Jacob and Esau remember they were fighting before they were born and the hostility of Esau is
something you need to track all the way through your Bible or you
won’t really understand of all the different tribes the one thats singled out for judgment are the Edomites more
so than all the others the ever lasting hatred and now it continues to drive
events throughout our world today its driven by the the judgment against this
protagonist is mentioned in more old testament books than it is
against any other foreign nation so you need to understand do your
homework on who the Edomites are and yet very few observers can
identify its proponents in their contemporary forms that’s a trick see Ascent into the land of
Israel officially began in 586 BC with the destruction of
Jerusalem by the Babylonians the Babylonians took Jerusalem captive that’s when the Edomites
had their big chance they cheered the Babylonians on banged their heads of the infants
against the rocks they yelled you see them now quote that in Psalm
but their echoing what was said to them by the Edomites back when the Babylonians
were taking them captive a place called Hebron which is
about 19 miles south of Jerulsalem began their new frontier as the real estate was vacated because
the Babylonians where taking them slaves the Edomites moved in took over cheered, cheered the enemy’s on 3400 ft above sea level
established 1500 years earlier unlike Jerusalem was
left intact as prime real estate see you need to remember that
the Nabateans migrated out of Arabia into Edom and drove
the Edomites westward and directly west of Edom were
the established routes of passage, I’ll show you this
here on a map in a minute see land was historically more
prosperous and resourceful than the land of Edom unfertile deserts and jagged mountains Land bore a family association
Esau with Jacob the land vacated since the Jews were being
exported into captivity so Edom on your maps shows
south east of the dead sea that’s where it used to
be your maps are wrong because the Nabateans drove
the Edomites westward the land was better westward as the Nabateans drove them and they set up a map if you
get some of the early Roman maps in first century they will
show an area called Idumea that’s the Greek term of Edomite their capital was Hebron and so they prosper as Judah
is taken into slavery to the the Babylonia’s now something you may not know Hebron remained under Edomite
control until Judas Maccabeus retook the city under Jewish
control 164 BC we have the they threw off the Greek Empire they reestablished their own
leadership under that what we call the Hasmoneans what
most people don’t realize is that they the Edomites had to be
re conquered by the Jewish army under the prince and high
priest John Hyrcanus and Idumeans were forced
to either die or flee or be proselytized into Judaism so these were Edomites they either were killed or had to convert into Judaism that’s a
part of Jewish history you don’t hear much about so in Josephus you can check it out both in 1st Maccabees and
also in Josephus’ Antiquities now so to the Roman mind an Edomite is a near Jew he regards the Esau Jacob thing is a family feud so an Edomite to a Roman is a near Jew an almost Jew so when they appoint Edomite’s
to be in charge they think they’re picking the right guy 47 BC Julius Caesar promoted Idumean
Antipater as a procurator over Judea Samaria and Galilee ten years later the Romans
named Herod son of Antipater as a king over Israel and by the way his mother was a Nabatean one of those that drove the Edomites to Hebron the Idumean’s had five centuries
of prior history in Israel by the time of the arrival of Jesus 500 hundred years of history the struggle between Esau
and Jacob runs all through the Bible the Herods of the New
Testament were Edomites they weren’t Jewish they were Edomites one of them killed the Jewish
babes in his attempt to destroy Christ in Matthew 2 another Herod murdered John the Baptist another one killed James
the brother of John the struggle between the
Israelis and the Muslims today is but a continuation of the
same battle because Esau deliberately marries in to the Ishmaelite’s in the choice of the Jews worst enemy the Romans had two choices they want to rename the land in terms of their worst enemy they had
two choices they could call it Idumean or call it Philistia they chose Philistia as being
a more clearer crisper enemy so that the Latin
name was Palestinian Idumean’s were viewed as
practitioners of Judaism and not as great a enemy
as were the Philistines there are many who still appear
today as Jews but are really not and they might be the ones that Jesus
refers to twice in his letters those that say they are Jews but are
not they are of the synagogue of Satan the tents of Edom here’s some tents of Edom these are refugee camps that are quite famous the one your looking at
there has 97,000 occupants a Palestinian refugee camp are they all Edomites of course not are there Edomites there absolutely but anyway the Psalmist here in
Chapter 83 picking him up again he’s asking God to do to them as he did their previous
enemies do unto them as unto the Midianites
as to Sisera and Jabin at the brook of Kison which perished at Endor they became as dung for the earth do unto them as unto see the psalmist petitions God to
undertake destruction of their enemies as he did during the events of
the past thats what he’s asking for the Midianites the Arabian tribe
that descended from the Midian the 4th son of Abraham by Keturah they inhabited principally the desert
north of the peninsula of Arabia as to Sisera and Jabin Sisera was the captain of the host of Jabin a Canaanite king who reigned in Hazor routed by Barak on the plain
of Esdraelon killed by Jael its all in Judges
he’s making references from Judges 4, 5 here make their nobles like Oreb and
like Zeeb and yea like the princes these are the nobles the king
of the prince generals so forth the prince generals were Oreb and Zeeb Zebah and Zalmunna were
their kings but those four represented the people that God went to war against on their behalf he said let us make to ourselves
the houses of God in possession they were defeated by Gideon the Ephraim intercepted the midianites and slew with a great
slaughter and so forth the Psalmist goes on O God
make them like a wheel as the stubble before the wind as the fire burneth a wood and as a
flame setteth the mountains on fire so persecute them with thy Tempest
make them afraid with thy storm fill their faces with shame that
they may seek thy name O Lord see the Lord’s name is
the issue here strangely the Psalmist continues let them become
confounded and troubled forever yea let them be put to shame and perish that men may know that thou whose name alone is JEHOVAH art the most high over all the earth the Psalmist is asking God to establish his name over these losers that whose name alone is JEHOVAH that’s in contrast to Al-llah
or Allah the moon god apparently the only way the is
world going to know that God is God is for Him to move in judgment that’s what the Psalmist is presuming here well we also discover when Jesus
comes back I won’t get into the details here but you should
have perspective in Ezekiel 25-32 it lists seven nations Edom’s right in the middle
of these and is the worst of the bunch by the way but they’re all Islamic why are there seven for
completeness I guess interesting at the present time Israel
is surrounded by immediate neighbors committed to wiping
them off the map that describes us today doesn’t it pick up any paper any day and by the way it’s misleading
to represent them as Arabs that’s just a vestige of
a total totally ignorant uninformed press corps they’re not Arabs they’re Muslims there are a number of the
Muslims that are offended by being called Arab’s the Persians for example and others it would appear that there is
a pre requisite victory for Israel that will set the stage
for subsequent ill fated attempt of the outer-ring nations to seek spoil I think the success of Israel in Psalm 83 may
set the stage for them being an attractive target for Ezekiel 38 that’s my perception here what are the order of events I think
Israel’s regathered in land we’ve just seen that happen ancient cities
have been rebuilt and inhabited they meet Muslim and Arab
resistance of course Israel establishes an army for defense adjacent Muslim nations
confederate that’s what we’re seeing happen here confederacy committed to the destruction
of Israel is what were talking about a war starts between the
confederacy and Israel the titles regained my people, God
again speaks them as my people Israel as a non trivial label
that God would be using of them Israel decisively defeats the confederacy that’s the big thing and theres plenty
of verses for you check that out Israel then becomes an
exceedingly great army it’s an adverb it becomes vastly more powerful than it is today Israel takes prisoners of war we find Jeremiah 48 and elsewhere the region the whole region is reshaped they reshape it none of this you know west bank nonsense Israel expands its borders high time Israel then dwells securely in the land that fits the case that Ezekiel 38 seems to be describing okay so that’s a view point it’s not a widely held view point but it is for what it’s worth that’s a view but I wanna bring your
attention to something that somehow gets overlooked by so many there’s a third party
involved in Ezekiel 38 is a contest and 39 is the clean up afterwards but in 39 we have an interesting footnote Ezekiel 39:6 God says I will send a
fire on Magog no surprise Magog is investing in baiting Israel God is
protecting Israel from them so a fire set of Magog is no surprise sort of a summary statement of most of the verses that preceded this I will send fire on Magog and oh among them that dwell
carelessly in the aisles and they shall know that I am the Lord well now it’s a little footnote
little addition whats that all about and among them that dwell
carelessly in the isles in addition to Magog and Israel it appears to me there’s a
third party that gets tangled up in this some how somebody it’s not Magog because you already covered them it certainly isn’t Israel getting hit what is going on here a third party in the isles now there’s a troublesome word there is just a little Aleph-Yod
thing “iy” [pronounced ee] the word appears 36 times in the scripture it used isle 30 like an island somewhere islands in plural five times country its used as a country once and its apparently a remote pleasant
place is the way it seems to be used the isle’s it seems to suggest a coast an island or a shore that’s the way it seems to be used who are these people among
them that dwell carelessly on the shores or whatever some suggest even a remote continent okay maybe so that dwelt carelessly strange word in the Hebrew the word is betach it means but in false confidence it’s obviously false confidence
cause they’re gonna get clobered but they’re dwelling as if they’re safe thats what the word means really I will send fire on Magog and among
them that dwell carelessly in the isles and they shall know that I am the Lord boy I have wrestled this for some years trying to construct alter options alternatives who is this third party I don’t know don’t misunderstand me I don’t know could it be the US that’s why I tend to visualize the U. S.
saber-rattling on behalf of Israel Magog starting to make their moves
and the US says don’t do that or else whatever and there’s a line in the
sand or whatever you know we’re saber rattling on behalf and we got clobbered as a result do we become collateral damage it constitutes an overdue judgment so the question I get
confronted with when I travel with a Q&A we always have Q&A
after we speak for awhile the predictable questions why
hasn’t God judged America already I used to use Genesis 12:2-3 as a defense that’s why he hasn’t because we
stood for Israel not anymore we officially no longer stand for Israel there are people in the US that would like
to but our administration is notoriously pro Muslim but in any case could God use the war heads of Magog to be an instrument of His judgment of America boy it’s hard for me to come up with alternatives on that that one’s a tough one I wonder is this the reason that the United States
is conspicuously absent in all the remaining
eschatological references you go through the Bible
speaking of end time this that and the other at all these different
names all these different groups are well identified couple of subtleties we
wonder about it pretty much pretty clear we know Togarmah Gomah we
can track those things where’s the US it’s not it’s absent and that’s one of the reasons that I worry more about Ezekiel 39:6 then I do the EMP now I don’t have to worry about EMP
cause I’m in the southern hemisphere I had a lot of fun I have had a nice long phone call with Hal Lindsey a
dear friend of mine from way back and he’s saying Chuck why New
Zealand why are you in New Zealand I couldn’t help but try to pull
his leg a little bit, i said well Hal you know the number one vulnerability in the homeland homeland security is a EMP the way you avoid EMP is to
be in the other hemisphere thats the only sure defense against it theres a long pause on the phone
before he responded I said there’s another issue you know that everybody thats been in
the strategic arena nuclear with nukes has the belief that a nuclear
exchange is also inevitable it’s gonna happen some day and all the nuclear combatants
are in the northern hemisphere there’s Europe China Russia the US their all northen hemisphere thats why I’m in the southern hemisphere there’s a long pause the phone
before Hal realized I was just pulling his chain what I
said was true but thats not we’re not here for that reason
we’re here because God called us here a long time ago we’ve
been on the radio here for what 16 years something like that everyday no we are but I have to tell
you candidly I don’t know why God moved us here we’re here because He moved here and we enjoy it we love New
Zealand for a lot of reasons but the more I see us here
strategically the more comfortable I am that maybe one of the reasons
He’s had us established our headquarters in the southern hemisphere cause its distant from all
this other turmoil that clearly is coming one way or the other so with that I think I’ll let you close for a sincere prayer or two let’s bow our hearts Father we thank you for who you are
and we thank you for your guidance we thank you for your word we pray Father that through your
spirit you would guide each of us that we each might better comprehend what it is that
you would have each of us in the days ahead that we could be ever more effective
for you more pleasing in your sight as we deal with these uncertainties we do pray Father that we might
be effective for your agenda for your priorities not our own as we commit our way into your hands without any
reservations whatsoever we commit our way into your
hands in the name of Yeshua our lamb that was slain indeed we thank you for our coming king maranatha indeed Amen

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  1. What a treat it always is to enjoy the sound of Chuck's love for our Saviour, Yahshua,, Jesus Christ. Such a rich legacy he left for us all RIP Chuck. Not long now fella!

  2. I love me some Chuck missler I listen to him multiple times daily he never gets old I'm always eager for his teachings God bless u chuck and K-house

  3. Thank you Koinonia House for continuing to share the wisdom of God's word through such a remarkable insight of the late Chuck Missler, who taught me so very much as a young Christian, and helped give me the hunger for the solid food of God's word.

  4. I personally believe the 3rd party is the U.S.A. Because We seem to think we are the biggest and baddest in the earth(World of powerful Evil) We think We are the Power even more powerful than God Almighty Creator and Jesus His Son, Even our Pres, thinks he needs Not to ask Forgiveness from the LORD,YeHoVaH, Ruler of All things in Heaven and under the Heavens above*!*¤*!!!

  5. I have been watching and it appears we are entering into a solar minimum. In the Great Plains of the US the breadbasket of many nations has had a very poor year in agriculture. Likewise much of the world has struggled with bizarre weather throughout the year. Even here in Louisiana we had a hard freeze the first two nights of April!

    If this shortening of the growing season continues as it seems like it will (and has many times in history), then it would not be outlandish for military action over food growing regions. Would make sense if everyone was too busy with the problems food shortages bring to help Israel. Just a thought

  6. Prayer
    for Our Nation and Our President ~ Please Share…Dear Lord, thank You,
    that You are still on the Throne and that prayer can still change
    things…I thank You for answered prayer and for appointing Donald J.
    Trump as the leader of Your people and this great nation… Thank You,
    Father, that We the People came out in droves and elected Donald J.
    Trump by a landslide, regardless of what their stolen popular vote says.
    There are those who would contest our votes, contest the Will of Your
    People…We will not allow them to steal our future. You unclean,
    globalist, satanic, baby killers and your evil cohorts won't be
    feathering your nests at our expense any more!…America has spoken loud
    and clear…CAN YOU HEAR US NOW???

    There will be no perfect
    leader until Jesus returns, we know that. Until then, true Christians
    and true patriotic Americans are grateful to you, Father, for giving us a
    brave and strong leader in our new President. I have never been more
    grateful and more humbled in my life…I have never voted before, I have
    never cared before, but I promise I will never fail to exercise that
    God given right again…I want to say thank You, Jesus, for hearing our
    cries and for helping us avoid the greatest tragedy this nation has ever
    faced, and that is the loss of our sovereignty and being handed over to
    the New World Order Global Government, and we know that is the
    antichrist beast system….I am so proud of my fellow Americans for
    seeing through the lies and doing the right thing, and that is turning
    to You, Lord…thank You, Father, for moving the hearts of the people
    toward You and toward truth and good.

    Good is making an open show
    of evil, but, we must and we will be vigilant, for we know it is not
    against flesh and blood that we fight, but against principalities,
    against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world,
    against spiritual wickedness in high places. We also fight against an
    ignorant, intentionally dumbed down world that has left so many "unaware
    and compliant" and easily manipulated. God help us, send Your mighty
    warring Angels to our aid and use them to spoil, to confound the plans
    of these wicked that would sell an entire nation down the river and
    steal the sanctity of our electoral process… trip them in their own
    clever devices, cause their craft to wither in their hands, take their
    evil thoughts and ideas and turn them on their own selves. Like
    Nebuchadnezzar, turn their own mind against them until they are humble
    beasts of burden, grazing in the field, show them, make it clear to all
    the world that You are the Lord God Almighty and You are not mocked by
    these insulate, odorous demons from hell…show them that AMERICA IS
    STILL ONE NATION, UNDER GOD, INDIVISIBLE! Father, send them all to their
    cells, to await judgment, far away from the society that they work so
    hard to destroy…and forgive us, Lord, for being blindly led, for not
    seeking out the truth, for not investigating who they really are, but
    thank You, Father, for revealing the Truth to Your People, and thank You
    for the strength to stand in the face of adversity, to stand in this
    Day, having done all to stand.

    We realize the danger has not
    passed and satan knows he has but a short time and he is lashing out in
    every direction and on every front, causing as much chaos and confusion
    as he can…We must all pray that minds and hearts continue to open to
    Jesus…Four, even eight years roll around real fast and the election in
    2018 is just as important as 2016…They almost caught us unaware this
    time; we will watch, we won' t let that happen again; we will not become
    complacent and go back to sleep. We hold our new leader, President
    Donald J. Trump, up to You and ask for Your Divine and Supernatural
    protection over him and his family at all times, particularly now, when
    those that seek to harm him and our nation are so desperate…the
    criminals are being cornered like rats; they will lash out violently,
    desperately and indiscriminately.

    I trust my God and my President
    and I trust that HE is working in and through him…We are told to pray
    for the leaders of our Nation…I must admit, the only prayer I ever
    prayed for traitor 44 and all his evil minions, was that the Lord cast
    the demons from our midst…unfortunately, he and they are still there,
    still in the background, weaving their web of deceit against our beloved
    President and the American People and our Country, our way of
    life…the Lord will capture and bind them in their own deceit…like
    Comey's testimony before the Senate hearing on June 8, 2016, and many
    others since, the Lord will use their own tongue and words to betray
    them all and bring down the stronghold of the wicked leaders in DC and
    all over the Nation, including the vile liberal federal judges that were
    appointed by traitor 44, and are fighting our President's every
    action…I bind them all and I cast these wicked down, and lift up good
    men and women judges that will put our nation and our constitution and
    our sovereignty and our People first…put America first!

    the fourth estate liberal media is spinning it's wheels and screaming
    Russia, Russia, Russia…our President is quietly in the background
    busily doing the people's business and keeping promises he made in hope
    that when the left sees all the good he has done for our nation, thereby
    the world, they will come to reason and we will all have a kumbayah
    moment…I would love to think that will be true, but it never will be
    because peace and prosperity is not what the globalist want for
    America…they want us broken and destitute and on our knees to the New
    Word Order Globalist antichrist beast system and they want us forever
    sucking on the teat of the International bankers…Had Hillary won, we
    would already be in the death throws of a bloody civil war because
    65,000,000 plus American Patriots would not let it go down like that.

    Lord, You said You would confound the plans of the wicked and lay the
    crooked path straight…and, Lord, for those who disparage our President
    because they say You would never appoint such a person, to them I say
    read the Word of God…time after time, the Lord has used imperfect men
    to achieve His end…Moses, Paul and David were all murderers…Paul
    murdered hundreds if not thousands of Christians, yet the Lord used them
    all in mighty ways…or, consider Cyrus, he was a pagan Persian King
    who God used to release the Israelites out of Babylonian captivity and
    even helped them to rebuild Jerusalem and the temple. …right now, our
    country needs a Chief Executive Officer and a born leader, not a
    Pastor…we have enough of those and most are evil wolves in sheep's
    clothing… to these naysayers, these Pharisees, I say, put your rocks
    back in your pockets, you have no place to judge this man and what God
    is using him to do…I thank You for this and in all things. Vengeance
    is Yours, Father, and soon, the wicked that mock You and our President
    and seek to destroy him and our America and our way of life, God said
    they shall have their reward…we must pray for President Trump every
    day, no ordinary man can withstand what he is up against without the
    supernatural strength and protection from our Lord. However, to truly
    change the plight of our nation and our own lives, we must do the
    hardest thing of all, we must pray for our enemies, pray that the Lord
    bless and keep them and change them and save their souls, and for those
    who don't repent and turn to our Lord, again, they will have their
    reward… in Jesus' Sweet Name I pray…Amen.

    Even so, come
    quickly, Lord Jesus…I had a wide awake, open vision of the Lord's
    return in 1976 when I was 13 years old. Thank you for taking time to
    view and share…the hour is late, the harvest is great, but the
    laborers are few…Maranatha!…. …My Vision of the Return of Jesus
    Christ–TNZzsxc Shelia November 9, 2016

  7. I view Ezekiel ch 38 & 39 reflective of Revelations ch 16, not only because of the war but the catastrophic calamities listed as well: massive earthquake, hail ect! They replicate each other very well. I was hoping Mr Missler would’ve gotten into that. No one need agree on these particular things completely because some things are yet to be revealed. I do learn so much by watching Mr Chuck. Grateful his KH still puts his stuff out! Ty!

  8. I hardly know my own truth,how could someone in the outside know more than me…no one but me and God…people who try to explain what i am are all FALSE PROPHETS…Trust i am here and this is my word

  9. Wow I am in laughter. The Lord Jehovah-jireh and The Son Jesus has had me so wrapped up in studying the New Testament, I haven't had the time to really get into the Old Testament, also due to my age. Psalm 2: 4 I literally experienced a small portion of God's laugh (and a small portion of God's laugh is huge to me LOL, I am in tears).

    The Lord is great, He even has a sense of humor. Praise Jehovah-jireh, and Praise Jesus. Even this Pastor experiences God's laughter at 8:11 10:42 and again at 10:58 . You know you're in the right place, when your spirits speak the same to each other.

  10. Nation's like the Soviet Union or the Leaders of the European Union are in league with Satan and do battle against God. Zionist Jews have no other god than Satan, they have always battled against our God. See John:8.

  11. fantastic Work, I totally liked it!, See this New Album 'Monish Jasbird – Death Blow', channel link , you can try 🙂

  12. You know who I am people. I wish I had known this man.
    I have so many questions and I think he could have pointed me a direction to go to continue my thirst for knowledge. But you probably also know that I have a really really hard time with some of the rituals that religion practices. I do not believe in RELIGION ! I am not a Christian AS YOU CONSIDER one. I believe that Jesus was the begotten son of the One CREATOR OF ALL- I don’t believe in the trinity. I know what happens when men pretend to know something that they do not.
    I know right from wrong. You feel it inside. We call it that LITTLE VOICE TELLING YOU….
    It’s always right. You learn to listen.then it doesn’t speak so much unless it’s something serious. Or you learn to stay out of situations. Its telling me that by putting a material form in the position of non physical existence,, can not happen.
    But it’s possible the other way. Non to material. Bible says that. I agree. But I can’t in any way put anything or anyone before God. And Jesus is his son and prophet. Born to women.

  13. Nukes exist. Therefore, they will be used one day. No weapon ever developed by man has "not" been used sooner or later. If it exist, it will be used. From the long bow to the machine gun to nuclear weapons. It's just a matter of when. And who will pull the trigger first. Good stuff.

  14. Gog, the summer sun, sleeps on an iron bed during winter. Magog (opposite gog) takes over the sun god duties during the winter. Gog and Magog are pilfered from Hindu mythology.

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