Being Aware of Shadows and Bright Spots in Water for Horses
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Being Aware of Shadows and Bright Spots in Water for Horses

August 17, 2019

Well, that’s looking pretty good. Nice little project that we worked on over
the weekend and came along well. Hoping for some good results when it starts
to rain, pretty hot days here in B.C. no rain, so we actually don’t even need this drainage
but it’s going to come in handy when it does start to rain. Which it will. Hey Buddy. Horses.. ok so I’ve got a quick clip here
that I want to show you done on a trail ride that was a little early in the morning so
sometimes you get those lights and darks and to combine that with water that’s moving and
has ripples and gives a little bit of an illusion to the horse’s eyes, sometimes to human eyes
as well that there could be some deep spots or shallow spots or.. the lights and the darks. So I’m going to cover that in this video here,
I’ll narrate it a little bit as I go through it and hopefully enjoy. So thanks for watching. Might as well put myself in frame, alright
so another day trail riding with Benny and we’re doing a little bit of water practice
today and the thing about this though is that it’s early morning so it’s not well lit and
by the meaning of that, I’ll show you here, you can see down on the ground. I’ll just stop Benny for a second that we’ve
got these lights and dark areas and.. ok, Mr. Busy Pants. ok so back to our light and dark areas, we’ll
just wander over this way again. Now when you come up to a spot like this,
you can see we’ve got a real sharp sort of silhouette, hmm, looks kind of good. These kinds of lights and darks to horses
are hard to determine exactly what’s happening the dark spots are kind of, we’ve got a reflection,
but the dark spots look like they’re deeper, the bright spots look like they’re not as
deep. Nope, we’re not leaving yet. Anyhow, so the reason we practice this stuff
is to get him used to the idea that we’re just going to walk around in water, there
will be reflections, there will be lights and darks and bright spots and deep spots
and shallow spots and all kinds of stuff. This really bright spot that we made it back
to, is very shallow so it’s actually very easy to walk in, so it’s just very good practice
for getting around in water, getting used to rushing water, moving water and hopefully
have him just stay calm and cool about it. Beautiful day, absolutely wonderful, it’s
9:30 or so in the morning or something, we’ve just got some amazing scenery going on as
you can see, definitely one of my favorite spots to come to, the river bed is just this
nice river rock. Oh yeah, pro tip, not sure if it’s a “pro”
tip but, hang on Benny stop for a sec, thanks. Walking your horse in water like this is great
for their hooves, if they need a little bit of a trim, they’ll actually just wear themselves. Benny, just be cool. They’ll wear their hooves down just nicely
along the edges and stuff like that and anything that needed to kind of exfoliate off will
actually get moist, this is good practice as well for having your horse get quiet even
though this isn’t naturally a spot where they’d be quiet. Horses don’t just stand around in water, but
this would be good practice. Anyhow so they’ll wear their hooves down a
little bit and anything that was going to exfoliate will exfoliate a little bit easier
here because it’s wet and moist and the river rock isn’t sharp but, hey! let’s go back to
where we were, come here, good, well, it just takes practice. Stand. Stand.. anyways so the river rock because
it’s kind of soft and not sharp, even though there is some sand and smaller ones in there
will just nicely exfoliate off the stuff that needs to come off while not sort of chipping
off the stuff that doesn’t need to come off. So, still trying to hold Benny in one spot. He’s getting there. It’s a good day, beautiful, we’re going to
continue on hopefully head that way, so here we go. It’s getting deeper over here. Benny is keen to go that way, back the way
we came. I’ll go this way

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