Beloved Mounted Patrol Horse Retires
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Beloved Mounted Patrol Horse Retires

October 22, 2019

oh good memories we’ve worked all over
the state with the Super Bowl Republican National Convention black college
reunion football games in Orlando you know hundreds of searches thousands of
hours of working with him throughout the last 20 years well you know he came to
us you know 20 years ago and rich was able to find the horse and you know
right away when he found his way to the barn you know we kind of he’s a gentle
giant obviously you know he’s just been a really good rock-solid horse from the
minute he got here his calm disposition and demeanor you know which is what we
look for in all of our police horses he obviously had that as you can see yeah
not much bothers him and that’s this is one of the horses that when we have
large events and large crowd control things at all these different venues
around the state and around the county he’s the one we rely on I’m listening yeah they have we missing
anyway I come in yeah he’s he’s always been a really
really good horse all the events no matter where you go out in public
everybody always asked about if he’s not out there they’ll say where’s that
really big horse and some of them knowing by name many of them all all the
kids that you know I’ve been to the hundreds of demos and stuff that he’s
worked at the schools and you know whether it’s daycares they all ask about
justice or Big Joe as his I guess is his barn name and you know so he’s really
really gonna be missed you know I really believe that everybody has kind of like
a once in a lifetime horse and I know that Joe is that horse for rich you know
we’ve all had them you know like I’ve said before we can fill their stalls but
we can never replace them

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