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BEMER Vet Horse Model

August 17, 2019

I’m Linda telling to Jones and it’s my pleasure to introduce this new Beamer veterinary line the Beamer leads to calmer horses and it promotes recovery and regeneration it’s my pleasure to introduce Nedley story she is the owner and the director of this wonderful rehab center and she’s also uses telling tantino church for her rehab and for her riding lessons and her program of training horses so Natalie where is the Beemer blanket it’s right here and so little a piece so let’s take it out and take a look this beautiful carrying case I am very much in love with so just look at this so light and so practical and so easy to store and to carry and it has absolutely amazing effect that we want to show you in this little orange box is the amazing technology the brains and the energy that makes the Beemer veterinary line work we’ll show you just how it works on the horse now so we want to you to see just what this looks like absolutely beautiful colors we’re getting so many compliments on this color and the fact that in such a light easy to move blanket the enhancement of this horses wellbeing is incredible so let you put that on this compact light weight is especially welcome to grooms and anyone who has put heavy therapy blankets on horses recently the groom of a gold medal winning horse commented to me on how relaxed the horse was that we were beaming in just a few minutes wearing the Beamer vet this particular horse was resistant and not happy wearing the heavy therapy blanket and look at this normally a blanket has to cover a large area to have an effect but the Beamer signal emanates from coils in the blanket and affects a wider area than directly covered so you can see that you can adjust this for a much smaller horse and that just middle parts tux forward and then you can adjust that to fit the size of the horse that you want and one of the things I really want to point out here is that when somebody first look at this blanket they say why doesn’t cover the whole horse because we don’t need it this amazing signal activates the circulation all along the spine and all down the sides which we’ll show you with the scanner and the advantage of having this smaller lighter blanket is that it can be used in the hot summer so this is it really brilliant adaptation here because we can make it for a very broad chested actually draft horse to a pony and it will fit all of them this beautiful little box holds the battery and actually the brains that stimulates the Bieber unique signal so I just press and hold and you get these three lights indicating that we’re fully charged here now if I want to turn on the five minute I just press and release and you see it goes on and it will stay on for five minutes if I want to turn it off I just press and hold and the whole thing goes off a fully charged battery will provide energy for twenty sessions of the 15-minute high intensity I advise that you work up slowly except in the case where you really need a boost first of all you’ll see as they they will begin to relax the head will start to drop you’ll often see more blinking you’ll get licking and chewing and often deep yawns and deep breath and then you’ll see if you see the horse here resting often what I find is that they’ll rest one foot and then rest the other foot a trainer recently asked me well doesn’t this make the horse too relaxed and that is not our experience you let the horse take a break after and then you get on them and what we find is that horses have this calm forward relaxed and enthusiastic energy this is the Beamer accessory that goes either around the neck or on the legs it has its own battery so now we’ve actually reversed the wrap on the leg so normally you stand the horse in the cross size to do the Bema but I just wanted to show in this way he cannot lower his head so a tip that I’d like to show you is lengthen these cross ties so by attaching the cross ties higher you can see that now he can actually extend his head and in order to get the full benefit of the Beamer you want them to go into that relaxed state of the parasympathetic nervous system which is with the lowered head I’m frequently asked why I’m so passionate about sharing this Beamer information it’s because I love cells and Beamer is about enhancing the nutrients and the health of the cells and my work telling to t-touch is about enhancing and supporting cell communication what I find in my passion is bringing the story of Beemer for your horse and for yourself and I wouldn’t be with it one day without my own Beamer and I believe those of you who begin to use this wonderful technology will feel the same way with your horses so check out the Beamer products and join me and a million other people in 43 countries who have discovered the health enhancing Beamer for our lives so one of the reasons that I have so much energy and can run around the world sharing this wonderful work is because every day I’m on my own Beamer I travel with it I sleep on it twice at night and twice a day for eight minutes get on it and what it does for the rider and for me is enhance energy it’s it’s improved my eyesight two lines in the last year my hearing is improved because I’m 79 and I’m like full of passion and enthusiasm and this idea of increased blood flow that carries the nutrients and the oxygen to my cells throughout my body and gets rid of the waste check this out for the rider and for your horse and you will have a whole other sense of well-being you

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