Best Bike Race Ever on Earth
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Best Bike Race Ever on Earth

October 31, 2019

Mommy: Moosya, stop and cheese! Mommy: Give daddy a cheese! Mommy: Say “Hello, Daddy!” Mommy: It’s meeee… Daddy: Very good! Announcer: Communicate, drink water, eat cookies, and enjoy! Announcer: Dear contestants, we remind you that our bikers finish at an enormous speed. Announcer: So, please, once finished, step back from the finish zone so that the contestant could have a chance to brake. September 4, 2016. Finisher

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  1. Классно катаетесь на велосипеде, ловите лайк от нас

  2. Thank You Friend, ‘Nice video, 👍👍👍👍👍 BIG THUMBS UP,
    Love ya dearly! Cheers OXOX

  3. Лайк90 от Ники. Заходите в гости.Друзьям на просмотры и лайки, отвечаем просмотрами и лайками.

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  5. Excellent video, I really liked it, you have a wonderful channel! I enjoyed watching your video love Anna and Grace xxxxxxxxxx

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  7. Cool video! We really enjoyed. Thumb up! Great mood and have a nice day!

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  9. ♫•*(¯`v´¯) ¸.•*❤ Super so sweeet…thumbs up!!!108 and warm Sunshine from me
    *◦.(¯`:☼:´¯) ♥
    ♥.✿.(.^.)•.¸¸.•`*•.¸¸✿have a great Sunday *❤ Marion

  10. excellent video my friend …for sure a big thumbs up and a happy and sunny rest of the week ..much love ann

  11. лайк нашим друзьям за интересное видео! забегайте к нам тоже в гости!будем рады!

  12. 🌼❣ Great video 🙂 I am away in 🏝️Bali🏝️ at the moment and slowly catching up on everyone's videos :)🌼 Liked xox 👍

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