BEST TWINS WIN $1000 Challenge w/ The Norris Nuts
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BEST TWINS WIN $1000 Challenge w/ The Norris Nuts

August 14, 2019

(Song: We the #Legends) Today, we’re going to be competing in five different challenges. Sockie, You forgot to say that they were fun too Five different fun challenges Sockie, You’re acting a little too much like Morgz. The Norris Nut who wins the most points by the end of this video WILL WIN A THOUSAND DOLLARS Martin! (Laughter) We’re doing a twin challenge And which pair of norris nuts do you think the twin pair should be? Sabre and me? or Naz and me or Sabre and Biggy? Or me and Naz? Or Sockie and me? (Laughter) So Sabre is right now about to come into the toilet, She’s going to come around this corner And I’m going to shout ‘Boo’ I’m going to sit on the toilet Did you get scared? (Screaming) We’re about to find out what the legends picked for us to be in twin teams Sockie: Sabre and sockie and Biggy and Naz- there are a lot of people saying that right now Sockie: Sabre and Sockie, Sockie and Biggy!? And Sabre and Naz Naz and Sabre Sockie and Biggy, Biggy and Sockie I pick Biggy and Sockie and Sabre and Naz So my twin will be Naz My twin will be Sockie! (Screaming) You’re going down No, You’re going down! I think it will be easy for Sockie and me cause always the times when we go skating, Old people come up to us and say “Are you guys twins?” And we are like “Noooo” Naz: No, that’s always Sabre and me Biggy: But the height is so low Sabre:But-But not for much longer Naz you’ll catch up to me soon (Laughter) Papa: What happened? Papa: Want some help? Sabre: Challenge number 1 is the shopping challenge Biggy: This involves each norris nut twin pair to go shopping and buy identical matching outfits Sabre: Fashion guru, Justin Neville Norris, will be judging the Norris Nuts outfit to see which twin pair look the most alike Biggy: And yea! Sabre: I’m personally voting for Sabre and Nazzy Biggy: Hoho really? I think Sockie and Biggy by the way (Sarcastic laughter) Mama: Do you realise that you’re the fashion guru master who will be judging the outfits? Naz: I have to leave Bunny in the car so I don’t lose it Biggy: Welcome to the Biggy Wilderness, we found a deadly slender man in the parking lot Biggy: Oh my gosh it’s attacking me! Guys, help Mama: Each team’s budget is a hundred and fifty dollars Mama: The Norris nuts who can look most like twins at the end of one hour One hour? Mama: Will win the challenge Sabre: We have to look for *inaudible like shoes and accessories Sabre: and a dress Mama: Would you like to grab your camera guys? Biggy: I’ll grab it Sockie: No, I’ll grab it Come on! I’m running as fast as I can! Let’s get matching donuts! Matching donuts? What do you mean, matching donuts? Sabre: We’re gonna be lucky because I think I can squish into a size 8 Pause! It’s the pause challenge, Sockie (Laughing) Nazzy: Sabre, this is so fancy Sabre: Woah Sockie: Biggy and me thought of a plan- so the top half is going to be boy clothes Sockie: And the bottom half’s going to be girl clothes Nazzy: Cat ears! Sabre: No I was thinking we go to a jewellery store Sockie: Go Biggs scare the crap out of them (Screaming) , In the boys’ section, Biggy please pick like a jumper since it’s really cold today I reckon is Sockie was here, she would definitely pick that…Harry Potter Biggy, Not that Biggy: It just stands out so much than a *inaudible It just looks… That looks so bad Sabre: Oh, do you reckon Naz? Biggy, tell us why you want to buy those tops Because they are so identical and matching and they are $3 Oh my god, $3?! We are going to go to target now Right now we are in the socks section, we are trying to find the cheapest socks ever I really hope we win this challenge because Nazzy and me are really girly girls and we are really into fashion So we better win this challenge I reckon this plain old black ones oh my gosh, why not something creative like I don’t do creative *Biggy Kung Fu yells* Let’s get that No wait wait Naz We just have to like think really hard Legends, I’m just using my phone, I’m trying to scare the crap out of Biggy I’m going to try and get him back for calling me a slenderman Wait it says- (Laughter) Biggy: Slenderman (Laughter) Biggy: That’s sad. That’s so sad Sockie: Aww, she’s vloging on her iPhone It’s 2019 mom You’re crush got the package Babe, we got a package Oh no, Oh no, it’s the dad Do reckon that’s kind of cute? Naz: It’s more like a jumper Ah, kay What shoes you’d reckon? Nazzy: That’s really nice, maybe we should get that Shopping is so bad, I want to go to bed I’m so tired I hate shopping too we’re twinsies, we’re twinsies! On that one Oh yea, we are twins! That’s so cute! But I don’t suit fluro But it’s so cute! We are getting the most comfortable shoes here Slippers! i think they’re too small Sabre:We haven’t got one piece of our outfit! We’re gonna do a try-on-a-thong Starts now What’s a try-on-a-thong? It’s like ah when you try on things, but it’s like a marathon but you try on things a try-on-a-thong I learnt it from dork diaries (Stockiest shame laughter) Cringy That looks too small… like kiddish Option 1 Muddy puddles! Moonwalk! Both: Moonwalk *Upbeat music playing* Their way too big Naz we’re not going to a party man Option 2 Challenge – twin telepathy of mine during each twin step We’ll have to place a food order and restaurant if your tweets or the same foods you you get point But they’re gonna come back I’m pretty sure I don’t think so I think they are Are you twins ready? Yeah, and just to raise the stakes a little bit if you order the exact same food Get to eat it Sake and big so confident. All right going We’ve been not as well as sketch. Oh, yeah you better come but I don’t know why she can’t let Fullwood Sableye Sableye babies older you Ordering my favorite donor save it all in one strike out there I think today Thursday She gets the same thing as me biggie. I hope we win this one. Could I have two camel, please? Sorry. Thank you I can tell you All the others but they don’t know I’m ordering more Sookie I haven’t got time to film you. I need to be mind her eating What is that – getting got the donor? when I doesn’t So now if you like two pizzas you might get strawberry jam they should make in the clay Which is my favorite doughnut just because I like it so I think something more reasonable Would you think evening someone’s get out in time if we make this one up we get to eat the donut What are you I work at them. I are going to be the cow look pull it drop it each player Who does that save his favorite? I? Have a finish the pink girl Because he likes your room and she likes like that. So Sabres ordering and you guys eat doughnuts are you going to share we saver – I really have to dry. Hey Big E. Do you reckon they’re getting at the point not? Oh, you’re acting like you and me like our brain seems so a lot like I might be bit small But I do everything together, honey We’re gonna win Next is remember something simple very popular She got it begins, right? Don’t show anyone give it to me. Look. Let me go home. Have you ever heard the saying great minds feet boy. I Kept on using order one make our most popular food and Sebacean a tree be on you get c1 reading minority minority outside lane. Yeah was big Netley Yeah, when dragging Stuckey’s getting young I’m going to a sketchy board like a chocolate six, right Nazz. I really really hope that you got Did you get a cool pounder cheeseburgers be back doing a fish, baby No, she’s allergic to fish plus. I don’t even know half of the things on the menu here sake what you get With some biggie you got this think of that Can be it sound like chips don’t know why I do that like, oh, maybe it’s chips I really want this point and then if we get it we can eat it. I don’t think you gonna get me I don’t think you’re gonna get it Yeah I really hope I can’t No, Jack and B G’s class. He’s actually in unlocking back or not. Yeah bees are great Hey, can I please have I’ve never seen somebody so worried you look nervous. Are you nervous? Cuz you’re gonna weed out They don’t know because you’re worried about the order. It’s been bowling. I Have read a piece and I don’t see I’m gonna get the old arrived, but we’ll see Or you like a nice point like the same thing is more bad whole battery would get to eat our food and get a point But how did it were a boy from them though I might eat sir Yes, yeah, alright now I’m gonna be eating guys Where’s that means someone’s lost Maybe Jane is actually going away. I was like damn or maybe is feeding food. I put you off your game Oh that looks good nice Yeah, and your team will definitely get a point for this round I’m worried about what sucking me though. I do it cuz your back looks so small. Yeah. Alright so scary legs that thing You’re one Popular And you yeah, I’m not joking being I’m never in there. He’s crushed like posted like a video things like Package. Yeah, Oh quick quick. Let’s go be Thank-yous, you crash got the package we think it’s in your bag you Good I gotta you need react to it. Oh right way another completely. Oh Do you think tsunami likes biggie? So I feel very nervous because I can’t get my hopes up too high And you know I’m kind of Gorgeous My husband Sit easels got bigger muscles than you Anything for Danny C’s name? You don’t even know your in-laws names. No. Yeah, I do. I’m saying it right It’s a secret I have thanks from you Our keys got bigger muscles Andy Chester days It was hard You look soft and pity its be from the Norris. I Don’t want any drama. Okay, like if bees being out of line just tell us and we’ll get on to it. Okay. Oh boy any whales doing that to Mike my god my daughters so I’m happy to work with you Mike He’s doing the right things he’s just protecting out, you know, Tara what a baby with my daughters as well So I need to get to say anything you’re wrong because top It’s a prank everything is for your death Yeah, he says like this this is ezel Ezel diesel diesel. It’s like he says to diesel That right Think so cool. Thank you for everything you sent to me Unfortunately, you cannot be sending stuff to us because especially chocolates If we go to America, I mean, yeah It’s not things with cities to diesel once gifts and then hey I need to get my Lamborghini but it doesn’t Lucas memory said show people you told me to Julia. What would you like yogurt? No, it’s like a sort of a song on there’s like these. Oh, okay Diesel, so it is with me man, man. I’ll never do anything. Bad to snow me I always protect her and If anything a bad guy comes I’ll get a baseball and I’ll wipe the bag. I can defence an army for you Challenge 3 Instagram photo shooting a nurse at swim pants wet take a photo for Instagram that you look the most like tweet Its neck and neck now each team of battling it out And as you said moving their plate to my calculations really ocotilla to just not be in something You have 20 minutes to get the best Instagram tweening photo. Here’s your camera Here’s your camera winner gets a point. Now you’re both on a tie. So the winner of this will win the challenge and Wyck $1,000 – maybe but with that big Ready Set Ticking away, okay, these team look like they’re not caring too much Sake you both have to be in the same photo because it’s a tween And this team over here Is fighting quite bad now go over to like the place where we’ve got the face shape for the merge So you go shop around say button nose and they’re having massive fights over there, okay, so don’t hit the hard to Hold the camera while we pose like honestly, they can’t we just get a fall down The bellboy, okay I Can’t press the button guys that’s cheating. I’m just documenting you guys biggie daddy Right we are I’m thinking of ideas legends and the shots are amazing ladies drink another very good strange Right, nope free to plunge wait This one looks like gentoku. We’ve got some pretty good ones. I father we get tried different location Good face. No, this is perfect They put your legs up. We show our shoes off you, honey You need a boy like a tsunami down her Instagram and I was a Maltese. She’s like she looks great and everything Ready it’s clean. We like wall of my boots. I say open your mouth Down Right you cut my boot further back House we call that one I do it at this tiny little bump here Don’t we Yeah, help me back back idea Sir, can we put the camera there? Then we’ve got like this in the background. I think it’d look nice We just have to block the stop sign because I don’t think the stops are not that good You look up there be no noise. That was my sake my face. Looks like I’m boy in my brain That’s a good thing. My boy face is good. My boy face like Okay, let’s all that hard walking in their shoes Spay up my boy and you do Three two one Okay, you like that photo song like I want to stand down you look in the magazine and you see girls just doing the exact Same post and then you see me dressed like this as a Thai girl right now. I’ve actually had boys one. Look you Take care of boy one. I don’t yeah a boy boy Chuck you want to be a tiger? This is how were on like these then we need to do something better than just tiger dude Like is I think again the way one is beautiful It’s time for the final round whoever wins this wins the 1,003 everything rides on this Twink team saber and nice talk us through your photos Na’vi swinging on the swing we couldn’t swing in time So we had the swing Just from the bottom. No, it’s good It’s one little my favourite. I really like I’ve been looking at this Sun at all on the Stars It’s kind of a really pretty one even a dress is tucked up. It really connected to me. Yeah Okay, what’s he said, what’d you give him out of 100 Justin Oh That could be the waiting school Okay, Sookie and piggies turn next talk us through your photos it looks the same This is born love happy faces, I look a little bit weak We’re on a bridge holding these it’s bull can wear different tenders Can I steal our video so do either way so we just like I did a pool way Bon Appetit We took a selfie if this is not any kid would be taking a silly selfie with that, but the bear friends or siblings This is what we did. We just decided to take a selfie and the bush the trees glowing in the background any Time and any is there any reason why your mouth is so open? Yeah Number three this represents two kids and the boys not knowing what to do Let’s like take out that phone just to remember this moment Yeah, baby, no steering these and son. We’re still is the camera connecting with the Blood the background don’t you book? Will you pull over thing? I do think I’m looking at you and you think other than straight. So, uh Okay, Justin. So that’s all the photos you gave this team 90 points Even as we

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