Betfair trading – Using form lines to help your trades on Horse Racing
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Betfair trading – Using form lines to help your trades on Horse Racing

August 18, 2019

so when you’re looking at a horse racing
market there are lots of clues all over the market in terms of how you think the
market will develop and how people will bet on it and if you know how people
will bet on it then you can actively trade it so what are those clues what is
the major one that we’re going to be looking at that’s what we’re going to be
talking about in this video if you’re interested in learning to trade on
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you want a notification of new videos as they’re released so if we look at the
racing markets and they follow a predictable cycle I have talked about
seasonality in racing I think sometimes the importance of that has been lost on
people but basically we get the jump season that occurs we get the flat turf
season and then we get some more rental racing the sandwiched in between both of
those at different times of the year in the height of the summer there is no
all-weather racing but in the height of the winter there’s plenty because it’s
sort of filling the gaps fairly frequently but each one of these codes
has a start and a finish to the season and at the moment were at the entry
Grand National meeting we’re actually coming to the tail end of the jump
season so basically all the jumps horses will be put out to pasture for the
summer I’ll say all of them not all of them because there are some summer
jumpers that take place and that are trained to race in the summer on harder
ground but typically that’s a minority and you know the jumps race is really
tails off and then the flat races starts to come to prominence so that affects
the way then the markets trades and the types of markets that you’re likely to
see it has a direct impact on the betting activity simply because of this
regular cycle so the best way to understand this is to actually have a
look at some of this and the first race that we have up today is at Aintree it’s
a grade three handicap hurdle so what this is telling you because it’s a grade
three it’s a high quality race and because it’s a handicap race each of
these horses must have had a form when a horse comes out for the first
time and it’s never raced before it’s a maiden and basically will go into a
maiden race so people don’t really have a clue you may be able to work out from
their lineage who the siren dam was basically where or how they think the
horse may run but generally it’s like an open card you don’t really know how a
horse is going to run until it actually runs so if you have a race where horses
have not won then necessarily that is going to influence how people bet on it
they may they may or may not like something about that particular horse or
heard something about that horse and that influences the way that the market
trades so if we look at this handicap hurdle we can tell because it’s a
handicap it’s a competitive market anyway and because it’s a high-quality
handicap it’s a very competitive market but let’s have a look at the form so if
we look at the favorite here if we actually move our mouse over the top of
the jockey silks it shows up additional information so we can see who’s riding
it who the trainer is and also what the form is so this horse if I just move it
back over because it will timeout is five years old and is carrying 144
pounds now if we look at the form then we can actually see that the form reads
one two three four funny enough you read form from right to left so this has
finished fourth third second and then it finally won and its favorite in this
particular race so if we go down each one of these it and the last time it ran
was 90 days ago if we look down each one of these you can see at the forum so
this form here is saying it finished fourth it finished first there’s just
been a horse withdrawn here isn’t that funny wait for me has just been
withdrawn from this race so if we go down here again I’ve lost the one that I
was looking at was it this one it was this one
it finished fourth it won its previous race and then it was pulled up and then
you see this – so that was the previous season basically so you can see
basically as we go down you can get a view on how each one of these horses ran
and what they did so this one has an F in it so that did that indicates that
the horse fell a P would be a pulled up but you can basically see there are
quite strong form lines here you know they the market probably roughly knows
what the price should be on each one of these particular runners so that would
give you a clue you know if the price and something absolutely plunges in for
apparently no apparent reason there may be no apparent reason for that and
therefore you know maybe the price will start to head back in the other
direction now let’s look at the first flat race of the day so if I look at the
first flat race it is a novice Stakes at Leicester so a novice Stakes would be
where horses the the exact definition would be that they haven’t won on that
particular type of race this season so the horse will retain its novice rating
if I’m trying it I’ve actually got the definition over here correctly so the
definition is a novice race is a horse which is not run in a particular type of
race prior to the start of the current season a novice remains another until
the end of the season in which it gains his first win in that particular carrot
ham category no matter how many wins it achieves so there you go there’s
definition for each one of these races I’m not an absolute total racing expert
but you tend to find a novice races and that you get unraised horses because
these could be horses that fall into that tight definition that we’ve just
written power spoken out but it could also mean that these are horses that
qualify that basically have no form lines whatsoever so let’s have a look at
this novice race here again if we move our mouse over the top here you can see
this particular horse the favorite in this race does have perform line you
finished third six days ago so you can see that you know it does have a little
bit of form so let’s have a look at some of these others and when we go down here
form nothing form nothing form nothing form nothing
and if we follow this list all the way down I bet you that each one of these
has absolutely no form apart from the favour and that is because we’re in the
early part of the flat Caesar so races where the horses never won
before are called maiden races and they could be horses that are completely
unrest or horses that are just so bad that they’ve never won and you can see a
novice race is a variation on that so that’s why you know stumbling a bit
about the exact definition of a novice because that’s what I know a novice
races is a variation of a maiden where horses may have form whereas a maiden
could be low quality officers they’ve never won a race or it could be horses
that have never raced before but you know I will casually glance at the types
of races that we’ve got in front of us and also the form lines to get a clue as
to what we’re seeing so you know if you look at how those two individual races
will trade they will trade fairly differently because when we look at the
race that’s got lots of form lines people will probably have a very good
view on what they think should be the right price in that type of race whereas
if we look at all but the favorite in this race nobody has a clue how these
horses are going to run because they have no form lines they’re fresh out and
if we if we look at some food for example here you can see it’s a two year
it’s a two year old we can see that if we go down this list here if we look at
the age stroke weight you can see that they’re all two-year-olds so this is
when horses come out and run for the first time so these are horses that are
out on the turf for the very first time that they’ve ever decided to race so
they may be a little bit nervous they probably never run in those conditions
before and so the market will be much more uncertain but if you know it could
be that somebody’s got the word and heard that one of these horses is it ran
well on the gallops and you know it’s they’re they’re very confident the yard
is very confident about so Gamble’s a much more likely to appear on a race
like this and there is a little bit of form on the favorite so that’s why it’s
the favorite but basically still a lot of uncertainty out of all these horses
in this race in the ten selections we’ve got in this race only one of them has
any sort of form whatsoever and there are no form lines to relate it to all of
the other runners so a very uncertain markets that you’re going to see here in
stark comparison to what we saw at Ange so if we look at the way the screen is
set up you don’t really want to go down here and keep doing this on every
individual race because that would be pretty dull wouldn’t it
however on better entry you can insert all of the information that you require
straight onto the one-click screen or the ladder so what we can do here is if
we go to the custom columns I’m going to bring up the custom columns it’s
appeared on my screen over here well pin it over here and what we can actually do
is we can add in different values you can completely customize everything that
you want within the custom columns so if I choose custom column ten what we’re
going to do is we’re going to edit custom column ten and we’re actually
going to put some information within there so if I go custom column ten we’re
going to call this one form and then the tooltip will be form or this horse we’re
going to ask it to display additional information you can select whatever
color you like so yeah maybe we’ll just choose something that sort of sticks out
a bit more here we’ll choose green for the nice green grass of the Flats turf
season in fact let’s let’s make it a slightly deeper green mmm
slightly lighter because it is spring after all and then the additional
information we can display could be the jockey name trainer name selection last
part of selections name static lost or production factor SP all of these
individual items you can see that’s the information that you can display from
there but the advantage of being able to display that information is your be able
to see all that information displayed on the one click screen without you having
to use the tooltip to understand what’s going on so let’s select the runners
forum we don’t need to apply any other information on here and then we just
need to save this particular column so if I save that column we now have a
column called forum and if we scroll down here it’s down here somewhere forum
there we go we can display that forum within the market so if I switch the
headers on we can move the form over here perhaps
I’m just trying to think where we would best display this will display it here
it’s up to you where he wanted his play but can you see there at a glance we
know that this is a novice race so we know that there are conditions attached
to this race but it’s likely that some of these horses have not won so it’s if
this is effectively a maiden race but we can see that instantly because we can
see only the favorite has any sort of form line and there’s no form line of
any of the other runners and once you get used to what your headers are what
the columns are you can obviously switch it off but some people prefer to have
their headers on some people prefer to have it off I prefer to have it off
because you get more screen space from there and then once you’re happy with
the layout then you can actually save the layout through the the main layout
settings here but you can see we can save the layout all the individual
settings on each individual runner so that they appear in these drop-down
boxes if we want to select that so you could have the one-click screen setup so
it displays form and one where it doesn’t display form and then you just
switch happily between the two of them perfectly possible to do that you can do
pretty much anything on BET’s angel now um I hear you say well that’s great for
the one-click screen what about the latter well that’s not a problem either
because if we go into the ladder and we have all of this screen space up here
this screen real estate is a phrase that I have often used but you can modify
that on bett angel to introduce exactly the same type of data if we go to the
ladder settings by clicking on a little spanner here it will bring up the ladder
settings and if we go to additional information you can see I’ve cued this
up for you already these are all of the ladder settings that you get if you
click on the additional information tab then you can see here you can show
additional information there is a separate video on how to show additional
information but I’m reprising it here so that you can understand what you’re
looking at but you can see basically that we can show the additional
information area here and then we can well we’ll do the same color again and
then we can choose preset information or stored values so you can actually create
Automation that prepopulates a value that puts it in to the latter so you can
do some immensely clever stuff here you can do stored values on the one click
screen as well but you could basically ask bet angel to look for certain
characteristics so you know it could look for something that has no form or
it could look across the entire market and say each one of these runners has
not won a race send me an alert do something so very very flexible in terms
of what you can do I’m not going to cover that in this video we’ll just do
the basic stuff here but yeah it’s almost unlimited what you can do if you
setup bets angels do it and you would do that using stored values on this
occasion we’re just going to use the preset information so if we go up here
you can see we’ve got the same selection of data available and if I choose run
our form we can send to that above the ladder
we can choose a certain color we can just say form and then that information
will be displayed on the ladder so if I put that in there you can see that we’ve
got all of that information available within that particular area and then
that information will be displayed at the top in fact that’s come out really
dark sorry you can’t really see it so big mistake using a light green on this
particular color display so I’ve changed it to black and you can see that we’ve
got that information from there you can move it to the left to the right or you
can connect their cones they’re concatenate you can add something on the
left something on the right and something on the center so if you want
to put information in the center something on the left something on the
right you can do that on the ladder and it will show that information for you so
yeah there’s plenty of things that you can do so if you look at those two
individual races one was a late season jumps race with very strong form lines
and it was a high quality handicap the next race was a novice for which I gave
you the definition which I had to read out to give you the exact definition but
basically it was an early season flat race where there were very few forum
lines in fact only the favorite had a little bit of form so the betting on
that market is going to be a little bit more erratic because nobody really knows
much about these individual horses so you know that information is available
within betting for you to use you can populate it how
you wish you can modify bet angel to display in a number of different ways
but I recommend especially at the beginning of the flats turf season it’s
worth having that information to hand because you could likely flip from
horses that have out for the first time this season to horses that have a little
bit of form line to horses that have never raced at all before and you’ll
notice that each one of those markets has very different characteristics if
you know what those different characteristics are then you’ll be able
to trade it a little bit better but also you can now put that information on your
bet angel to alert to that to you so that that minimizes the amount of time
that you have to spend assessing that race will be right there in front of you
ready for you to trade so anyway hope that has been useful for you you

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