Big Farm – Cooperative Horse Meadow – Tutorial
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Big Farm – Cooperative Horse Meadow – Tutorial

August 10, 2019

hello big farmers across the world and welcome to our first ever feature tutorial video I’m Ron and today I’ll be showing you around one of our latest big farm features the cooperative a horse meadow so let’s get started I’d like to begin with one important question why is a cooperative horse meadow so significant with the horse meadow you have the chance to get better horses with higher breeding effects and attributes without losing to horses as you do through the stable breeding process and with no horseshoes required sounds great right but how do you unlock the horse medal now well that’s simple Union cooperatives need to reach cooperative level 20 this can be done by upgrading your village building such as the village bank the minerals and metals and contemporaries but first let’s lay the foundation for the new horse meadow we have to build it and for that we need to donate some special items we can donate all the quantities required or pay some gold if we don’t have the full amounts yet so here it is our cooperative horse meadow let’s click the info button and quickly check some of its basic information as you can see at level 1 the medal can house up to 20 horses from 20 different members of our co-operative besides that we can also check the max breeding quality level max breeding effects and max breeding value allowed on each level in order to breed more and better horses our cooperative needs to further upgrade the metal now as you can see here we need to send one of our own horses to the meadow before we can use it our horse is already above level 10 so is ready to breed let’s do it and explore the metal further now we have an unlocked of breeding button to access the metal menu and here we are on a top left corner we can see how many horses are currently in the meadow and how much they impact the current outcome of gene points we can get we can only reach the 100% when at least three horses are available in the horse meadow our cooperative village dollars and our goal are also displayed here on the top right corner there are two new icons that shows how much village dollars in gold we are currently saving and all the cooperative village related costs these numbers depend on a total amount of village happiness points we have at any given moment so now you know why decorations with village happiness are so cool and valuable starting from the left side we can see the activity items panel the activity history panel and the gene distribution panel which is currently locked in the middle there is our talent wheel with its love meter and our horse in the center on the right side we have the cooperative n the Rose macclare these breeding option panels which we’ll explore in a bit the activity items panel is where everything starts all these items make our horse happier by charging the love meter with hearts we have three different groups of items which represent three different ways for us to take care of our horse the food items represented in yellow are the easiest to produce in our windmill and bakery the fun and playful activities items represented in blue and the maintenance activity items represented in orange can be produced in the minerals and metals factory and timber and textiles Factory starting from structure level 8 here in the activity history panel we can track how many hearts each of the last five items represent in the process of charging the love meter and how long each activity lasts there’s also a day/night cycle on top that will influence the amount of cards we can get out of each activity items it’s important to highlight at this point that there is an optimal order of four items we can use to charge the love meter at different times of the day the metal has a day/night cycle of 10 hours five hours a day and five hours of night for example some items may give you the max amount of Hearts at noon others at midnight others at dawn you and your cooperative friends can try to find the best solutions and save time and resources once you get to know the system well enough do you think your horse would like to eat honey after jumping through a tournament obstacle who knows experimenting and chatting with your friends can be a great help here especially for those of you who like to take part in a horse tournament let’s try this ourselves and fill out the love meter of our horse as we can see here each activity takes a certain amount of time but we can skip it for now now we’ve unlocked the gene distribution panel where you can see the chance of their breeding success for each attribute and breeding effect currently showing in the wheel I’m not sure the current attributes that we’ll randomly selected for our breeding opportunity are the best ones we can get let’s see what we can do now here on the right side panel we can see of the three horses from our cooperative friends the system automatically selects three random ones but we have the option to add four different horses from other cooperative members by clicking this button and spending some village dollars maybe we can get a horse with better breeding characteristics another option is to turn the attribute clock with one step so the clock hands point to different attributes and breeding effects that better suit our horse the third option is to ask rows McClung you for a wild horse we can spin the talent wheel of the wild horse as many times as we wish we can then select how many points you want the wild horse to have for each of the three different attributes or breeding effects if we want the wild horse to have higher stats the gene points and the chance to breed successfully will be lower we can see that the lower the gene points and the higher the stats the cheaper gets to buy the horse once we select the horse from our cooperative or wild horse we can switch to the gene distribution channel here we can see the three selected attributes and breeding effects shown by the clock hands the potential foal will get all the stats of our old horse plus these upgraded attributes and breeding effects just use the sliders to increase or decrease the chance of getting the corresponding attribute or breeding effect improvement when we’re finished we have to click the breed button below the sliders the newly bred horse will be available immediately in our stable so our new horse is now generation 1 here we can check its family tree and also its breeding effects in cooperative breeding effects and this is it we have a new horse with better attributes if you have any more questions about this feature feel free to visit our official forms and contact our lovely boar team thanks for listening and have fun with the brand new cooperative horse metal yeehaw

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  1. Another big mistake to make a brilliant game Worse. And that speciale just before easterweekend. Do you never learn you Numbnuts from GGS

  2. Very nice explanation balgodarya for information about the cooperative village! I play Big Farm and excited!

  3. oui sa serai bien que la démonstration soit en français car quand on parle pas d'autre langue c'est difficile de comprendre le jeu et c'est désolent de jouer dans c'est condition

  4. Music is Too Loud…screen is hard to see…slow it down a bit so the concept is understood…saw it twice…hmmmm..confused…

  5. Eu como líder da cooperativa coop da family, e não entendo nada em inglês como vou explicar aos meus amigos?????

  6. Pq não traduziram a pág pra língua portuguesa? Moro no Brasil…
    Gente deduziram q se nós só olharmos as explicações em visualizar os desenhos e gráficos do msm iríamos entender td!! kkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  7. en francais serait utile pour y comprendre quelque chose


    In French would be useful to understand something

  8. Que bom que esse comunicado, fosse na língua de origem do jogador, mas como não é possível, que fosse colocado como legenda e o jogador procurasse traduzir. Com certeza o jogo ia ser mais divertido e mais emocionante. Pelo jeito das dicas que está sendo dado ia ser bacana. Fica a dica.

  9. ne pas mélanger le joueur qui joue pour s amusé avec les joueurs qui jouent en coopérative pour les missions .

  10. So…. I understood all the words, butit didn't make any sense at all. Guess i'll just have to figure it out on my own

  11. liked the vid only thing was when the backround music was playing could hardly hear the person talking .!

  12. `can you help me? the village is to low level for my mare to be there. i send a ticket and endend here. but as i said the village is to low level. i cant find my mare. i lost it ever since the quest own two horses. pleace, i really wnat her back. she was my top horse.

  13. First of all, I wish to congratulate GGS for it's first ever tutorial video! That being said, this is the most confusing and terribly complicated new feature that you've had yet. I don't know what you're thinking by including all these "random effects". Big Farm is supposed to be a game of farm strategy. How can a player form a strategy for breeding horses when they have no idea what the outcome will be?

  14. They made the game so complicated and result is that it took away the fun of playing

    In beginning the game was created by people who are interested in creating a good game.
    Now, the actual people are just interested in GOLD FEATURES, just another boring money eating game.

  15. Ron – get real – this is not a sufficent tutorial – this is the BIGGEST fubar yet – with no instruction as to how to use it without just wasting tons of time and other stuff "experimenting" and HOPING to get lucky – you have a better chance at winning the POWERBALL LOTTERY than getting lucky here.

    EVERY SINGLE BREEDING and matching it with the best horse with your horses similar breeding qualities you LOSE all breeding qualities and go back to ZERO and have no reduction in the new training time in the stable with the "new horse" that you get when you breed your own horses in the stable — also your time between day and night is extremely inaccurate. I find no "reduction in cost" as mentioned.

    You also don't mention you need to fill the heart several times – the wild horse you buy with gold also is very lame and is far from "Let us pick the PERFECT horse for you" – GGS matches up a lvl 30-50 horse with a lvl 11 wild horse (the picked perficet partner) with no rank or attributes?? how PERFECT is that?

    The other game player have absolutely NO CLUE so "talking among other gamers" yields ZERO information – the only thing is people can figure out how to get hearts not necessarily by way of the best activities. There is absolutely no rhyme or reason behind any single activity and day or night. The same activity varies wildly regardless of day or night even when it follows the a prior activity IE: jump > sugar> brush DAY compared to jump > sugar> brush DAY another time or jump > sugar> brush DAY vs jump > sugar> brush NIGHT

    It is another portion of the game that you need SPREADSHEETS just to play – and even the spreadsheets are not yielding any useful information or patterns.

    VIstit your forums for more answers that is the biggest laugh (and mistake) anyone could possibly do – answers are rarely found there IF you even manage to find the topic.


  16. oh and BTW dont even bother with concentrated pellets or honey pellets because they yield next to nothing in time and hearts – Sugar is the only thing to use any time and after any activity if you want the most hearts for a feeding

  17. Just when I thought this game couldn't get any more confusing and impossible to understand, you roll out something like this.
    Even with this video I have no clue what I'm suppose to do or why I'd want to do it. KISS….. Keep It Simple Stupid. someone flunked that class.

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