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Biggest Challenge Of Owning Horses // Versatile Horsemanship

October 23, 2019

here’s a fun fact for you did you know
that horses poop on average eight to twelve times a day that’s a lot of poop
in today’s video I’m gonna show you the most challenging thing that I deal with
as a horse owner if you’re new here my name is brandi and this channels all
about horses and my journey with horsemanship so if you want to learn
more about horses or follow my journey you can start by hitting that subscribe
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now this little guy right here this is Mainzer and he is almost a five months
old so if you are not familiar with Mansour’s journey you want to make sure
to go to the link that I am sharing above here and check out his entire
journey today is October 6th and I’m going to be showing you some footage
from over the summer one of the big problems that we have with niihka and
man tzer’s panic is there’s a tremendous amount of runoff that comes from the
arena roof Serena’s right there so all the water comes down and then it all
goes over into the shelter so we pulled all the manure out and then we scraped
the shelter down to nothing basically so it’s right down to the base and I have a
couple loads of sand and gravel coming and we’ll be filling filling the shelter
so it’s back up higher than the ground and then hopefully this drainage ditch
here will do its job and carry all the water away so it doesn’t end up pooling
inside the shelter because the shelter is
lowest point so it all just goes right in there so back to the biggest
challenge that I deal with as a farm owner is mud horses are notorious for
churning mud like butter so the more horses walk around in it the worse it
gets and the mucky er it gets and then they continue to poop in it which makes
it even worse if you want to see what Mans errs paddock look like a few months
ago right when you first got put out in it make sure to click on the link above
that’ll take you right to that so you can see how how yucky it was in the
springtime if you own a farm ranch barn stable zoo rescue you definitely have
challenges of some sort so what I want to know as a caretaker for animals
what’s the biggest challenge that you have to deal with comment below and let
me know I’d really love to hear your thoughts environment and location
definitely plays a huge factor it’s not uncommon for us to get over 300 inches
of snow in a year and we live in a lower area which makes the water naturally
flow to our pastures something I would love to know is what do you do with your
horse manure so leave me a comment below and let me know how you remove your
horse manure and what you do with it as you can see here we are scraping our
pasture and piling the manure so it can compost after it sits for a while we
give it away to be used for garden some topsoil as far as mud goes I think that
trenching really makes a ginormous difference it has for us anyway when you
can divert the water and give it a place to go naturally it’s amazing how much of
a difference it makes in the amount of mud that you’ve got so I know we’ve had
a lot of luck with doing that and we’re gonna continue to do that in a lot of
areas around our pasture so it just keeps getting better year after year we
just got a substantial downpour and I’m so excited to come out and look at my
trench and see how it worked so I thought I would take you with me oh
I can’t wait I can’t wait little things like this make me so happy
like Friday is my birthday and I’m getting sand and gravel that’s all I
need sand and gravel so that’s what I’m getting for my birthday huh
okay let me show you I was hoping to see less water and shelter what was
happening because it’s pouring in underneath on
both sides so it’s doing the exact same thing over there so but the good news is this looks really
nice over here all right let’s go in there and take a look this is definitely
good this is definitely good look at all this water look at this water running oh
this is fabulous yeah this is really really good there’s
all this water before would have ended up in the shelter and it’s really washed
out here so you can tell that a lot of water came through okay that’s awesome
oh yeah it was squishy okay why today we’re flip-flops this is
stupid not smart of me okay but at least they’ve got a dress bunch of Sam but
great oh look at this yeah so right here it’s pouring in a see right there it
pours in under that wall so I need to elevate this and kind of plug that off
so it doesn’t run in here anymore so with that sand and gravel I’m getting
and hopefully that helps and then over here it’s running in rate underneath
here and those tools but at least they’ve got
a nice dry spot to stand mom and baby are very happy I’m happy and dry
looks like Nico was out in it for a little bit she’s a little wet on her
backside but so hopefully it cools off a little bit now and the bugs died down a
bit okay I’m gonna go look at it on the other side and rinse my shoes off so I
was not planning on going out into the pasture with my flip-flops hon but after
it rained I was just so darn excited to see I was so excited to see what the
pasture looked like that I just ruined the first pair of shoes I could find a
ran out the door so I definitely do not recommend wearing flip-flops out around
horses if you can think of a reason why you wouldn’t want to wear flip-flops
around the barn around the pasture why don’t you leave a comment below so
others can read it alright here’s the view out of the back of the barn well we
got a lot of rain water and I’m glad we got all the manure piled up you know you
got a lot of horses you get a lot of poop and then my boarders pasture we
scraped everything out of there so I’m anxious to see how quickly it dries up it’s up to three feet wide at times and
everything just kind of drains out of the pasture it’s pretty nice
okay so out here this was a mess after winter and now that like we’ve got dry
Lots it’s just what’s going to happen period we’re not going to have pastures
for the horses that we have we just don’t have that much acreage so there’s
a really wet spot right there I’ve got to figure out that’s going to continue
to be a wet spot and I’m okay with that we just need to drain it over to I’m
thinking of taking something from here going directly across I’m linking it up
there and then the water will all flow out it’s always fun to try to find ways
to make the weather easier you know we’ve got we’re lucky we don’t have
hurricanes or poisonous snakes or you know tornado is anything like that
but gosh we have to deal with a tremendous amount of rain live in a very
wet area as you’ve seen and then there’s people that have very dry areas and the
horses do a great job adapting to that so as for an example I have one horse
that is boarded here who came into the arena one day and she was very sore we
have a lot of gravel in areas like in our walkways and stuff to help with the
mud and when the horse came into the arena she was very sore so the girl that
owns her was gonna just put her back out right away and call it a day and I
suggested you know give her a little bit let her feet dry out and see what
happens then and sure enough when that horses feet dried out they hardened and
they weren’t so any more so but being in a wet environment her feet were when the
horses feet are given the opportunity to adapt to the environment they adjust
just fine so after the Mayor was brought into the arena and her feet dried out in
the nice soft sand they hardened quite a bit and then she wasn’t sore at all so a
lot of times we just kind of overlook that they just need a little bit of time
to address something that I’m always concerned about when the weather is
really wet is the risk of our horses getting something called rain rat or
thrush or scratches and if you want to know a little bit more about those
things comment below and I’ll see if there’s enough interest and I’ll make
sure to do a video if there is when horses live in a wetter environment what
I found is you waste a tremendous amount of hay and we figured it out one year
and we were wasting about 25 percent of everything that got put out to our
horses that was over $5,000 a year worth of hay that we were literally just
throwing into the mud and getting trumped in check out this link above if
you want to learn more about what we do in a wet environment to save on our hay
so it was two nights ago that we had the torrential downpour and we only have
that wet spot right there and the water’s coming underneath and then we
have a wet spot right there so that’s really awesome because that means my trench is working because
usually this whole paddock just floods so I’m excited because it’s all pretty
darn dry and it looks good so we’ve got a wet spot down here there’s still some
scraping we could do like this stuff could really be scraped down a little
bit more but you know I’m pretty happy with it right now how it is so we’ll
pick away at it as we go but like and this is solid I can walk through this I
could never walk over here before look at all the sand so yeah this is awesome
after the amount of rain we got never would I have been able to do this so all
you gotta do is find a way to divert water with our environment it’s pretty
unrealistic for us to think that we’re not gonna have mud to deal with in the
future but I really think that finding
different ways to manage it helps us get by so all these little things that we
can do to make it a little easier on us and our horses it really makes a huge
difference in just the day-to-day stuff that we have to do and makes it very
manageable for us we are lucky in a sense that we do have a little bit of a
natural slope property so by digging trenches we’re able to give the water a
place to go and divert it from our pastures and then the high-traffic areas
that the horses hang out in well I hope you enjoyed today’s video if you did
please be sure to give it a like share it with your friends and comment below
and let me know what kind of things you do around your farm to help prevent the
mud I really appreciate all the feedback that you can give me because maybe I’ll
be able to incorporate some your ideas into what we do at our barn so this
video was really important though because it’s just another step in man’s
journey and the next couple of videos that I have coming you won’t want to
miss it so stay tuned that’s coming very soon thank you so much for watching bye

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  1. Hi Brandi.
    MANZER …. You BIG dude?
    NIKA. Your son needs to make his bed?

    MUD is KING.
    Great exfoliating program for horses????❤

  2. Want to see more reality and challenges of owning horses? Check out this link ⤵️

  3. (*Flip flops bad because big horse feet can step on little toes )Brandi , I’m a subscriber already and enjoy it very much ? . We have a farm too and are learning all I need to know before we adopt horses of our own . We have a barn already (full of cow poop) and fencing is our only need so far . Teach me please ? !

  4. Wow, manzer's as big as momma! he's absolutely gorgeous, I use my horses manure for fertilizer too, I think it makes way better fertilizer than the premade stuff and find that my home grown vegetables and flowers benefit more from it, brilliant video as always, keep it up, Ur my favourite youtuber!

  5. I’m amazed at how big Me Manzer has become over the past month or so! And how gorgeous is his coat? Deep Golden palomino like mamma!
    Ps: those flip flops make my feet cold! Yikes

  6. My pasture is the lowest on the street so all the water goes into it and it floods so literally standing water covering it so they have no dry spot but i do let them in the front yard its Kinda dry and my neigbors burn thier horse poop

  7. Wow, the first thing I noticed is Manzer's color! He is going to be spitting image of his Mama!!!! Congrats on the diversion of water and identifying issues with the shelter! Hated to hear of wasted hay, or any waste!! Your pedicure was nice too!!! LOL!!

  8. One would find a lot of bacteria and microorganisms that are not always great for some people. And the obvious is PROTECTION of your feet.

  9. Baby horses need their mother for six months he's getting close to be weaned I can't remember when he well be weaned milk from Mama ?

  10. Happy birthday mine was the 19th Oct. I have put guttering on buildings and pipes into water butt, I have used the water for drinking troughs, washing down the yard and a multitude of things, if you are on higher ground maybe, channel the water to lower ground but be careful it's not going to flood anywhere else, depending on how big an area you have I would dig out a lake, plant a few trees and in summer shelter and water hole.

  11. Manzer sure wanted the spotlight on him. Cutest video of him yet. You're a very brave woman, wearing flip flops around horse poop ?. as a kid, the cow and horse poo was gathered in a big pile, then about every 2 to 3 weeks an organic fertilizer company would come pick it up. Visiting horses poo got picked up quick and thrown into a ravine on the property.

  12. Manzer is so handsome and has grown so much! Happy belated birthday.?? Brandi .! Great video ! No flip flops again yuck..???

  13. Manzer is getting so big! And bugging Mama at the end, so cute! I would like to see a video about rain rot etc. too, that would be interesting. I'm glad you're getting there with the water issues. Thanks as always for sharing your experiences with us!

  14. Oh ha…I‘m glad it’s just mud and poop, I was afraid there was another health scare with the horsies, when I read the title!
    Never knew, horses poop every 2-3hours ? and [email protected] the Flipflops.

    I think, the biggest challenge here for farmers and livestock owners was hands down the long dry spells in summer. It’s become an issue all over Europe these last couple of years…it just affects everything. Pastures will turn into yellow wastelands, some few crops benefit from it, but with most, it’s a major problem…the woods are suffering because of it as well.

    Manzer‘s looking good, though – what a handsome fellow he‘s becoming!

  15. Hi Brandi, Manzer is growing up fast, he will be as big as his mum soon, they are both so beautiful. We get a lot of rain here in the UK, especially in summer! There are quite a few farms where I live, and one year there was a lot of runoff from the field behind our houses, fortunately, no one got flooded. I would like to know more about the problems horses experience when it's wet, footrot sounds scary. x

  16. Manzer gets more gorgeous every time I see him!! I don't believe I've ever seen a foal that's so identical to its mom as he is either. When he reaches full growth I don't think I will be able to tell them apart. I love his sweet personality best of all! I just want to reach through the screen and love on him and smell him (I love how horses smell?)!! Wonder if adding some gutters on the front and both sides of their stall would help divert so of the run off from the roof? Wouldn't completely solve the problem but might help a little. Can't wait to see your next vids of Manzer…hurry!!!!❤?

  17. There's an amazing footing that conquers mud. I hate mud. Providing a place for them to stand that is out of the mud is a god send. I put mats down even tho expensive they last and last. The footing requires some work. Removing the topsoil lay down the footing. It's a grid that's porous. It holds the soil and facilitates the grass to remain. Putting it down in high traffic area and creating a place called a sacrifice area used when it's wet.
    Your shelter and a small surrounding area will work as sacrifice. Keeping them out of the grass area will allow the grass to remain.
    I used step in posts with electric fence works for partitions. Gutters can help a lot too. Ditches can become huge. The pasture next door has eroded into 6' plus feet deep caverns. The previous owner lost horses in that ditch. One went in and broke its neck. Instantly dead.

  18. Mud and manure—I have 2 full sized horses and 2 minis. No where near what you have to deal with. Over the past 10 years, I’ve had to periodically update the gravel base around the barn. It was once so bad that I had a massive topsoil removal and gravel brought in that the job cost almost as much as I paid for my small barn. But it fixed 90% of the mud problem. I’d do it again even though it was a big financial hit. Every spring I hire someone to come in and scrape down all the paddock manure and remove my manure pile. I just put it in a far area of the pasture, flatten it down, and plant pumpkins and squash seeds in it. Works great and just composts to dirt.

    I’ve also had rain run off flood stalls like you have in your run-in. I had stone dust added to build up the stalls—about 4” added to the existing gravel base that the horses had packed down over time. That solved the flooding. I feel pretty well set up but I do wish I had access to a tractor with a scoop or plow to scrape things down after a big snow storm or scape manure back through out the winter (upstate NY), but it’s just not in the budget.

    Your weather is overall similar to ours, but you have harsher winters. There are times that we just have to grit our teeth and tolerate things looking rather nasty. Yuck!!!

  19. Would it be better to dig a ditch round the back an sides of the barn.? W0w mum and baby are looking great.??? manza is quite tall n0w lol… his colouring is just like his momma ???? he is so darn handsome.. your so lucky to own such a beautiful mare and baby ❤️❤️❤️ good to see you looking well and happy x

  20. Biggest challenge for me is keeping the grass much to do! I pick up my poo every other day..only have one horse but she poops a lot..i have a composting heap where i dump my horse poop..and my chickens help mulch it up nicely and i use it in my garden..its the best! Manzer looks amazing…well done!…never where flip flops around girl stepped on my big toe once..lets just say i had a very bruised toe!

  21. I look forward to seeing you, Nika & Handsome Mazer I chuckle with his cross leg action he has grown alot !! Flip flops poop between the toes is yuck and I have a wart growing under my toe nail where I got trodden on. Gee Brandi would have been far worse in flip flops! Is it your b/day 25th Oct if so my daughter shares the same day. ? She came to visit me and decorated my lounge and her husband painted look really nice . So was able to have Early celebrations with her. Althou we chatter on the phone its not the same as cuddles with Mum . She reminded me not seen each other for a year! ? Thank you for showing us the progress of the dig And Happy Birthday xxxxx

  22. We have alooooot of mud i dk right now because off the Rain. And i dont have a Solution, but it is waaay better fore my horses hoofs because he is barefoot and it dosent hurt thats much in the mud.

  23. How about installing a water containment system so the water from the roof goes directly into a holding tank. Then use it for watering horses. And thats all I know about That!! LOL! People who live "off the grid" do that.

  24. Brandi I would like to see a video on rain rot, thrush etc. Like I said before I've loved this whole journey with the man and the education I've gotten being a city girl. (Well old girl). Manzer is getting so big. He is just as beautiful as his mother.

  25. Hi Brandi, I had the same problem in my shelter. You first of course clean everything out then you must lay down landscaping fabric. then about 4to6 inches of pea gravel over entire area. Then I put sand box sand over half so she wouldn't have a soft place to lay down. You cannot use regular sand as it will hold water. This will last along time. Hope this helps. My horse has a 20 x 16 shelter. I have a pice sectioned off for hay and supplies.

  26. I live in Texas and work at a barn that deals with rescues/conscription/boarders and we have auto waterers. It's a really cool feature, but some of the horses like to break those waterers and flood their stalls. It's happened at least three times in the last week.
    And the manure wafter we clean the stalls goes into a huge compost pile that the owner then sells to local farmers. In return they sell her hay at a huge discount.
    As far as environmental issues, the barn has a lot of high winds, and we do have a risk of tornados, depending on the season.

    Also, I'll be getting a buckskin Appaloosa colt soon and he'll be about 5-8months old, depending on when his current owner brings him out. I've never had a weanling before, the youngest I've ever had is 2. Any tips? (I do plan on gelding him as soon as vet gives the okay)

  27. Does manzers shelter have gutters? It looks like it slants towards the back wall, if it doesn’t have gutters it could be causing more water to flow that way. Just a thought. Gutters can save so much damage on property

  28. I see Manzer still likes crossing is legs ? !! Lol ! No flip flops – tripping hazard – Happy Birthday Brandi – hope you get extra extra gravel – thanks ? loved seeing Manzer & Mom again

  29. I know it's an extra cost, but a french drain could help collect and divert that run off of the roof. Otherwise, get gutters.

  30. Great toes! Gotta question. Are hay bags supposed to be lower close to the ground or not ? Does it matter, cause I have heard that.

  31. First of all no flips you get too muddy can slip or stomped on would be a killer. Water issues, trenching was always the way to go along with bringing in more top soal usually sand as we were by the river. Building up of ground level would be cheapest way to go and if enough put down i believe it would force any drainage to stay outside. Many times on landscaping where there is graduated sloping a concrete barrier was used to keep water in or out. Also a rain catch system would be helpful. Here in California law reguires us to have drainage systems on property to run out to gutters. Less expensive than concrete walls but not sure if this would help in paddock. Anyways love your horses and your videos cant wait for next one

  32. I was waiting on Nikka to do her usual mug shot. Manzer luvs you so much! Happy birthday ???. Mine was the 18th. Luv your videos.

  33. Oh my goodness! Manzer has gotten so big and very handsome! How is his neck doing? Can he put his head down to eat/graze yet?
    I would suggest putting a 2×4 across the whole front floor of the shelter when you get your birthday sand so it won't wash out or get kicked/walked out out by the horses to give it a little lip to hold the sand in. It looks like your trench idea for the paddocks is working great. Glad to see you so pleased that the whole paddock wasn't under water.

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