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Biggest Delivery Ever!!

February 25, 2020

Hello everybody, welcome to the interballs We are coming at your live not live because you are on the interballs Because we had a couple of little bits of information for you. That’s right, It’s almost 10 years since we uploaded our first video. It was January the 9th 2000 and um… 7! 8? 2008 whenever 10 years ago was. Cause its 2018 whenever 10 years ago was and so we’ve got a big and epic and Special video coming up for you guys on that day if you watch it with your friends save it till you got some mates with you And watch up with your mates because they will enjoy it’s big screen worthy, isn’t it Martin? Yeah, it’s big screen, it’s epic. It’s in it. It’s an adventure All the best things are in there, yeah it’s great So you’re gonna be seeing some new stuff, some old stuff, actually, nothing old. Its all new, kinda new Anyway, it’s gonna be rad so check that out before that comes out. There is another episode. That’s coming out this afternoon It’s like we’re uploading that in a couple of hours It will come out soon after this one so if you’re watching this one check back And they’ll probably be another new video since you’ve seen this What are we going to see in that one Martin in today’s episode a little bit of action check it out. It’s got a motor That’s got like an unbalanced weight thing on it. There’s a lot of smoke coming out of that. I think it’s on fire. Okay! So, there it is. Not quite exactly sure what that is, But the reason we’re on the road is that we’ve just had a phone call and we have a delivery coming Martin that’s right um a Delivery that’s bigger than we can fit anywhere that we have just like the biggest thing ever so We’re going to pick that up now our delivery’s in the back of that truck It’s like way bigger than I thought it would be. It’s massive, it’s huge Wow, huge. You grab the other side of that, Marty That’s pretty cool So keen It’s actually a real thing. It’s funny of all the cars we did this year, this is the biggest project we’ve done Yeah, like the biggest the longest the most comprehensive. Yeah Got some maaad mates to help us do it. Pretty cool Oh, Martin Are you ready? Yeah, I’m ready, go! Right. Now you’re ready. Yeah, I’m good I’m good Oh yesss! Look at that man. Looks awesome hardcover ten years of Mighty Car Mods All now in a coffee table book. I know that guy! Dude, how good is it? How many pages is it? Yesss! How many pages did it end up being? Umm… A lot It was 100 and like 25, 130. Maaad index page Anyway There it is the cars of Mighty Car Mods, a decade’s worth of mods and This is available right now for you with worldwide shipping Get on it

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  1. Another episode due out later today. Finale out on Tuesday.
    Get your copy here:

  2. Congrats, guys! Been watching you since season 3 and have never been disappointed! Keep doing what you're doing!

  3. I skipped to the end but I assumed it was promo crap. Goodatcha for patting yourselves on the back but the audience base is people who aspire to do awesome stuff themselves.

  4. Just bought the book.. but the shipping to the netherlands is expensive mate! It was a grand total of 100 australian dollars for me for the book, some valve caps and shipping!

  5. its quite expensive for a book. If the price of it was halved, I would most definately purchase it and be happy paying for it.

  6. Haha I see where are you going with this making a brand and sharing sienergy… Walt disney kinda story. What's next mightycarmodsland! I would come to visit 😀 keep on rocking, respect.

  7. Bad timing dudes… that should have come out about 2 months before Christmas…! Well done and congrats on the 10 years.

  8. Sweet book! Just picked one up along with some valve caps. About time I show some support for you guys. Keep up the great content. You are still one of the few car channels that hasn't let a growing subscriber count get to your heads.

  9. Парни вы потрясные!!! поздравляю Mighty Car Mods с юбилеем)) спасибо вам за это! вы классные !!!

  10. Dear, Mr. and Mr. Mighty Car Mods. Salvadorian Currency is U.S Dollars, We haven't had Colon's since forever here. When I tried to make the payment I almost end up paying %400 more the value Meaning $ 410.28 SVC = $410.28 american. Please help with that.

  11. I was so excited to get this book. It looks fantastic and it would be amazing to own a piece of history from my favorite YouTube channel.. but I can't afford the price. If you can afford it, this book looks amazing

  12. Books look awesome! From the size of the truck I was expecting a Spirit R Type A RX7 or a Bathurst RX7. When will you guys do a rotary?!!! You don't get more Braaap than a rotary, and its not a lowly Nissan (looking at you, Moog). Want to fly to the States and work on my RX7? Think it could take SuperGramps?

  13. I don't think I've been this excited for a book since I found those crusty pornos in my mates caravan when I was twelve. Halp.

  14. Shut up, and take my money.)))
    Send to: RUSSIAN FEDERATION, Permskiy kray, Permskiy rayon, Nestuykovo village, Tractovaay street 44/1

  15. Hello Mighty Car Mods!
    I have a 1986 Honda City Pininfarina convertible
    please take it and do something mad with it!!!

  16. $48USD is nothing for a high quality coffee table book!
    But the cost to get anything shipped to America from Australia is just a ridiculous amount, and there is no shipping option available if ordering anything over 5 books

  17. Ordered a copy on the 7th and still haven't gotten it, has this happened to any one else or does any one know what might have happened? 1 month seems like a long time to ship somewhere 3 hours away

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