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  1. Thumbs down vid. He didn't cheat he posted scores under false pretenses. Stop bitching saying he cheated. Scores were removed for the right reasons and he proved he could at least do it on a machine. And it will never change his circumstances now. cheating was ever involved. And that was never the issue

  2. If the rules say, has to be done on a legit origional box, good. But claiming to do it and using an emulator, that is a lie and ruins his credibility. If he admitted it and asked forgiveness, might help him some. But his trust is already broke, so what's left?

  3. It's actually worse than what is elaborated in this video. The strategies developed for achieving high scores in Donkey Kong since 2010 have advanced to the point where a person can get over 1.2 million. Let me be clear: These strategies did not exist when Billy was submitting his fraudulent scores in 2010. Now they do. So of course Billy can (and did) take advantage of the new strategies to push him over the one-million mark — something he clearly could not achieve without them.

    This is the point: Getting one million points in 2018 is NOT equivalent to getting one million points ten years ago. 2018's benchmark is 1.2 million. Billy would need to achieve that in a live stream to prove he potentially had the skill to legitimately challenge Steve Wiebe in 2010. And, as you helpfully point out, this would have no bearing whatsoever on the fact that he cheated and is forever disgraced.

  4. not sure how using an Emulator= Cheating… In Speed Running sure. But if no Cheats where used. Then him using an Emulator will have almost no effect on his ability to play the game.

  5. you call yourself review tech and say they proved he cheated ….donkey kong use a flipped crt so the way it sets up the display is from the upper right corner down and than in rows …. and you have to be luck if you could synchronise any camcorder with a monitor you can't that explains stuff like blur effects standing water backwards running or standing tires on cars billy recorded with one of the first capture cards and a vhs there is no prove against him just a video that can't prove that his try was legit …. and if you can run 100 meters in 10 seconds at the age of 23 … than you are accused of a false start years later and the video of your run is bad and all the people that are for you are known cheaters and are not trusted …wow …. and than after hard training you run 100 meters at age 40+ in 10.01 seconds everyone is like meh but it still was a falls start and the new record is 8 seconds bye the way …or 1.25 million tz tz

  6. So by coming on your live stream, it's going to clear his name? This is the same crap challenge all youtubers use.

  7. While it is great to see that Billy was able to score 1,000,000 points on a Donkey Kong arcade cabinet it doesn't prove anything the fact remains that the three 1,000,000+ high scores that he registered with Twin Galaxies were set on MAME and not on an official Donkey Kong arcade cabinet

  8. So he used an emulator? Does that make the game easier or give him so.e type of advantage? How exactly is this cheating?

  9. No, they're not sponsoring this video…They just sent me this desk in exchange for a mention in the video and a link in the description. So…how are they not sponsoring this video?

  10. It's also too late because he can no longer submit records to Twin Galaxies. It doesn't matter if he can do it now because he's already banned.

  11. steroids is a bad comparison, the drugs would keep muscles bigger so big they are unable to get those muscles naturally. for billy if he practiced and waited a while before competing he would not be cheating, also how much harder is the cabinet than maim, like does pc vs  xbox one versions of a game actually differ in difficulty. if maim is not easier than I don't see it as cheating.  would standing vs sitting be considered cheating in video games?

  12. I disagree. Holding a grudge over a video game score for over a decade is pretty retarded. He just went and showed he can do it on the original hardware. So what's with the stubbornness?

  13. Billy's high score record in Donkey Kong has been broken several times over the years. He hasn't been the "King of Kong" for a looong time.

  14. Why does all this matter, does hot sauce man have a day job? Is he making money off of all these high scores?

  15. I definitely disagree. The guy was using an emulator. So what? Just because he's using an emulator does not mean that he's cheating. It just means that he is using a different device. He clearly has proven that he's capable of doing it no matter what device he plays on, he was not using the emulators to boost his scores at all. That's a very disingenuous comparison to say that he's like an athlete using steroids.

  16. I mean, if he's able to do it on a real cabinet, then change his scores to be separate. One score from and emulator and one from a cabinet. Just change the category. If he's able to do the same thing on a cabinet, can it really be "cheating"?

  17. I have to give him respect for trying to prove himself and clear his name. Love him or hate him, he is the King of Kong.

  18. I don't understand whats wrong with playing on an emulator. Did he have some cheats running in the program or something? He went and proved he could do it on a real arcade so why is his previous attempt on an emulator cheating?

  19. Even before the scores were taken down, Billy did not have the highest score for nearly a decade and not even close.

  20. ( World's Most Infamous Donkey Kong Player Caught Cheating! ) – Apollo Legend ( Billy Mitchell Scores 1 Million Points on Donkey Kong LIVE on Twitch ) – Tipster
    I kinda find this video pointless because it really didn't bring anything new, just took some information from these 2 videos and is unoriginal, If you guys want to actually get better information about this pls watch these 2 videos

  21. Calm down, i already watched Apollo Legend's video months ago. i'm suprised he didn't get sued for real by making that video since the first thing i thought when i watched that kind of video was the possiblility of the video misteriously dissapearing.

  22. Here is the thing. Yes he cheated but his new million point score should still count. It would be like bryce harper losing a season for roids. If he came back the next season after being reinstated and hit 75 home runs clean he still gets the season record. His previous records are null and void but whatever place a million points ranks him is what he is entitled to.

  23. The problem wasn't that he cheated, matter in fact, he likely didn't. The problem is that he lied about using real arcade machine hardware, as apposed to MAME, multiple times.

  24. I just don't get it, though.. Is the MAME version a lot easier or something? I mean, if somebody played with one of those MAME arcade cabinets, would it play any differently, enough to give somebody a great advantage?

  25. I see one flaw with this method of thought behind the sports comparison. You are comparing the game with the leaderboard here, lets say an athlete takes steroids but prior to that he had most touchdowns in a season, does that negate his score? No, the only issue is that he just cant play anymore. Its the same with video games, the leaderboard is not the moral police, real scores need to be displayed, fake scores removed, thats it.

  26. does it honestly matter if it was on an emulator or not? its the same game, using the same controls, same levels, same everything. a rom is just a copy of the game A COPY, like when you go to print out your essay for class and you need to make 2 copies, the document is the same but its on 2 different pieces of paper. you people love splitting hairs.

  27. I don't want to sound like "that guy" however the pinnacle 100% golden score wasn't 1,000,000 it was like 1,190,216 wasn't it? Whole season's worth of NHL Stanley Cups and NBA Championship are hinged in a point of a second or decision of one judgement of a referee. I don't agree with him being discredited for Pac-Man that was a live recording broadcast. But Twin Galaxies was hiring people that conflicted interest and people who lied on records for a long time, I'm not taking one side or the other but I truly think Mr. Mitchel would do well to learn how to be humble. Sometimes it takes a stronger person to say I'm not perfect…

  28. 2 things…
    1. It’s very possible someone sold him a cabinet that had the original guts replaced with an emulator but didn’t tell billy. Happens A LOT, people buy ‘restored’ arcade machines were the brains and software are completely modern.
    2. I understand not counting emulator scores… but people actually get branded as cheaters for life and disgraced just for not playing on the original console? That’s nothing like taking steroids or even rigging the game. This is stupid.

  29. Billy Mitchell got to a MILLION live and walked away. I know he got caught on switching boards and MAME on DK, but they stripped him of ALL his records and the Pac Man one was witnessed so damn. I kind of feel for him. He's the DARK KNIGHT of arcade games.

  30. Who cares if it was an emulator or not? How is this cheating? This is like saying its cheating to play Mortal Kombat on a SNES instead of an Arcade cab.

  31. It could be possible that the arcade cabinets he was playing on are was a computer running an emulator set up specifically to play Donkey Kong. Linus Tech Tips did a video on turning a PC into a DIY arcade machine using emulators last year, so it's a possibility. That said, if he didn't have access to a Donkey Kong arcade machine to go for a high score on, he should have used the an SNES with a Super Game Boy to play the Game Boy version instead. Yeah, I know it's different after level 4, but at least he wouldn't be using official hardware.

  32. At this point he's just a sub-par hot sauce salesman. Next we'll find out that he cheated at that too and he's just put his own sticky labels on other people's hot sauce bottles.

  33. I remember when this all started a lot of billy haters such as myself didn't even disagree that he was CAPABLE of doing this. We just felt that when competition started getting tight he started to do sketchy stuff to remain on top since his entire brand was based on him having the record. When you have a business and family that thrives off your image as a record holder… I can see you doing whatever you can to keep it. I'm not excusing it but I can see why he went down that path…..

    As you said, this does nothing. He never addressed the evidence, threw his co-conspirators under the bus (Which made at least one of them turn on billy and verify all the sketchy things he's done), when he set up his own press conference he again never addressed the evidence or let anyone ask him any direct questions. He used it as a platform to bash haters, make false claims and bring up the harassment he and his family have suffered and while horrible and disgusting…… He used them and their plight to shield himself from criticism which I find equally despicable and fascinating….

    Billy Cheated. He was met with CREDIBLE evidence and circumstances and failed to ever combat it. Case closed.

  34. Here's my problem: He may have used MAME, but there's no evidence that he actually used cheats. MAME is meant to emulate real arcade hardware. If there is no inherent benefit to using MAME as opposed to real arcade hardware, his title should still stand. Would it be no different if he got one million points on the NES version of Donkey Kong? It's still Donkey Kong, and he still got one million points. In America, you are innocent until proven guilty, and if no one can prove he cheated AND he replicated his previous accomplishment on real arcade hardware, I see no reason not to honor his accomplishment. And even if someone does prove he cheated, he replicated his score on real arcade hardware. Even if he did cheat and THEN practiced to get that score, he still got that score fair and square the second time around. The person to get second place probably practiced a lot as well, but they didn't cheat beforehand (if we assume he cheated). My point is, even though he used MAME, no one can prove he cheated, and even if he did, he should still be honored for his achievement on real arcade hardware.

  35. I have it freeze paused at exactly 5:20

    The three images of comparing arcade, Billy's score, and M.A.M.E., are all different

    Billy's has Donkey Kong loaded in and the other two do not. This seems very peculiar to me.

    Have we taken into account that platforms, when streaming, handle only 30fps even when the feed is trying to load its images at 60fps or higher? Could the difference in dates of technology impact these loading images to create this effect?

    Otherwise the evidence here doesn't show Billy playing on M.A.M.E., not at the 5:20 mark of this video.

  36. How sad is your life when an arcade game high score is so important your biggest life accomplishment. Get a hair cut and go get laid. And buy a new tie. You look like you shop at gas stations

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