Binging with Babish: Il Timpano from Big Night
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Binging with Babish: Il Timpano from Big Night

October 21, 2019

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  1. Recommend something watch or listen while cooking or do anything find a dnd campaign podcast or on yt they are entertaining and is seemingly endless

  2. Watching Babish deep cuts and appreciating the love for Frasier… then you hit us with the Tycho?? You are a man of fine tastes, Babs.

  3. You know. It never occurred to me that this is a genuine dish. I always thought it was just a joke dish, considering how over the top it is. I’m pleasantly surprised that it is an actual thing.

  4. I made beef wellington for a dinner party last December, and I know Andrew said he'd never recommend anyone try making this, but like an idiot, I've promised my friends I'll attempt a vegetarian timpano this year. I'm thinking meatless meatballs (courtesy of Chef John), fried eggplant, not handmade pasta, tomato sauce, mozzarella, fontina, and provologne, but can anyone think of anything else that would go well? One of my roommates dislikes eggs, so I'll leave out the hardboiled eggs.

  5. It sounds like his guests were Dan and Arin, which I dont understand, wasnt this super early in his videos? He wouldnt have been popular enough to get the Game Grumps, right? XD

  6. Hand rolling pasta and grinding meat seems just so much effort for what is essentially meatballs, eggs, cheese and pasta. I'm sure they're great (and I'll be directing an italian friend of mine to this, just in case he's willing to make it) but the difference between bought mince and pasta and this gourmet version doesn't seem like it could be enough to justify that much work. Maybe I'm just too lazy for really good food.

  7. Don't worry. Going bald isn't bad if you have a nice skull & you shave what's left when the baldness can't be hidden anymore. A good beard always helps. Unless your a woman.

  8. There he is the david of chefs taking on to the goliath of italian cousine

    Emerging victorius from this fight he shall feast upon it's creation

  9. Pause then hit this 7:36 ??? So he has hair or thats some one else cooking i mean dont really matter to me ur a great youtuber any ways

  10. I’m binging the previous episodes and I kinda forgot about the first intro. It’s nice to see how far this series has come

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