Black Sheep (9/10) Movie CLIP – A Horse’s Patoot! (1996) HD
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Black Sheep (9/10) Movie CLIP – A Horse’s Patoot! (1996) HD

October 26, 2019

When tracy starts to–Something’s happening.Steve. Help!Steve. Get back here! Oh, my god. Damn thing’s
caught on my belt! Help! Please!Aah! I can’t…Huh? I can’t…You in the van–Hello.Help!Aah! Oh, god. Stay.Steve!Help.How are you? Please, somebody. Somebody help me! Somebody help me.Help!The voters have spoken, And I have heard their
message loud and clear, And that message is– Help! Holy shit! Ha ha!Ha ha ha!Ha ha!Hi there.Hi.Boy, I feel like
a horse’s patoot. Ha ha ha! [man]
who’s that?

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  1. Chris Farley rip you never realized how much we love you bro ,you brought joy and laughter to my mundane life thank yo

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