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Blake Does The Megavalanche

October 28, 2019

(energetic electronic music) – I’m nervous. Alright I’m out here at
Alpe D’Huez to take part in something that I want to
tick off on my bucket list and that is entering the Megavalanche. (energetic electronic music) It’s a downhill race. It’s a marathon, really. It starts at 3,330 metres and drops down to 720
down Allemond Valley. This is unbelievable, man. Aahh! And I do not know what to expect. First off I need to go and find out where I need to sign
up, get a number board, and get this whole thing kicked off. Right, just arrived. I’m gonna sign up, get my race board. Super nervous. Ratboy and the crew are in front of me. (exhales) I’ve just seen a map of the whole thing. I’m going to have to
show you. It’s massive. – Thank you.
– Thank you very much. Yes! Ha! Right I’ve just signed
up to this Megavalanche. One of the bucket list things
that I’ve always wanted to do since I’ve started mountain biking. I’ve never raced downhill. I’ve never done an endura-race. Never done it, but I wanted to do this. And I’ve signed it up. I got my board. I’m pretty low, I’m pretty low number, which is a pretty good number. But all I now need is a mountain bike, which I didn’t bring with me, but I’ve heard there’s a
surprise in my hotel room for this to go onto it. Let’s go and find a look. Let’s go look at it. Let’s go find it. Ha! Well, for a start, this
is the Nukeproof Mega, and what better way to ride
my first ever Megavalanche than on a frame that was
specifically designed for all this. The Nukeproof Mega. I can’t wait. I’m going to stick my
number board on here. Going to have a little ride on the street just to see what this big
wheel stuff is all about. Aaah! That was, yeah, I didn’t even feel that. Wow, it’s fast, dude! – Wonder what it’s like climbing with 29-inch wheels. Okay, maybe I can get
used to 29-inch wheels. (energetic electronic music) Dammit! And like, I gashed off
this sweetness rock, didn’t see what was on the other side, and I landed directly on the sharpest rock that this whole mountain has to offer. Change it up. Keep shredding. Well, we’ve caught the lift up, but we got told to get
off at first station because we’re on the last one. We couldn’t get all the way to top, and I’m still stoked on
shredding my Nukeproof, yeah. I’m gonna shred this thing, dude. Get some turns. Just have fun. Snap some Instabangers. Get some air. Have fun all the way to the bottom to the hotel, grab a beer, celebrate first day
shredding this bike, man. (energetic electronic music) Haha! Right, some of you probably don’t know what the Megavalanche is all about. So I’m going to give a
little bit of a lowdown on what this event is all about. Basically it starts right at the top of this huge mountain, or
Pic Blanc, 3,330 metres and it starts on a glacier, so you start on snow right at the top, which is gnarly, and it drops down. It’s 30 kilometres long, and it ends up in the meadows of Allemond, which is 720 metres down in the valley just on my left right over there, and it is a gruelling race. It’s not easy. It’s hard. Right, this is a three day event with qualifying on a Friday. There’s different categories. There’s a female category. There’s kids’ category. And then there’s a big category where all the men get to ride, and there’s an invite category. So you get given your number. You get put in a group of 200 riders in your starting gate. And it doesn’t matter you could be racing if you’re a super beginner guy, you could be racing against Sam Hill. As long as you try and get in the top 35 you can get put in the
main event on a Sunday. But, if you didn’t make the
top 35, you still get to race. That’s on a Saturday. But at the end of the day,
every single dude that races in qualifying gets to
have the go to race from the right at the top to
come all the way down to complete the Mega. Most people come out,
like, three or four days before the whole event just to get to ride the track because it is technical. And you don’t want to
go off the wrong cliff into this trail because
it can go super wrong. And also, who rides in snow every day? And the main event starts in the snow, and it’s quite gnarly because it’s quite fast, quite slippery. Anything can go wrong. So you gotta practise all
this before you start to race. Okay so the qualifying track
is a totally different track to the Megavalanche main track. It starts in a different
part of the mountain, and it descends down. It’s about 18 to 30 minutes long, depending on how fast you
ride this whole track. It’s gruelling. It’s technical. It’s fast. There’s not
much of a climb in it. And it ends up in the Alpe D’Huez village right behind me, outside the sports hall, where you get through, you get your time and you get your position. You don’t have to be the
fastest rider out there to win this event, but it all comes down to how you’re going to race it because it’s such a long event. It’s a marathon at the end of the day. It’s a downhill marathon. And if you come up with a
bit of a technical issue at the front of the
pack, so hard to continue to race after that, because
it’s all based on time. So, if you’re in the front
and you get a problem, that’s game over. You could end your whole race right there. This is the lift to the top. I haven’t even ridden
the top bit, actually. I’m super scared. But it’s fine. I’ll just follow someone through, and I’ll be alright. As long as I get down to
the section where I know the whole thing, I’ll be alright. Ten seconds, the first
drop in of qualifying. I’m so nervous, dude. So nervous. Oh my! Wow. Wow, look at that. Right. It’s all kicked in. I’m nervous. I’m super nervous now. Not gonna lie. Just the last dude getting in there. Sorry? English, yeah. – [Woman] You’re very late. Now we are at 468. – Push through, yeah? Man, front row. Third group. I can’t wait. Super nervous, though. Look. (energetic music) (shouting) Yeah. How you doing? To your right! Sorry, dude. One big massive crash, a puncture, and I still love it. I’m absolutely knackered, dead. I’m in the Mega, and the Mega
is twice as long as that. I can’t, can’t wait to do another one. Haha! Look at this. Day three, and I’m practising
the Megavalanche track. I haven’t quite done that bit over there, but this is putting it
into a huge perspective because I can’t even see
the top of that mountain. It’s so far away. And you’ve gotta go around that thing. And this is the last, well this is the next bit of this track where it gets technical. It’s single track. It’s gnarly. We’re at 2,000 metres right now, and it goes all along
this, traverses along, like this guy is doing right here and it goes all the way
around and down into Allemond. It is mind-blowing. I am super nervous, because
that is very high up. And this… And there’s another 1,330 metres to go. (sighs) (energetic electronic music) Oh my God, this is frickin’ gnarly, dude. Yoo! Ah, this is it! Is this the finish? And
I’m the only one here. Does that mean I won? (laughing) Jokes. That was insane. Absolutely insane. I loved it. The top section, rocks, not so keen on them. This bit here through the woods, I’m super keen on that. But it’s actually started to rain as we’ve just got to the
bottom of this valley. We need to be on that
side of the mountain, and hopefully the lifts are running. But tomorrow is the day. I can’t wait. (laughing) I’m nervous. Oh man, just queueing
up to get to the top. It’s started to rain. I’m not nervous yet until I get up there. Then I’m like, nervous kicking in. (electronic music) This is it. Five minutes to kick-off. I’m with the Nukeproof crew and we’re going to have a battle slash have rad times slash heckle slash just
get down to the bottom. – Pretty much.
– Pretty much. There you go. Megavalanche. Another completed one. And how. Oh man, what an epic event. I’ve loved it. But I’ve just half-ticked the box because as you see we’ve started lower. We didn’t stop from right
at the top on the glacier where it was all supposed
to kick off from, the classic Megavalanche,
which I haven’t done, so it’s like half-ticked
on my bucket list, but that means I’m coming back next year to take on the Megavalanche yet again, because I want the full tick, man. I want to go from the top. I want to start off in the snow. But, result wise, so I had
some super technical issues in qualifying which set me way down. So I managed to get in on
the back of the main event right at the back. It was two groups at
go. It was 338 riders. I was 338. I ended up overtaking 141 riders when I ended up in 197 position which was amazing because the best thing about the whole event
was overtaking people, doing the crazy climb. It was insane. I loved it. I absolutely loved it. I’m dying right now
because of tiredness, but I’m so happy I did it, and thanks to you for
following the whole thing. But if you want to see more videos, click just over here for
Enduro versus Downhill. That’s a rad edit. And over here on my road to whip-off, where I did the Les Gets Crankworx which was sick. Don’t forget to click this
rad little globe right here. You won’t miss another
video just like this one. If you loved it, definitely
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  1. They should let those people run in groups. Like 10 starts at a time. There is really no point to take part in a contest where they let 400 men go at once. Those at back are f*cked, having no real chance to win at all even if they are far better in every term they don't stand a chance from the back against those on the front… Nonsense "race".

    If I fall because you make me crush into you because you are a pussy and just wasting time or if you would make you fall because you push me in a turn. I would f*ck you up right there. Even tho it's not 100% your fault. It's 50% your fault because you can't ride properly and you are a pussy and 50% of the organizer's fault.

    I wouldn't take part of this contest like this.

  2. This is the best video Ive ever seen As a result, Ive decided one day I MUST participate in the Megavalanche and place top 15. To this day I am 18 years old

  3. Blake all the best for the next year to do Full Mega. U r doing good on practice but lot of afraid in real match. Hope you will fix in future and win title of 2018 Mega

  4. Anyone getting PTSD from the music used at the 10 minutes mark lol? Ive suffered many hours to that music in the GCN race winning intervals indoor session.

  5. It's a cool track but the qualifying and the race itself are totally unfair as if you're behind the first two rows you're basically fucked and can't qualify or win. They need less riders, a wider start or for it to be individually timed [which wouldn't be as enjoyable].

  6. Love Blakes enthusiasm. 12 weeks until this years Mega. How about a video on how to prepare and what equipment to take.

  7. Blake is top man love his content it’s sick!…. what an event that is!…. props to all that enter the “mega”… peace ✌️

  8. 10:30 tune name ?
    and where is the track list for music used in this clip? you really should start presenting track names as well, absolutely perfect tunes for riding !!!

  9. Just EPIC bro!!! Just epic…and to your complete credit, you not only share riding tips, skills and tricks…but you actually demonstrate those same tips in your own events…you are the REAL DEAL sir!!

  10. man that was cool as. im just getting well after 10 years of being bed ridden with cirrhosis of the liver and been doing liver cleanses for 3.5 years (a long time) but now i am finally able to work in the garden and grow veggies (chem free) i have wanted to get into MTB since early 2000s but was working flat out. being sick has put clear perspective in my life and MTB DH is where i want be at. these type of vids are helping me enormasly man and they keep me entertained and stop be from climbing the walls, So thanks fella for the content its fkn great mate!

  11. "I never did downhill"

    Next thing you know he seems very used to doing downhill by those qualif in the rocks… lol

  12. I got 2 flats in 3 of my first runs at whistler, but then I met Blake in person so it was aight. Such a nice dude who shreds hard 🤘

  13. Gmbn crew.thhanks for all advice and tips..also I've nearly finished my gt is five 1mo from 18 months ago .thru axel and built rims again as my hard tail feelings in my legs I felt full suss was way to go..thank you for hours advice.i had a message a while back I earned some stickers.i thought it was a scam as nothings free in this life..btw my hard tail was half inched.dhe had was rims .sms revolver back hub and hope we true axel 20 mil on limited edition bomber forks in chrome and grey.awsome bike.gutted I can find her.she was colour coded too.dhe had hope 4 pot on back two pot on front..sickening blow lads…anyway bless you all.

  14. Im going to do this one day. I recently got out jail and dont really associate with anybody because i feel i was forgotten during my time away and i was really good to alot of people so i dont get out the house much except work and family activities. But i am going to do this, watch.

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