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Blanket Collection and SmartBlanket App Tour – SmartPaker Emily

August 12, 2019

EMILY: Hi, I’m Emily
from Marketing, and I’m here today with my horse
JZ to talk about our blanket collection. So, we live in Massachusetts,
which means we experience just a wide range of weather
conditions and temperatures, from kind of warmer
during the day, cold at night, to
freezing all the time, to rain, to snow, to just
everything in between. So it’s really important
that I have a wide selection of blankets, so I
can really blanket JZ appropriately for both the
weather and the temperature, So I’m going to start
with our indoor blankets. So, he actually has on,
right now, his stable sheet. And it’s part of our
Rhino SmartPak Collection, which is an awesome
line of blankets. You’re going to see
quite a few of them as I go through the lineup here. This particular style
isn’t available any longer, but we have other great options
like our SmartPak Stable Sheet. And it’s really just a
nice piece for those nights when it’s cool outside. Keeps them warm inside,
but isn’t adding any fill. So it really is
just a basic sheet. So here is the stable sheet. Two surcingles,
tail cord, and in this beautiful navy-beige color. Front closures. When it’s much colder,
I use a stable blanket. And this right here, again, is
that Rhino SmartPak Collection. This color is the
purple-green-navy, and it’s just a
beautiful pattern. It looks so nice on a variety
of different colored horses. This one has a nice,
thick fill to it, so those really cold months
in January and February, this is generally what he’s
wearing at night in the barn. Has just two nice
clasps on the front. Really easy to take on and off. What’s great about
Horseware products is they really
don’t shift or move. They just fit the
horses beautifully. So that’s like his
nice pajamas that he goes into when he comes
in from being out all day. This is the Rhino SmartPak
Collection Stable Blanket. You can see that really lovely
purple, green, and navy color. Again, two buckles in the front. We then have two surcingles
and the tail cord. Next up we have
the Baker Blanket, which is just a classic piece
for any horse owner’s horse wardrobe. It’s a really high quality,
tight-weave blanket. So while it has no fill, I also
use this on those colder days. Because it really
keeps them warm. Baker is known for its quality,
stands up to the test of time. When you buy one
of these blankets, it’s something you’ll
have for years to come. This is in the tartan
plaid, but also comes in that iconic Baker
original color, which is just so great-looking
on so many different horses. So next up is our
collection of turnouts, and that’s what he
wears when he goes out in the pasture during the day. So, he’s most
commonly in a no-fill. So I have two of
those that I use. The first is the SmartPak
Ultimate Turnout Sheet. And this thing is amazing. First of all, it’s backed
by a 10-year guarantee. So if it were to rip, or
anything were to happen to it, SmartPak replaces it
for up to 10 years. Which is just incredible. I’ve had this for probably
three or four years now and have never
had to replace it. It’s the toughest blanket
I’ve ever come across. Which is awesome. He goes out with
other horses, so, you know how they can
play at each other, tug at each other’s blankets. And this has really stood
up to that and more. So just absolutely
thrilled with this blanket. It’s a great purchase. It has awesome features. It has quick clips on the
front, it has gussets. It has fleece at the withers–
excuse me, we’ve got an itch. Oh yeah, you’re dusty. And it has, again, this
indestructible nylon. Which is– still looks new
after being many years old. So, thrilled with this. It also comes in a beautiful
navy color, which he actually modeled for the catalog. I’m in love with that color. Thinking about buying
one of those as well. So here is the
SmartPak Ultimate. And JZ’s nose. Quick clip fronts. Nicely cut through
the shoulders. D-rings for a neck rug. Generous shoulder gussets. Two surcingles. And the tail flap. OK, so next up is my
second light sheet. And I mentioned earlier that I
had two lights because that’s what he wears most frequently. So this allows me to launder
one while he can still wear the other
one, because these are the ones that since
he’s in them the most, tend to get dirty and
gross the fastest. So this is the new Pessoa
Alpine 1200D Blanket. And this is actually
another blanket that he modeled during
one of our photo shoots. And I was so obsessed
with the plaid color that I had to buy it. And I absolutely love it. The fit on this
blanket is phenomenal. It’s made of that 1200D
denier so it’s really tough. And this one’s a bit dirty,
he’s been wearing it quite a bit already. But has really just
stood up really nicely. And the dirt actually
brushes off, too, if I would take the
time to do that. Again, it has quick
clips in the front. It has a double lock Velcro
closure, which I really like. Nice shoulder gussets. Just a really nice quality
blanket from Pessoa. This is JZ in the Pessoa Alpine. You can see how vibrant
the color on this is. Just beautiful. The double-locking
Velcro in the front. Clips. Pessoa branding throughout. The bottom of this has
a nice fleece on it, so it’s super soft
but really durable. D-rings for a neck rug. Two surcingles. And then some reflective
Pessoa branding in the back which looks really cool. So next up is my
medium weight blanket, which is, again, part of that
SmartPak Rhino Collection. And this is the Wug
in the navy-beige. Wugs are really nice, because
they have higher neck coverage. So when it’s colder, they’re
needing that heavier weight blanket, this also keeps
wind from getting down in. Also a nice choice for
a high-withered horse. These tend to fit
them really well. Like I mentioned,
Horseware is known for just making really great products. This is no exception. This is another one I’ve
had for a couple years, and it looks brand new. Has the nice V-closure
on the front, which keeps it in place really well. Really easy to hook
the buckles on and off. And just really nice and cozy
when it gets a little bit colder. Have the Rhino SmartPak Wug. With that V-front closure. Double-locking Velcro. And then you can see
here the nice high neck. Keeps you extra warm and cozy. Again that navy-beige color. We have dual surcingles. No leg straps on this
one, just a tail cord, but again, the Horseware fit. No issues with shifting. Stays nicely in place. And last but not least, for
my heavyweight blankets, this is the Amigo
1200D Bravo Turnout. It has a nice
heavy gram filling, so it– in the dead
of winter, when it’s super cold, and
snowy, and blustery out, this is what JZ puts
on, or I put on him. Again, it’s a Horseware product. Great quality. Doesn’t shift, doesn’t move. I also have the matching
neck rug for this one. Because again, it’s
for those coldest days. So this keeps him just
really cozy from head to toe. If you didn’t want to use the
neck rug, it has just Velcro, so you can easily take that off. Really easy to put on and off. Two surcingles, leg straps,
and again, that 1200D. He is pretty tough on
blankets, so I always try to look for a higher
denier because that’s what’s going to stand
up for him the best. But just another great blanket. So JZ is fully suited up
in his winter armor here. Neck rug and
heavyweight blanket. One thing that’s so
great about Amigo is you can get that
Horseware quality at a really great price. Along with the Rhino as well. So a reason why I have so many
of those in my collection. But again, double
closures on the front. Dual surcingles. And again, Horseware
with that great fit. Just has that tail cord here. Good blanket. Another sheet we
use all the time is the Rambo Competition
Quarter Sheet. So this is while we’re
riding and warming up. Keeps us both nice and toasty. It’s this super thick fleece,
just so soft and comfortable. We normally use this
during our warm up ride, and then during our actual
ride, sometimes I’ll slip him out of it. But really easy to get on
and off, even when you’re in the saddle, which is great. After going through
this collection, I just realized how much navy
and black is in JZ’s wardrobe. But he looks good
in those colors. We have lots more color
options online as well. And you can shop
blankets at SmartPak with free shipping both ways. So you can get the perfect
fit and the right blanket for your horse. One question we
get commonly asked is, how do I know what weight
or what type of blanket to put my horse in? And we actually
have an awesome app that will help you
make those decisions. So I’m just going to walk
you through that now. So this is called
the SmartBlanket app, and you can get it in the iTunes
store as well as Google Play. And what it does is it factors
in your horse’s age, weight, clipping status,
I’ll walk you guys through adding a horse here. So if I added a horse,
I could name it Bella. And then the zip code in
which the horse is located. Or city-state. And I’m just going
to add that in here. Their birthday. So I’ll just choose that. And then their
coat length, which can be full-body clipped,
partially clipped, show coat or unclipped. So I’m just going to
choose partially clipped. Their body condition,
which would be, “tends to be underweight,”
“close to ideal weight,” or “tends to be overweight.” And then their living situation. “In a barn during
the day,” “in a barn during the night,” “in
the barn 24 hours a day,” or “outside 24 hours a day.” And then if you choose “in
a barn,” it’s going to ask, is it significantly warmer,
about 20 degrees Fahrenheit inside the barn,
I’m choosing yes. Saving that. And then it will give you
customized recommendations for your area and that horse. So for the new horse
Bella, they recommend a turnout sheet for tonight,
and tomorrow during the day, looks like it’s going to get a
little warmer tomorrow night. So it really gives
you a nice forecast on what you need for
upcoming blankets. If I go back to JZ. It’s really nice,
you can add a photo, so it’s customized to every
horse that you need to blanket. Which is a great feature. Thank you guys so much
for watching JZ’s blanket collection video. Thank you for being
such a good sport. Good boy. Remember, you can get
free shipping both ways on blankets at SmartPak. So you can get the right
fit and the right blanket for your horse. We hope you’ll tag us in your
blanket collection videos, and have a great ride. Good boy. Yeah. Good boy.

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