Blazin M Ranch, Dead Horse Ranch State Park (Things to do in Cottonwood): Look Who’s Traveling
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Blazin M Ranch, Dead Horse Ranch State Park (Things to do in Cottonwood): Look Who’s Traveling

August 10, 2019

This episode is brought to you by Cottonwood Chamber of Commerce. We’re at Dead Horse Ranch State Park and today we will be doing the Junior Ranger program. First we’re hiking the Verde River Greenway Trail. Opened in 1977, the park is located adjacent to and across the Verde River from the community of Cottonwood. The park got its name from a dead horse lying by the road in the late 1940s. This trail is an easy two mile hike. This is very sad for a Christmas Cactus. I don’t see any ornaments. Now we’re going to cross the bridge. The scenery is very pretty, but we’re getting a little bit thirsty. We don’t have any water. We have to go and drink the creek water! Let’s walk down to the river. We’re back on the trail. Brother, hurry up so you don’t fall behind. And then we saw some people riding horses. Time for a picture. Now we’re turning in our Junior Ranger activity booklets. And getting a stamp in our passport. Then we got sworn in. [Ranger] As an Arizona State Park Junior Ranger. And finally we got our badges. Please visit for more information. We’re at Clemenceau Heritage Museum. This museum preserves and displays the artifacts and heritage of the Verde Valley. Brother saw something he likes. [Brother] Corn is my favorite thing. [Brother] Hi little baby. Let’s go see the first 100 years of Arizona pictures. Who’s the cowboy calling on the telephone? Let us know in the comments below. Next is the school room. Why do we have to attend class during vacation? Lastly, our favorite part, the model train room. This is a replica of the Verde Canyon Railroad that we went on in Clarkdale. We had so much fun here. Learn more at Now we’re going to explore the Historic Old Town. Cousin and I are looking at license plates from different states. Let’s see what’s in this store. We’re going to sample some olive oil and fudge. We’re back at Dead Horse Ranch State Park. Eight one-room log camping cabins are available here. There’s a bunk bed and a queen size bed. We’ll be back later to spend the night. You can book your stay here at We’re at Blazin’ M Ranch. For more than twenty years, the Blazin’ M Ranch has provided visitors to Arizona an Old West experience. First we’re going on the Vintage Tractor Pull that will take us around the ranch in a 1940’s John Deere tractor. We’re passing by some animals, farming equipments, and a graveyard. The burn mark came from a fire in 1993 that gave Blazin’ M its name. And our ride has come to an end. Now we’re going to explore Frontier Town. Let’s see what’s inside here. Oh no, we go ourselves in jail! Now we’re going to do some lasso. The man is giving me a roping lesson. Nailed it. And now it’s Cousin’s turn and Brother roped himself. Try again, Brother. Yay, you did it! We’re going to try our skills at the shooting gallery. Brother was the only one who got a bullseye. [Cowboy] That is good! I’m going to use the outhouse. Now we’re playing a game of horseshoe. Now it’s time for dinner at the big red barn. [Host] Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Blazin’ M Ranch. After a moment of silence, it’s time to line up for the food. We will be eating off a tin plate. Getting my baked potato, baked beans, biscuit, prickly pear cole slaw, chicken and ribs. A hearty meal fit for a cowboy. Who wants another biscuit? Nice catch! Raise your hand if you want seconds of ribs. Finally, we’re having dessert. Then they made a special announcement. Brother received a gift certificate for shooting a bullseye. After dinner, it’s the Western stage show featuring the Blazin’ M Cowboys. [Cowboys] Honey, I’d do almost anything to make your dreams come true. [Cowboys] If my nose is running, Honey, I’d blow it all on you. Then a weirdo named Otis came out to perform. And a deer head on the wall started singing too. [Cowboys] Where the deer and the antelope play. Then this man started slapping his face. Next the entire crew came out to sing a song. [Everyone] God bless America, land that I love. Lastly, the room dimmed. And we saw the Ghost Rider galloping by. Who is this mysterious figure? I bet it’s Otis behind the mask. Now we’re visiting Woody and Jesse’s Toy Store and the Wood N West Museum. All these figures are hand carved and operated without electricity. Brother is picking out a souvenir to redeem with his gift certificate. We had a wonderful time here at the ranch. Make your reservation at We returned back to Dead Horse Ranch, and we’re trying to start a fire. Oh no, the fire is dying. The camp hostess gave us some lighter fluid and matches, so we’re going to try again. [Brother] Yay, the fire is going up! Now we’re going to make s’mores. Ahh, the smoke is burning my eyes! The marshmallows are roasting. And then everyone is enjoying their s’mores. Finally we’re going to sleep in the cabin. Plan your trip at Stay tuned for Camp Verde with Kids. Please hit the subscribe button so you won’t miss a video. Also like and share this episode with your friends.

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