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Blind Dates Play Fear Pong (Elias vs. Micaela) | Fear Pong | Cut

October 27, 2019

– Okay, say it again. – Hit me baby one more time. (splat) (“Ode to Joy” by Beethoven) – Yeah
– Wee bit (laughs) – Definitely I hope that you’re just
like a decently nice guy. – I’m just hoping to have a great time. – There you go – We’ll see where it goes. – Hi – Hello, it’s nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you. I’m Micaela, I’m 22, I’m a
dancer, professional dancer. – My name’s Elias, and on the
weekends I just pretty much get drunk and have fun. (ball claps on table) – Hoof – Are you supposed to dip them? I’ve never played, I mean I have– – You’ve never played beer pong? – I went to art school. – I was pretty fratty. There she is. – Tell the story of how
you lost your virginity as if it was a horror story,
complete with flashlight. God, my parents are gonna watch this. All right, let’s fuck it,
let’s just do it. (laughs) – [Woman] All right (claps) – Once, there was a girl and a guy, and he wanted to have
sex with her, so he spent a lot of money and he rented a hotel room. – My God. – In downtown San Antonio,
and then they took off their clothes and they
laid in the hotel bed where there’s probably lots of cum just all over the mattress (laughs) and then he finished. (roaring laughing) (ball clings) – Freestyle rap about your
blind date for one minute. – I think you should do it. – Oh man, yeah sure let’s do it. (Micaela beatboxes) – Oh man, well, okay, sorry,
I’m sorry, I’m sorry. (laughs) Standing here with Micaela,
I’m playing beer pong. About to go home and hit my bong, maybe she could come through I don’t know. One of the best beatboxers around. I hope that she dances like a
clown. (laughing and clapping) Tell me about your dating history Micaela. – Yeah it’s a shit show,
partially like me not listening to my instincts and partially like, people are really good liars. – Sounds like you met some shitty dudes. – Always, what about you? – I have a very sparse dating history. I’ve had like one
girlfriend my entire life. I just really like to have fun. (laughs) – Any guy that says “I
like to have fun” screams I’m a douche bag, I would just
like to say that. (laughing) Cut off some of your hair and glue it to your face like a goatee. – Whoa. – I came in here saying
I would do lots of things (laughing) but cutting my hair
would not be one of them. (sad violin music) (ball clangs) Fuck. What, how does he catch those? – I have extremely great agility
and hand-eye coordination. – Well, do you? (laughing) – I’m also an incredible liar. – Yikes. (clapping) – Let your opponent spank
your butt with their choice of cold cut meat, after you
sing Hit Me Baby One More Time. – Do you consent to this? ‘Cause I Hella consent to this. – I consent, I consent. – Let’s do it. – Hit me baby one more time. (laughs) – Oh. Say it again. – Hit me baby one more time. (clapping) – Let your opponent call
an ex up and ask where you failed as a lover. (laughing) – Call him up, what’s this
emoji next to his name? – He’s really into fish. (phone rings) – Mr. Michael hello, my name is Elias. I’m here with your ex-girlfriend Micaela and I just have one
little question for ya. Where did she fail as a lover to you? – It’s good talking to ya. – [Man] Yep. (clapping) – High School sweethearts yeah. ‘Cause I think one thing about, yeah. – Put a marshmallow in
your pants every time blank happens, your opponent
decides what triggers each new insertion. – Every time we throw
a ball, you have to put a marshmallow in your pants. – [Woman] Nice. – Oh shit – Marshmallow! (grunts) Put it in your pants. – Put it in your pants. – You gotta put them
way deeper in there bro. – Deeper, okay. – Marshmallow – Fuck you’re right Yes! – Marshmallow – It’s getting crowded – What do you think about me? – I think that you’re funny, I
think that you’re interesting and I think that I might
like to hang out with you. – Oh, some honesty, I like it. – And what do you think of me? – I think you have some
douche bag tendencies but I think it’s because
you’re covering up someone who’s actually pretty
sensitive, and like– – Jesus. – Not like sensitive, why
is sensitivity a bad thing? (ball clangs) Oh. – Let your opponent paint
your body with body paint. – Fuck yes, please. (laughs) Please, please. – Let’s do it. – Yeah. – Look, just pull the pants
down, et’s let them spill out, oh yeah there we go, nice. (laughing) Just like an X over the nipples. More X over the nipples. Go like this.
– Oh yes. Oooh (clapping) – Okay, so now that you don’t have pants, you gotta put it in your underwear. 20 into your underwear right now. – Fair enough. There she is. – Honestly at this point I don’t even care if I win the money
cause like, I’m winning. (laughing) – [Elias] Yes! – If your opponent consents, make out with them for one minute. I knew that was coming, I
literally knew that was coming. Can we play a song? – Fuck (dissonant male voice humming) (cheers) (clapping) (relaxing music) – Man, like (laughs) – Yeah – I will honestly
completely shocked if I win. (loud horn) (laughing) – Wow – We might go out after this, who knows. – Yeah, let’s see where
the night takes us. – It’s Monday after all. (laughing) – Oh my God, it’s Monday. (slow violin music) (cheers) (laughing) – Who’s the real winner?

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  1. I swear at 0:40 he kind of sounded like Shia labouf (I don't know if I spelt his last name right)

  2. I think it's the best way to spend the first date. If you survive after this you definitely deserve a chance to be a couple. 🙂

  3. I take it way too serious, but could you guys invite some plus size people for this show? I have watched like 10 of these and there are always only skinny/thin/slim/model type body guys and girls. As someone on a slightly heavier side I'm a bit offended. I feel like I dont deserve love or at least fun.

  4. So nobody finna talk about how this man's hands come from his pants, only to throw a ball w/ the same hands in a cup that another person gotta drink from?

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