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Blue River Horse Center for Education

October 14, 2019

The Mission of Blue River horse is to build self leadership skills in children And adults through experiential programs with rescued horses for the betterment of mankind and horses? Our hope is to positively transform lives to human and equine interactions we provide leadership programs to children and adults that promote self-awareness and constructive decision-making These types of experience with programs of horses have been shown to have a longer lasting and deeper impact because of the horses positive effects on human thoughts and emotional There is something truly magical that happens when a horse shows a child or adult What they are thinking And how they are being plays they are not aware of the horse essentially tells us when we are being successful or not By being reflections for our behavior The success that I’m referring to is about those thoughts attitudes and actions that need to be present to have a happy and fulfilling life the horse can show us when we’re thinking good thoughts or bad thoughts by being relaxed when we’re taking positive thoughts and Being nervous and fearful when we are allowing negative thoughts to be present By taking the correct thoughts which directly affects our energy course partners with us who collaborate and all sorts of fun activities Forces because of their hyper vigilance and loving intelligent nature to truly raise our awareness about ourselves

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  1. Thanks for sharing! What a gift to have this program available to our community and beyond. You're a pioneer in this field John Longhill & your team of volunteers.

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