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August 30, 2019

Jack: The Valley of Death Let’s do it! Bob: Hang on, hang on. Wade: This is still gonna be pretty easy. The elevator’s gonna be an easy win. Bob: I could crush people’s dreams. Wade: Bob. BOB! BOB!!! Bob: Everyone is so salty. I don’t understand. Wade: Because you’re so sadistic! And I thought you were, like, the nice one! Jack: That’s the thing! Everyone thinks Bob is the nice one. *demonic laughter* Wade: BOB! Bob: All right, all right. You want it to be more reasonable? Wade: Yeah. Yeah, please. Bob: I got it. I’ll reasonable it up. Wade: NOOOOOO! *laughter* NOOOO *laughter* You always take away my happiness! Mark: Got it! OK! Jack: Oh shit! *Mark laughing* Mark: Aw fuck, the THORNS?! Bob: You just have to duck under ’em. Mark: Oh shut up Bob!!!!! Jack: Hahaha– Fuck. Wade: God, Bob, Why is there always someone like you that I play with, Bob? That has to be the ultimate jerk at the VERY END of the round? Bob: I got the solution, just wait. You ready for this? *bawk* Wade: Oh no. Bob: I got the solution, bitches! Wade: BOB, WHY DO YOU DO THIS?! Where did you COME from?! BOB!!!!!!!!! Bob: Get rekt, get rekt. (Sigh) Wade: Wow, Bob. Jack: –got no points! *Wade laughing*

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