Bodycam shows handcuffed man led by cops on horseback (1 of 2)

October 5, 2019

you’re asked by the property manager not to come back ever you’ve been arrested multiple times for a criminal trespass and you know that well I told him about the bank said he said no keep arrest people I’m telling you do it you wanna go I was gonna say you wanna go what about us and then drive the truck over here something Goods a Municipal Court her to the to the station and booked one he does ever us import or we can do treating on Prince he’s not welcome back I got an email you know make him walk all like that come here mr. Neely you wanna get I’ll get down get the stuff it’s gonna it’s gonna look really you got into 90s that’s good perfect are you gonna steal I’m trying there you go huh you’re not embarrassed I know you’re doing good mr. Daly we gotta do what we gotta do to you know you want to hold your change there you go just don’t drop it I just got on my horse man wait you need a green shirt for it you have that one what else you need if I get back down he’s that same alert ass Dodson that’s all you want okay I’ll get it that’s this goes down I think there’s stairs though y’all got it I guess you ready let’s go turn left mr. Daly that lights a trailer are you coming back all right we’re going to hold on we’re gonna be at where are you at [Music] okay well we’re gonna just call me whenever you’re almost here we’re at the park board thing but we’re going to back to our trailer yeah we go we’re going back to the trailer so we can load up our horses yummy let’s up your your thing for you I can hold it mr. Neely come here come forward come forward here I’ll lift it up for you there you go next to me I’m gonna drag you plain mr. Neely you’re not gonna go back right because we don’t want to keep taking a jail just for that stupid thing you know you’re gonna market give me less traffic of people you have to walk a little bit faster you’re still single yeah 48:32 traffic generally fast you can’t go in that building either mr. Neely remember that – I know but you can’t go in there yeah baby I can’t go in that one I know but you can’t go into single standalone building yeah yeah I know you go in there all the time and then we get called out you come on wait single from single from what just single say no girlfriend don’t feel embarrassed that’s good we’re not we’re never trying to embarrass you yeah next straight over to the right I’ll go get the water after this text my work I text him where we were mr. mr. Neely you’re from Mississippi right or Arkansas where you from okay what same place I can’t remember the same place never changes alright I’ll go get the thing be right there come on no no come on do you water 2014 22:02 – committee draft wolf check full vehicle vehicle area let’s try again [Music] 93 2:39 hey a case number on our 2000 five four three seven that’s right thank you why [Music] he called for I said he called for are you in tacked down yeah you tack that you tack down first I’ll tack down you attract 2032 probably I don’t want to lose that this one’s a directive so well I got an email from this one like a week ago about being over there what about being over there so this is a directive from up above yes we got intro for the last one I got yelled at by two sorry you who do you beat his ass why would you undo that how did I do this it was all pretty alright here come spin we’ll meet you down there for this one criminal trespass or intruding on friends I’m really not early vixen we do a tip sheet and then we’ll come in there and finish we’re gonna go jump off the horses and we’ll be up there Donald Neely you don’t know him everybody everyone the jail knows who he is don’t worry all right tip sheet and then [Music]

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