Boost Your Horse Riding Confidence Tip ~ Better Posture To Feel Secure In The Saddle
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Boost Your Horse Riding Confidence Tip ~ Better Posture To Feel Secure In The Saddle

October 22, 2019

Hi. I’m Anne Gage of here with another quick tip to help you boost your
confidence One of the things that can really throw your confidence off is your
posture. And, unfortunately whatever posture we have in our day-to-day life
goes with us to the saddle. So, if you have poor posture habits on the ground,
sitting, when you’re walking, when you’re sitting at your desk, when you’re driving –
all of that is building muscle memory and poor posture. Correct posture is so
that your ear lines up over your shoulder which lines up over your hip
which lines up over your ankles if you’re sitting on your horse or standing
as I am on the ground. Or if you’re sitting that your feet are placed firmly
on the ground. You want to have your chin parallel to the ground. Not lifted way
up or sticking out or tucked in as you look at the ground which also makes you
pitch forward. To keep your torso in the right place, you need to engage your core
muscles. Those muscles just around your belly button – your abdominal wall. Mine
are engaged now and I can still talk clearly. If you pull in the wrong muscles
then you can’t breathe. So, practice finding the right muscles and use your
core when you’re sitting at your desk, when you’re driving, when you’re standing,
when you’re walking. The other thing is to let your shoulders roll back – gently
don’t force anything. Let your shoulder blades drop down your back. And, your
chest lifts. And, think of it expanding forward towards the horizon. With that
good posture in the saddle you’ll feel much more balanced which will do a great deal to help you feel more confident. And, you’ll also communicate better with your
horse. That’s your quick tip for today. As always, enjoy the ride.

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  1. This helped a lot!!! Think you so much! I havnt rode in a long time! Because of a bad fall! And I've been terrified to get back on my horse due to that horrible fall!!!! Ik I should get back on! And I'm going to try my best to! And use these amazing tips when I do! 😍😘😀

  2. Thanks Anne. I'm loving these quick tips. As an older rider who started riding in her 40's and seem to be stuck after 15 years, these have been very helpful.

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