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Border Terrier Dog Breed Guide

October 21, 2019

I’ve had Border Terriers for over 20 years,
and now I’m on my seventh generation and I still love the breed as much as I did then. Border Terriers are very popular because they’re
a small, active, gamy breed, and they often can fit into most families. You do need to
keep them busy. When all’s said and done, they are a terrier. They’re not the most fiery
one, so you’ve got the fun with a little bit more control possibly. But you’re certainly
thinking that they’re going to like to chase and they’re going to like to dig. So you need
to get your training in fairly early. If they’re brought up with cats from a puppy,
they are very good with them. They’ll treat them as another dog or a puppy, whatever.
But if they are not introduced to cats at a young age, they can be cat killers. You
do have to be very careful that they don’t chase, because they do like to chase cats. Border Terriers, working little dogs, very
lively, need lots and lots of exercise. They are the type of dog that somebody might look
at and think oh, they’re cute and they’re small so won’t need much, but in actual fact
they need a lot more than a lot of your dogs. So brilliant dogs, but lots of exercise. You have to understand the temperament of
a terrier, to really understand what they are like as a breed, and I always say that
if it runs they’ll chase it, and if it squeaks they might kill it. and I never actually encourage
any terrier instincts, they have enough of their own. Border Terrier is not too a high maintenance
breed. It needs to be groomed by a professional groomer about four times a year. Top coat
is really harsh, with soft dense undercoat. Harsh coat should be removed by hand stripping.
Hand stripping should be done by a professional dog groomer. The Border Terrier doesn’t actually suffer
from any hereditary illnesses or defects, so they’re very hardy, not many vet’s bills.
The only thing they do tend to suffer with is dirty teeth. So they need regular dental
checkups. But besides that they don’t suffer with a lot. They tend to just die of old age.
You can easily get them to 17-18 year old. I think a Border Terrier would suit somebody
from a young couple who could be active and want to go out walking a lot, because they
can walk miles, run marathons or anything. And it’d also suit somebody who’s retired.
They also love the cuddles on the sofa as well, and the small walks. So I think there’s
a good range of people that they would suit.

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  1. Mine is only 9 And being diagnosed with sugar diabetes. Has to have two insulin shots twice a day. Don't think he will last long. He looks a shadow of his former self. Looking for a puppy now. Couldn't be without a Border had them 30 years.

  2. @Dog Advice Videos: Please could you tell me how healthy Border terriers are in general? Do they have to go often to a Vet? What about their resistance/immunity, allergy issues, Spike's disease? I would like to hear first-hand information from actual owners.

    I have a 4-year old Boxer whom I love unconditionally, but he is chronically sick and his future is uncertain. He has multiple health problems and although I was a qualified Vet Nurse with many years of experience in animal care, my dog got sick, probably due to a bad bloodline/inbreeding. I will be looking for a smaller breed such as Border Terrier but primarily looking for a good health score and good-natured dog. Thanks.

  3. Thanks for the video. However, I would respectfully disagree with your comments about Border Terriers being able to kill cats.

    My brother is a Vet and the amount of times he has seen dogs being brought in after a fight with a cat will astound you. Very, very, very, few dogs can overwhelm a fully mature, healthy cat. For example, recently a German Shepherd was brought in to my brothers clinic. It lost an eye after being in a fight with a cat. The cat is fine, but the dog was hospitalized for a whole week!

    I would keep Border Terriers away from cats, not for the cats sake, but for the dogs sake!

  4. How do you find a dog you do not know the name of I have pictures of her and ive almost never seen a identical dog too her…her name was pepper she was 8 or 9 yrs old she recently past like a week ago and I have pictures of her can someone find a dog identical to her

  5. I have been ill and a great family have fostered my cross border terrier He looks like a full border. The family got him clipped and he does not look like himself .Will his black harsh coat grow back ?

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