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Boshoff Beyers Cattle Immobilizer Farmfreund

August 21, 2019

since the dawn of time humans have consumed
meat and in the last few centuries farmers have cultivated animals to fulfill this requirements
any farmer will tell you to produce good beef you need to look after your animals creating
a safe and stress free environment for animals to grow to their potential this has not been
an easy task in the past certain procedures that has to bee performed on animals caused
tress and sometimes injuries but that has all changed thanks to farm group for a decade
farm group has been supplying a trusted product that has made life easier for farmers this
tried tested and trusted product is the Farmfreund an animal immobilization device the Farmfreund
is a device that consists of a probe with all its electronics contained inside it is
very easy to use light weight wireless and mobile the Farmfreund is an anal probe that
emits a slight electrical current to immobilize animals this painless and save process insures
the animal will be calm and immobilized during any procedure you would like to perform for
procedures like dehorning and ear tagging insert the device and adjust the frequency
shift the animals tail to either side of the probe the animal will lifts its head and turn
it to the opposit side making work easy for the most effective results during the branding
procedure insert the device regulate the frequency and adjust the dive the opposit leg the work
is to be done on the animal will then lifts its leg and give you trouble free access to
the concerned area, when performing castration the device is inserted in a straight manner
and the frequency regulated the animal will now be completely immobilized when you work
Farmfreund can be used for any application where immobilization is a requirement for
animal safety Farmfreund is not only a immobilization device it is an inviromently sound tool that
will save you money by reducing animal stress and injuries our products are all assembled
in Germany and build to the highest standards Farmfreund was developed to fulfill a need
and who better to understand a farmers requirements than a another farmer farm group we are farmers

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  1. immobilizing the animal makes the entire process easier quicker and safer for both human and cow. if it takes a little shock up the ass, who cares. id rather run a current up the cows ass to keep it from kicking or thrashing its head around when im trying to dehorn than having to dehorn multiple times or have to brand two or three times because the cow wont hold still.

  2. It's not even about ranching its about the concept of designing such a device to provide further domination over species, why on earth would you do this? – if it were inserted into a human anus – it wouldn't be okay – so why is okay when it's a cow's anus? – and lets be clear – this is just another fluff piece in order to keep activists at bay.

  3. Let's be clear: cows are not humans. Let not fluffy logic cloud your judgement. There are things that are appropriate for humans that are not appropriate for cattle and vice versa. If there is any further doubt, don't forget that humans are the ONLY species on earth that can adapt to their surroundings or adapt their surroundings to their liking. With this ability we have a responsibility to take care of this earth, not sentimentilize it.

  4. BTW has anyone considered the possibility that the cattle may actually like it? I know, I know, it sounds perverted, but what if it is true?

  5. What are you on about – humans are not the only species that can adapt to their surroundings and this is evident in nature when you see how animals evolve. And so what if cows are not humans? – Is that the only reason you have to maltreat them? – As the more intelligent species we should be kinder and show regard for other life – not treat them like this. That includes sending them to the slaughter house.

  6. If you believe that cattle are being mistreated, then let one go out into the wild and see what happens; their lifespan will be severely shortened by disease and predation. Mother nature is a brutal bitch without regard to how anyone could feel about an animal and its death.

  7. Yeah, funny thing is, if we weren't raising cattle for beef, there wouldn't be a 10th of the cattle on the planet that there is now, which by default means how much they suffered would go down exponentially just from numbers.

  8. Unfortunately for the human race, not all of us have evolved with the rest. Fortunately for the planet, because the stupid humans outnumber the evolved humans 100 to 1, we'll be extinct within the next few hundred years, and the rest of nature will be at peace without us.

  9. You've GOT to be kidding me. Instead of making the animal not feel pain we immobilize them so they cannot react to the pain? This is a SICK world indeed!

  10. clearly you all that are posting negative comments don't realize that when you go to the grocery store and purchase those steaks many of the cattle have been castrated and I doubt you even know why….. eat a butchered bull they are full of harmones and are very strong tasting, not good, that is why we castrate, the immobilizer is not shocking them as you think it does you can actually turn this device on and grab ahold of it with your hand and you will not feel a thing.

  11. Because most immobilizers must have "attached" either with a probe in the rectum, or with clamps to the tail fold and lip. These units work JUST like a chiropractors unit, only they have 1 level instead of cycling.
    I've used the Stephca immobilizer for over 10 years on 100's of feedlot cattle, and NEVER had a bad reaction. It is SAFE, for both animal and employee

  12. There was actually research done by Tempel Granden (the leader in humane livestock handling) using an immobilizer on sheep, and given a choice of being put in a "Chute/Turn-table" or using the immobilizer, the sheep preferred the immobilizer.

  13. How is this working? is it immobilizing the cattle by giving them a worse pain then branding for a example, or is it working by overriding the nerv signals?

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