Bound by Blood – E1 (Schleich Wolf/Dog Movie)
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Bound by Blood – E1 (Schleich Wolf/Dog Movie)

August 16, 2019

Oh, Jesus.. Fern, Cadence! What are you doing outside the den?! I told you to stay inside. I’m sorry, Ontario. These two are impossible. It’s fine. They remind me of myself when I was that age. Always looking for adventure, going outside
the den. And always looking for trouble! Haha, didn’t we all.. Back inside, you two! I’m still angry at the both of you! Watch it, fleabags! Ugh, that guy again. I can’t believe Ontario made him the lead
hunter. He has his reasoning. He used to be an assassin! One thing’s for sure, that guy cannot be trusted. I’ve hated him ever since the packs united. Well, you’ve just gotta deal with it. I’ll go get something to eat, I’m starving. I’ll come along. Sleepless? Haven’t you noticed..? Half of the patrols I sent out today haven’t
returned yet. Maybe they’re just late? I don’t want to think the humans got them. I heard a gunshot today. They’re getting closer to us.. It looks like at least one of them is back. That’s not one of the patrols.. What’s going on? Go get Angel to safety, now! Angel! Angel! Wake up! What is it..? The pack’s under attack! You have to get somewhere safe, now! Come on, let’s go. It’s okay, mommy’s here, mommy’s gonna
protect you. You all okay? Yeah, we’re fine. I’ll help you get away from here. Luna! Luna! Luna! Oh, Luna, there you are. Are you alright? I’m okay. What’s going on?! The feral dogs are attacking us. You can’t fight, go! I can’t abandon you guys, I’ll fight with
you! You have to be safe. Please listen to me.. But.. where do I go? Just run away. Once this is over, I’ll come looking for
you. Stay safe. Oh, Crow, thank goddness you’re here. The pack’s Quick, Ontario! Luna’s been hurt! Show me the way! Grayson? Grayson..? Where did you go? What are you doing?! You actually fell for it. What are you doing? Don’t be a fool, you know exactly what’s
going on. But for your little daughter’s sake, you
still decided to trust me.. I should have known.. But you didn’t! And now look what’s happened. This is all your fault. Your family and your friends are dying because
of you. Your son, his mate, their pups.. I will be glad to see their blood run beneath
my paws and always be reminded that it was YOUR fault. Don’t you dare! Hmm, what does this remind me of..? That’s right. Wasn’t it when you killed your alpha and
Shadow was the one who took all the blame? Poor him. I remember the days when he was alpha. We were like a real pack. We were strong and respected. That was because Shadow was just a dictator! He made you fear him just to be powerful. He would kill anyone who got in his way. He was a better leader than you could ever
be! It’s time for this pack to be what it once
was. Your reign has come to an end. What was that..? Didn’t sound like any of them. What are they doing..? It’s over. They won. Come on, let’s go. Ontario and Luna are still out there. They could be in danger. We can search for them tomorrow. Right now we have to make sure everyone else
is safe.

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  1. This is rlly good and can i say an idea? Well i think you should make a character named ace. She is very mysteries and has demonic powers and when shes un controlled she kills. No one knows her past but she has a dead brother named red liquid and his ghost still lingers. Plz consider it and help ace find her journey! :3

  2. Chewy you inspired me to collect dogs and Wolves you inspired me to make videos at home for me to enjoy I hope to be uploading on YouTube soon you are amazing and I wish I could edit like you to


  3. angel wolf : my favorite character is angel. one she's smart two sometimes she can be forgetful. I think? and tree she's protected loyalty and brave. and she's not cocky. (it means not crazy) and she has determination. that means she's will never give up. Maybe??

  4. im Ontario im smart intelligent and fit as a leader i pull through tough situations and stay strong and be powerful enough to lead a pack but when it comes to people messing with my friends thats when i become aggressive

  5. honestly I like tales of the pack more. but thats just based on the first episode, its still great I mean its made by Chewwy it has to be awesome!

  6. u shod maek the mate??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????✈??????⛔????????????⛅????????☔✳⛄???????⭕??⭕⭕???????????⤴?❎❕❌➖⁉‼✖©✅❕?✅❗❕➖??✖➿➕➗®™✖

  7. Ontario…….was he a pup in the series of family……o mi gud it's Ontario … grown up form

  8. Grayson is Scar, and Ontario, and Mufasa, and Scar)))? He trow off Akiras father same way as Grayson trow off him))) It turns out that: Grayson is Scar, Ontario, and Mufasa, and Scar and Akiras father is Mufasa)))

  9. He's alive holy mother ************************************. How Howe he is ahhh I can't speak. My goodness pups sad what I am saying nonsense and Ontario can't die plez

  10. I'm watching this in 2019 after u quit your channel I couldn't watch it without crying I miss u so much! ?

  11. I caught on at the end of tale of the pack and I figured it out that this was the sequel I actually saw this series before I saw tale of the pack I'm actually not that old of an subscriber I'm glad that I finally figured it out

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