Bound by Blood – E3 (Schleich Wolf/Dog Movie)
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Bound by Blood – E3 (Schleich Wolf/Dog Movie)

August 13, 2019

You’re late. We’re very sorry.. we just got held up by Whatever it was, I don’t care. You must apologise to the alpha, not me. Whisper, dear? Yes, alpha Grayson? I think I’ll take it from here. You may leave. Now, I’m a very punctual wolf. And I want my patrols to be punctual as well. You were late. And this is not the first time with your patrol, Storm. I-I’m very deeply sorry, sir.. Mm, you’ve apologised too many times already. It’s starting to lose it’s meaning, don’t you think? Uh, I-I, uh.. Y-yes, sir. Then stop apologising! Now, I want your patrols to be exactly on time. If you’re late the next time, I won’t hesitate to rip your throat out! Now get out of here! They’re getting closer to us. Now what? We can’t let Grayson’s wolves get here. He must have some sort of a clue of where we are right now. Does that mean we have to move again? I don’t Hey, what are you two doing here?! Well, you know.. We just wanted to come see what’s going on. sigh You two are supposed to stay at the densite. Well it gets boring after a while, don’t you think? What do we do then? If Grayson catches up to us, we’re all dead. Right now there’s no reason to panic. We’ll keep hunting and marking our borders as usual. However, if you happen to see anything suspicious, tell me right away. That goes for you two as well. Dad, you never told us about this “Grayson” guy we’re so afraid of, like.. who is he? I’ll tell you once you’re old enough to Issa, they should know. They’re adults already. Fine, if you insist. A long time ago, our pack was much bigger. It consisted of 2 united packs. The leader of one of those former packs was called Shadow. After a long war, the leader of our pack, Ontario, defeated him. And so, the packs were united. We lived together for 2 peaceful years until Grayson started an uprising. He wasn’t happy with Ontario’s leadership. So he killed him and took over. We had to run away because we were of Ontario’s kin and he would have killed us as well. And he’s been looking for us ever since. Well, that explains a lot. *distant howling* What was that? It’s Em.. We’d better hurry. You thinking what I’m thinking? What’s happened? It’s Kairi. *sigh* I knew this would happen. Don’t say anything yet. We don’t know for sure. Well? She has started coughing up blood now. And what’s worse, she tried to hide it from us. Where’s mom? She’s staying in the healer’s den with Kairi tonight. Well, I’m kinda tired, I’ll go take a nap. You’ve heard about Kairi yet? Hasn’t everyone? She feels like she’s letting down the pack.. It’s not up to her to control her nature! That’s why she hid the blood from them? Could be. Do you.. think she’ll be with us tomorrow? ..let’s not think about that.. Good night. Ugh, you city rats.. what do you want now?! Our king is still waiting for his payment. I’m working on it. Get off of me! Don’t think we forget, Grayson. A feral dog never forgets. Tell your alpha, that he’ll get his stupid territory when I get to expand mine! He’s growing tired of all the waiting. If he wants it so much why won’t he come get it himself, hmm? He’s probably too much of a coward to show his face around a wolf anyway. His message to you is clear. You give us the territory and we’ll leave you alone. We helped you gain power, now you help us expand. More feral dogs coming! Alpha! Alpha Grayson! There’s too many of these mutts, we must retreat! Nobody retreats before I say so! Alright, Grayson, what’s it gonna be? If you don’t give us the land, we’d be happy to take your wolves. Tell your alpha that he’ll get his land soon enough. I have my own problems to deal with right now! Alright, fine. We’ll give you 2 moons. We’ll be waiting. Dogs, the battle is finished! Back to the kingdom! What now? Pesky city rats.. We’ll have no other choice but to attack them immediately. It won’t be too much of a struggle to gain their land. What will you do with them afterwards? Ah, not much. I’ll just enjoy seeing them die a slow, painful death. Aah! Uh.. Ugh.. You alright? Aah! Uh.. Dad, don’t scare me like that! Was it another nightmare? Egh, wouldn’t call it much of a nightmare anymore. I’ve had it ever since I can remember. I’ve gotten so used to it, yet it always scares me. If you ever need to talk about it, we’re here for you, Anakin. That’s what’s family is for. It’s nothing really. I’ll just go back to sleep. Alright, if you say so. Just don’t let it disturb your hunt tomorrow. Hunt? What hunt? Anakin, I’ve told you so many times. Tomorrow is your first elk hunt. Me and Coby will be coming along. That’s awesome! I can’t wait. Well, good night. G’night. Just.. Make sure that my pups survive..

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  2. Woah, no doubt Grayson is just like Shadow was. But is Ontario really dead? Issa is a great father, I hope Kairi will be alright. Good job with the episode.

  3. chewwy can ask what happened to antario is he actually dead or did he survive and is trying to get back to the pack. Can you answer please.😀

  4. Sucks that Kairi's getting old and dying, Grayson is a complete jerk, and Luna… is she dead or just really far away or something?..

  5. I loved tales of the pack it was soooo good can you tell me what was the song for the intro called also what is the song called for this new intro and i can't wait for the next episode.

  6. 2 peaceful years when the pack was united? than Cadence and Fern would already be grown up in the beginning of Bound by Blood!

  7. hey chewy if you don't mind i named a few of my schleichs after some of yours like

  8. I don't like Grayson Ontario is a jerk but better even Shadow was better at least he had a purpose for killing Ontario.

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