Bound by Blood – E4 (Schleich Wolf/Dog Movie)
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Bound by Blood – E4 (Schleich Wolf/Dog Movie)

August 11, 2019

Ugh.. I’m soo hungry! Are we gonna catch anything at all? This place is as good as dead. If you pups don’t shut up we won’t. Shh! I smell something. An elk, not too far away. Let’s go and stay quiet. It’s dead.. Free food! Wait, don’t! Aah! Step away from that carcass, boy. That belongs to us. Hey, we found it! That belongs to us, fleabag! Pups, get away from there. My apologies for that. My name is Issa. I’m the alpha of this pack. I see you happen to be a feral dog. Looks like you’re not as foolish as that pup. He could really use some manners. You human pet, I’ll show you! Fern! Step away. My name is Bandit. And this is my niece, Rosalie. Hi. I am the deputy of the Feral Dog Kingdom. “The Feral Dog Kingdom”? Fancy. We don’t play by wolf rules. We’re not like packs. The Feral Dog Kingdom is a place of peace and justice. Pfft.. yeah, right. But due to many abandoned dogs deciding to come to us for help, we need to expand our territory. Which is why there’s many conflicts between the wolves and us. We’re sorry for this small incident. We didn’t know it was your kill. That’s fine. Come, dogs! Let’s take this away. So that’s why dad didn’t decide to attack.. Well, Issa, perhaps we’ll see each other again, sometime. Great, first Grayson is after us and now the human pets? And it just keeps getting worse.. What were you thinking?! That kill was rightfully ours, it was on our territory! Didn’t you see how many of them there were? We couldn’t have just snatched that carcass from them! So you’re just gonna let them do whatever they want? I couldn’t have risked the lives of my brother and my pups just over a small carcass! Ugh! Maybe he’s got a point? Look, I am just as angry as he is, but we’ve got Grayson on our backs already. If the feral dogs decide to attack us.. Maybe we could ask for help? And from who? There are no neighbouring packs around here except Grayson’s. Why don’t we just move the pack then? Oh boy.. This is our homeland, we’re not abandoning it just like that. This is the place where you, Fern and Anakin were born. Well I guess this is a land to die for.. For the mightiest alpha of them all. My, what a lovely gift! Thank you, my dear. I also have some news. What is it? While I was out patrolling, I suddenly heard feral dogs. They weren’t alone. Who else was there, then? It was Issa and his family. I didn’t know he had 3 pups. 3? I see this comes as a surprise to you as well. What did the third one look like? He seemed to be like a younger version of Ontario. Black, white stomach, blue eyes. He was smaller than his siblings, though. Could it be..? It can’t be! He’s dead. Storm told me he was dead. Well.. what if he lied? Well, I suppose I could talk to the wolves that were with him that day. And if they did lie.. It’s just a possibility. I’m sure that he’s not actually I know, dear. But we always have to make sure. Go get Wilson and Crow here for me. I need to speak to them. Yes, Grayson.

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  1. How Anakin be Ontario? When he died the first time he saw Akria in heaven. He couldn't have been reincarnated if there was a heaven. This is getting very interesting and mysterious at the same time.

  2. My favorite character is Anakin and least favorite is Grayson
    The video is short,but awesome though!!
    Keep it up!!

  3. When the ferrel dog jumped out I jumped!! 😂 And Issa is right about staying back and holding ground, luckily he convinced Fern to stand ground!

  4. I love the undertale intro! And I love all your wolves, I collect a fair bit of scleich and other wolf models myself 😀

  5. Woah; before watching this series or seeing any photos of Whisper, i completed a fully black husky with blue eyes on the same model, and the blue was the same colour.. Weird xD

  6. Goodness me… i miss Fern HE WAS MY BABY BOY

    I also like how whisper mentioned that Anakin looked alot like Ontario… even tho Crow has a closer appearance……… WAIT….. Crow…. a bird…. a big bird…. whats another Big bird…. no it cannot be…. but he died, we saw him die…. but…. we didn’t? it’s still possible…. no he’s nothing like him… but could it be?

    Crow are u…. are u Falcon???????!?!?!?


    Jk i kno that can’t be true, PLUS i’m purty sure Falcon was a gray boi, plus Crow has an entirely different personality then his XD Plus i like spit ballin ideas left and right XD

  7. My favorite character is………oh gosh thats difficult…I like 3 of them
    Greyson and Anakin along with Akira

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