Boyfriend Stealer – Talking Tom and Friends | Season 4 Episode 21
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Boyfriend Stealer – Talking Tom and Friends | Season 4 Episode 21

February 29, 2020

[Angela] It was the day of the big dance, the most romantic event of the year. [romantic music playing] The theme was Summer in Winter,
and my friends were hosting it. I loved my dress. Tom and I were sure to be
king and queen of the dance. Everything was perfect. -[music stops]
-[squeals] Oh, no! The pipes all burst
and the floor is covered in ice! Da-da-da! What a tragedy! I guess we have to ditch
this dance and start a hockey league. What? No, Ginger! How did this happen? -Don’t question a miracle!
-Sorry, Ginger, this dance is way too important to cancel. We’re gonna turn it into a Snow Ball! [Angela] I was worried
about the frozen floor, but not even the garage’s bad plumbing
could ruin this. Okay, I got the speakers all set up
to blast my awesome playlist. Becca! I didn’t know
you were helping with this. Yeah, well,, it’s a pretty big deal,
I guess. -So, you know, why not?
-Wow, Tom! This really is gonna be
the best dance of all time. -But it wasn’t.
-[screaming] It was actually the worst night -of my life!
-[bang] [cheering] [Angela] I was getting party snacks
with Ben when everything
started to go terribly wrong. This is gonna be the coldest,
most romantic night of the year. -[cell dialing]
-It’s just gonna be cold for me. Xenon won’t answer my calls. Ben, I’m sure she’s coming.
She’s not gonna ditch you. -What?
-[Ben] Hi, Xenon. It’s me again. Weird. Why is Becca giggling at Tom? And since when does she wear
super cute flirt-with-me boots? [Angela] It looked bad. But I was sure Becca
would have an explanation. -[cell phone ringing]
-Hey, Angela. Oh, hi, my gal pal. What are you up to? Uh, buying party supplies with Hank. Oh, with Hank, huh? Yeah. He’s, um, kind of cool. Okay. Well, have fun Hanking out. That’s what we say
when we hang out with Hank. But you already know that, so… see you later, friend! Grrr! [humming Woo! Whoa! Argh! I really think
we should do my hockey idea. Ginger, the town’s counting on us
to make this a special night. The Flamingos are welcome to come,
but only if they wanna get funky. [funky music playing] Bleurgh! You need to stay away from Becca! What? Wh– Why? -Becca and I are just friends.
-[fake laughter] You are so naïve, it’s cute. She is trying to steal you away from me, and she’s using the dance… Argh! …to do it! So… whaddya say? Should we ban her from the dance? [gasps] No! The dance is for everyone. -But… Oh!
-Argh! -If she’s going, I don’t want to!
-[groans] Angela, wait! You’re not making sense. We can be friends with other people. Well… then…
consider yourself dateless! [screams] Grrr! [door slams] [sighs] [Angela] I decided
instead of a dance party, I would have a pity party. [slurps] And no one was invited but me. Hey, what’s wrong, kiddo? The double berry smoothie
usually makes everyone smile. -Did I use too much pepper?
-It’s not the smoothie. It’s Tom. I uninvited myself from the Snow Ball because he’s spending too much time
with another girl. Oh,. I don’t know nothin’ about that. Maybe take a bubble bath. I hear you multi-celled organisms
like bubble baths. She can’t just sit in soapy water
like a dirty dish! Listen. If someone wants
to steal your boy, you gotta fight back! But I tried to fight back. By crying in your fruit drink? That’s pathetic! You’ve gotta make Tom realize
what a big mistake he’s made. Let me see… A little of this… a lot of that… How about some of this? Oh, yes! Wow! Angela, you are one hot potato. That’s just step one. Here’s step two. You show up to the dance
with another date. What? I don’t know, Rhonda. Trust me.
If Tom thinks he’s about to lose you, he’ll be putty in your hands. So, look around. What lucky guy is gonna be your fake date? That’s my guy. -[excited chatter]
-Welcome to the Snow Ball! I’m DJ Hanktastic, and I’m here
to make your night real good. [mellow music playing] It’s okay, Tom.
You’re not the only one without a date. Plenty of us cool guys
are going it alone. See? [chatter and whooping] I just can’t believe Angela ditched me
because of this Becca thing, which, by the way, is not a thing. I know. Becca is just a friend… who happens to be currently
making an ice heart while staring at you. [ding] Wait… is this Becca thing… a thing? -Maybe I should call Angela.
-[music stops] [gasping] Hello, everyone. -[cheering]
-I am so happy to be here with my date! Happy Snow Ball! Let’s make it snow, y’all! -[cheering]
-Woo-hoo! -What are you doing?
-Being friends with other people. Watch how good my date and I dance. [cheering and whooping] Fine. You know what? I don’t care! Angela is obviously
just trying to make me jealous. [Hank] She certainly picked
the right guy for that. See his moves? He can hop and bop! I’ll hop and bop too. Hey! Uh… okay. Where are we going? [funky music playing] ♪ Yeah, babe ♪ ♪ I only wanted to be by your side ♪ ♪ Yeah, babe ♪ ♪ I only wanted to be by your side ♪ ♪ Yeah, you… ♪ Full throttle! B-B-B-Bust a move, Angela! [shrieks] Who-o-o-o-a! -[crowd murmurs]
-Oh! Angela, are you okay? Grrr! Stop the dance! -There’s a boyfriend-stealer among us!
-[crowd gasps] And her name is… Becca Sparkles! [scoffs] What are you talking about? I wasn’t stealing your boyfriend. I saw the whispering, the giggling, the cute boots. Admit it, you’ve been trying to get close
to your secret crush! -You’re right.
-[crowd gasps] I did wanna get close to my secret crush. I didn’t realize that was a crime. Hey, I am sorry about this. I am hard to resist, but… It’s not you, Tom! -It’s Hank.
-[crowd gasps] Hank Hankerston, the guy who owns
the hardware store? No, you! I have had a crush on you
ever since we first met. I set up the DJ booth
and I filled the playlist with TV theme songs,
your favorite kind of music. I carved a romantic ice heart, but Tom kept getting in the way
as I tried to get your attention. I even tried to get Tom alone
so I could ask if you had a girlfriend, but then you showed up. So… when you told me
you were hanging out with Hank… That’s what I was doing. Oh. Well… Now you know, Hank. Maybe we can Hank out sometime? Uh, uh… I have to go to the hardware store! [crowd gasping] [screaming] [shrieks] And that’s my story. The dance is ruined, and now
Tom’s never gonna talk to me again. I’m the worst. [Tom] Angela, you wanna talk? What are you doing? You should
hate me now. I feel so stupid! If you hated me every time
I did something stupid, -we would’ve broken up a long time ago.
-[giggles] I never would’ve guessed
Becca had a crush on Hank. He just seems so… Hankish. I guess she has a thing for guys
covered in potato chip crumbs. Becca, I am so sorry. I should have never assumed
you were going after Tom. It’s okay. I should’ve been honest
about my Hank feelings. -[teeth chattering]
-I just get so nervous around him. [yells] [line dialing out] [sighs] Ben? Xenon! I hope I’m not late. Argh! I was just on a mission
at the bottom of the ocean. Turns out sharks are as bad as you think. Now let’s boogie! Well… [sighs]
…this night did not go like we thought. But it’s not over yet. Can I have this dance? Happy Snow Ball, Tom. [romantic music playing] Beat it, dweebs! I claim this ice
in the name of fearsome Flamingos! [hockey team yelling] ♪ You don’t need no baggage
You just get on board ♪

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