BOYS Play Games for GIRLS #2
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BOYS Play Games for GIRLS #2

September 1, 2019

Do any hot guys come? This is like…. So gross “You say NO…But your body says YES” I wonder if this game was ‘that’ type of game? Japanese Man REACTS to MY HORSE PRINCE Horse…Pri… What the heck? Enter your name..”Umako” Wait a second. I’m a guy so I should do.. Let me see. Umao sounds good “A normal ranch in a normal city” “But I hadn’t had the chance to meet any good….” “good looking guys”…waaaait a minute This may turn out to be a totally different kind of video…. “interaction with MEN at the office..” I have a bad feeling about this… What is this?? “So the young girl within me…” “longed for some excitement” “It was then I realized” My…. Horse… Prince….. What is this? “They say princes ride horses so I thought” “there’d be some at a ranch” Wait a sec. Is this person…ME?” So the pink one is……”The little young girl within me”? This is awkward “We train race horses here” “Do any hot guys come?” This is… “Are you here to see some horses?” I wonder what the meaning of the “horses” is? “Oh, um…yes” Sparkle, sparkle. What the heck…? “Oh. My. God. He’s really…”? You’re seeing the horse as a man “The little girl within me is…” The little girl within me is seeing the horse as a guy… Uh…..”What’s going on?” “Ah, he talks” “I haven’t seen you ’round before” “Why” brings you here?” “Just looking for hot guys” The Japanese language is strange here… Or rather…the English? “Why don’t you give him some food?” I heard this was quite a popular game in Japan, So people actually enjoy playing this game… Normal carrots What a gross move! So gross His moves are so weird, really grosses me out Let’s just try talking to it. Talk! “Do you like ranches” A”Yeah, just not this place”
B”I do!”
C “Not really” It must be A I hate it here! Do you have any… “Do you know anywhere good? Let me know next time” What the…? This…This.. guy…guy… This guy or should I say… this underdeveloped Centaur or Minotaur Since this one has a thin face line with a really muscular horse body is like… seems unbalanced. That’s why it’s creepy So people watch this and develop a crush on him? I’m starting to hate this guy so, I’m going to make him eat it all Eat eat eat, you thing Talking to it again Such an impact “What’s the weather going to be like tomorrow?” The weather? What’s it to you?? A “Rain”
B “Cloudy”…no clue about this Go with “Cloudy” What is this? “You say NO, your body says YES” What is Nobunaga Oda doing here? I’m starting to wonder if this game is like that “What’s the weather be like tomorrow?” -“Sunny”
-“You’re pretty positive” “I like that” If I say something negative, they force me to talk to this horse until I say something positive Your fantasy I wonder if someone actually likes this type of horse Or rather…what is the point of this? A good looking guy is tranformed into a guy and the horse is… what you breed and what you do to that horse is… you either ride on it or.. what do you do with this horse… Well, yes… Just a few moments ago I thought this was an innocent game A game where a man-faced horse comes out and and you…interact is what I thought but that Ad about Nobunaga kind of… the phrase used was quite a thing so… I wonder if this game will turn out like that… Will it be like…”You say NO, your body says YES”? I wonder “He probably likes them because there are real carrots today” “Umm…today?” It’s, weak! Weak” My points are low now Strange brush here Basically when guys do this, it becomes creepy It’s like touching this strange looking creature What is this? “What do you think of carrots?” You have to answer positively to advance in this game “yeah they taste good, but that’s not what I wanted to talk about” What a strange…..”When you buy iPhone 7″ Don’t know why it’s a horse It could be a dog, a cat… His expression never changes… “Your bond has grown stronger” The “little girl in me” has developed a bond with… this creepy looking horse They put no effort into this art… He eats like a horse “Probably because he is a horse” This girl isn’t terribly funny… Hey, slow down there buddy “Eeek” “Thud” Crash? Hey “Is it that thing you see in movies?” What kinda movie exactly? “Will you be my owner?” “Um…ok” Kabedon..? (up against the wall)
Umadon? (up against the horse) Tanindon? (up against a stranger rice bowl)
Oyakodon? (chicken and egg rice bowl) It’s so extremely… It’s a horse after all so the wall has cracked.. maybe too strong and and if you calm down for a second, for girls maybe the Kabedon (up against the wall) gets them excited, but when you think about it, there are no walls around here… since this is a ranch I wonder if this is actually the back of that middle aged guy “Is this a threat? There’s a cooling off period, right?” It’s like…the Japanese lines are directly translated to English so, In Japanese, the phrase may be extremely funny, but it sounds super dull in English such boring lines… “but I can feel my heart racing” “My pounding heart” but… in English “but I can feel my heart racing” “Could this be….” “Is this….” In English, it sounds so rough I’m not sure about the next episode but… I found out that when guys play this game, it has a totally new meaning to it I think if you set the name to a girl name, you may have more fun That’s it For the next episode Look forward to it

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