Boys who like Ponies – an Animated Documentary (HAS SUBTITLES)
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Boys who like Ponies – an Animated Documentary (HAS SUBTITLES)

January 9, 2020

I first liked the show because
I kind of enjoy being unusual- Not in that way, though! I really enjoy being into stuff that differs from the mainstream, I like … well, yeah. The TV-series “My Little
Pony: Friendship is Magic” Was first aired on
the 10th of October 2010 Since then, thousands of
mainly older, male fans have joined the Internet movement
surrounding the series They call themselves “Bronies”,
they are…. Boys who like Ponies …it’s not a joke Let me see… It’s a person who
got hung up on that TV-show, My Little Pony. It’s just a cartoon designed for little girls, but then it turned out
older people liked it, too. They are mostly either
young adults or grown-ups. First day of school
after discovering it, I just… I was just so happy, and showed “My Little Pony” to my classmates, along with dubstep-remixes and
stuff that fans had made. I didn’t even know about the “brony”-community when I first saw it, but then I was like,
“Wow, there’s a lot more to it!” People make all sorts of content,
like media, images, videos and music relating to things occuring in the show. And people make ponies out of themselves, I mean, that resemble themselves, to show other people online, for instance. I actually told everyone I knew about it immediately, except for my parents, because they … well. A lot of people are annoyed by the sheer amount of it, all over the web, like, I’m always browsing random videos on YouTube and related videos are always of ponies. The best thing would be if we could respect each other, they don’t have to make a big deal of it, if they don’t want to watch it. They’ve mostly made jokes and said: “Ohh, gaay, ooh”… Yeah, I can see why some guys are kind of afraid to like girly things. It’s kind of hurtful, though,
when they insist on hating us as people because we enjoy this thing. That’s why a lot of people don’t dare to watch it because of the feeling of embarrassment. A lot of people, when the intro starts, it’s like: “Turn the volume down!” and then they turn it up again right after the intro is over. A lot of people think it’s embarrassing since it reminds them of the good old days, when the My
Little Pony commercials would air. “My little poony!” My favourite pony has since the very beginning been Rainbow Dash, *Rainbow Dash*, and… Twilight Sparkle! I have a hard time deciding, as I I like both Rarity and Fluttershy equally. I actually like all of them almost identically, but Rainbow Dash sort of stands out. She’s just so cool! Made by Håkon Marcus That is, though of, drawn, built, designed, animated, cut, and assembled by Håkon Marcus …in less than three weeks. Music by: The people interviewed: “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” is owned by Hasbro. These ponies are based on original designs, and are not affiliated with the company. Special thanks to: Sound effects from: A good TV-show is something you can enjoy at any age.

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  1. i wouldnt say it makes you more of a man but it makes you less stupid or ignorant. i mean its not girly to watch it by all means. but you know you cant go around and saying im more of a man cuzz i can be true too my self and act like a fruit cake the rest of the time but yeah it doesnt make you less of a man but more of a inteligent person. in my opinion.

  2. i have to say this is nearly the way i bacame a broinie in the first place, it all started when i saw my brother watching it and i laughed at him a god darnit lot. later that day i tryed it out and it is a realy good plot and good morals and i think that we can all learn something from it, like some of the letters to celestia and that u can be your self with out being scared of liking something girly, or i at least think so.

  3. wait wait i'm a pegasister and i just though about this are bronies like hipsters since supposly this a girls/kids show which is the mainstream but since bronies/pegasisters are watching it are they like mainstream LOL just thinking

  4. THANK YOU! Thank you VERY much!!! All of my friends don't believe me, and I was denying the fact that I really like MLP. Now, thanks to you they can finally see it. Thank you once more.

  5. I personally don't like My Little Pony, but I am hear to say I will admit to liking "girly" things. Just hear to say I may no like the show, but i do respect you guys.

  6. I respect bronys peeps can like what peeps can like and that ok that u like my little pony but im not really a fan but u guys can like what u wanna like

  7. Cute video. Animation is clean, and matches the expression of the voices well. Also like seeing Bronies from other countries other then the U.S and Canada.

  8. I've been looking around to find an animation tutorial that shows how to animate pony vectors. Did you use vectors here and if so would you be willing to give some advice?

  9. I have a pony named skyline he's my it'll I'm not afraid to be who I am I shown the show to my friend which r mostly girls but anyway I'm glad you guys are so brave to know to be yourselves

  10. wow yea girls like guy stuff and it's ok but when guys like things that are somewhat girly people are like "that's gay"… is like wtf man that's messed up :T

  11. you're offended someone cant recognize a language they don't know…

    are you joking or are you really stupid?

  12. Be true to yourself. Don't deny or hide who you truly are! If yer a Brony, be a Brony, cause in the end, it's about yourself, and fully accepting who you are and being completely content with that. If people can't accept ya for who you are, and what you like, then really, ya don't need em. I told 3 of my long time best friends, since 1996, and they totally accept me as I am. Be not ashamed of who you are. You will be much happier I assure you.

  13. Nice. I like seeing this kind of work. I appreciate the subtitles, too. Just one thing… I think I actually understood some of that without the subs… 0_0 I don't even know any German! (I'm thinking it was German, anyway) Regardless, I enjoyed it.

  14. I think the execution of this was absolutely perfect. The animation was so fluid, and even the little movements of their heads while they spoke gave them amazing character, and they seemed so real personality wise. A definite success in my eyes.
    And as for those bitching that this isn't in English, ignore them, because the interenet isn't here to cater to them, I actually took the time to read the subtitles.
    My only critique is that the titles perhaps go a smidge too quick, but It was great 🙂

  15. I love this, even though I'm a girl I try not to go around telling everyone I like the show, but if someone asks I won't lie. I love MLP and even girls get shit for liking it. I have respect for the boys of the fandom who are bronies and proud. It takes guts to admit it.. ;3

  16. NOOOOOO. sorry im not realy upsett but its anyoing when people mistake norwegian people for swedes. i understand why and no i have nothing against swedish people.

  17. jævla kult at du var med i en dokumentar. brohoof fra bergen. foresten er du med i bronies of norway på facebook?

  18. 1:02 the same has happened to me, except that i like not only rd but also pp as the ones that stands out most of the mane six. c:

  19. Most of the basis of the English language actually derives from Norwegian.. or old Norse 🙂
    Normandy and Viking invaders both derived from old Norse. 🙂 So there's a lot of similarities (week days for example; Månen's day, Tyrs day, Odins day, Tors day, Freys day etc)

  20. I remember reading something about that a few years back. I just love how languages have evolved over time based on so many different factors. Language structure fascinates me.

  21. Rainbow Dash is my favourite Pony since the beginning to! 😀 And the first Episode i ever watched was Sonic Rainboom. 🙂

  22. is it my browser or youtube settings? because the captions aren't working for me, and they used to awhile back.

  23. Ok jeg må bare si en ting, de er ikke basert på egne design, det er basert på Hasbro sin animasjon, men ellers en veldig bra video 🙂

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